ulta pulta

Germ of an idea
Jaspal Bhatti

What does the police do when it has to take action against gangsters?" my son asked me casually. I said, "It depends upon the situation. Sometimes the police has to blow up their hideouts and sometimes to engineer a rift among the various gangs to weaken them."

My son showed me a newspaper report and said, "Do you know doctors are going to follow the same strategy to fight germs in our body because germs have the same instinct of ganging up and attacking our body. Probably they will evolve antibodies which will thwart the germs plan to gang up."

I said, "Thatís a good idea. I feel doctors should devise some medicine to create gang war among the various groups of germs. They can further divide the germs on the basis of caste, colour, creed and religion. The germs will die fighting among themselves rather than attacking the body".

"What a brilliant idea!" said my son, "You deserve a Nobel Prize, but what if germs in our body learn the art of bribing our defending antibodies?" "Speak slowly," I whispered, "Germs, too, have ears."