Rules of the game redefined

For all those guys who are searching for the right girl and meaningful relationships, the book The Rules of The Game will surely come handy. The bookís author Neil Strauss strives to give guys the confidence they often lack to have permanent affairs.

"When I wrote The Game I had no idea it would do so well," The Daily Record quoted Strauss, as saying. "Then all these guys started emailing me, I think as many as 13,000 at one time, asking for my help, so I decided to take a month out to do something free online for them. "I called it the Stylelife Challenge and in it I challenged guys to get a date in 30 days by taking part in daily missions that I set them. I suppose it is important because while it is great to be able to chat girls up, if you donít have the emotional skills it can backfire big time. So the new book is about trying to help guys become better people as well as getting the girl," he added.

Some of the beliefs, which are included in the book, that hold men back and what Strauss thinks are needed to get rid of before a guy can become irresistible to women, are as follows: It is believed that if a guy talks to a girl, sheíll ignore him or, even worse, say something mean that will embarrass him. But the reality is something very different. The harder it is for men to approach women, the less likely it is that the darker sex will be rudely rejected. Because most people have been raised to be courteous and polite, unless they feel threatened.

One of the common beliefs is women arenít attracted to nice guys. They just like jerks. However, the reality is that the dating dichotomy isnít actually between nice guys and mean guys. Itís between weak guys and strong guys. Women are drawn to men who demonstrate strength, meaning the ability to make them feel safe. Guys feel that they are not good-looking, rich, or famous enough to be with a beautiful woman. But according to the book money, looks and fame arenít necessary. Fortunately for men, the way they look doesnít matter nearly as much as how they present themselves. And this requires only good grooming and clothing that conveys an attractive identity. Many men feel that if they approach a woman, sheíll know that he is hitting on her and think he is pathetic. In reality, this belief is only partially true ó women think this only when men approach them badly.

This includes men who make them feel uncomfortable or seem to have an agenda. The Rules of the Game is available in hardback from Canongate books for 16.99 pounds. ó ANI