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E-learning is an effective training tool for India Inc and probably the only way to ensure provision of a high-quality, standardised learning experience to a large number of employees across geographies. It has the potential to create a stratospheric paradigm shift in any organisation or individual’s training needs, writes Navyug Mohnot
It is certainly a buyer’s market today. There is an acute shortage of skilled manpower in the country, especially of the knowledge worker. The high value and Intellectual property (IP)-centric industries like information technology require not only people in large numbers at the entry level, but also need their workforce to keep pace with the developments in the sector.

Sandeep Joshi

In fact, we want to hire someone more experienced.

Smart Skills
Data quest
Usha Albuquerque
We collect data for everything. Sachin’s batting averages, literacy levels, stock market fluctuations…. you name it, and there are statistics to back any information. The world is becoming more and more quantitative and the data focused. So, if you are one of those who loves to juggle with figures — what about a career in statistics?

Legal outsourcing to India is growing, says the New York Law Journal in its latest issue
Having questioned the quality quotient of legal jobs outsourced from India for long, the American law society is now accepting it as a "reality" with even Fortune 500 firms opening up to the idea. The New York Law Journal, one of the highly reputed and most read publications among American lawyers, said in an article in its latest issue that "outsourcing legal work to India is no longer a novelty. It's a reality."

More UK jobs move to India
Over 600 British jobs may go to Mumbai and Bangalore as two major British companies, Capita and Experian, have decided to cut their employee strength and move work to the two Indian cities. Nearly 400 Capita workers at Wythall in Birmingham have been told that the site will be closed by the end of the year and their jobs moved to India and other parts of the UK. Credit checking giant Experian is in the process of axing hundreds of jobs in Britain to cut costs after a dramatic slowdown due to the liquidity crunch.

How employers can make a good impression
Molly Selvin
Memo to bosses: Although most job-hunting advice is, naturally enough, aimed at job seekers, remembering a few simple courtesies will help employers land top candidates. Workplace experts say that too many managers have forgotten that today's applicant could be tomorrow's customer, colleague or superior. It doesn't take much to make candidates feel good about your company, even if you don't hire them.

That's a score!
FT ranks ISB 20th among global B-schools
Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business has been ranked among the top 20 global business institutes by Financial Times, London. ISB is the first business school from India to have found a place in the FT rankings. None from the premier Indian B-schools from the Indian Institute of Management stable has ever made it to the list, which has ranked ISB as 20th best globally. "While the average student experience at ISB is 5 years, the IIMs have students with a lesser experience, as such, the two are non-comparable," ISB dean M. Rammohan Rao said in a statement recently.

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‘Women's strength in boardroom poor’
Representation of women in the elite corporate affairs remains dismally low compared to their male counterparts despite talks of women empowerment. According to the 'Corporate Governance Research Report on Indian Companies', ninty percent of the 30-sensex companies in the country are being governed by male directors.

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