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Affection or affectation, you choose

Money may not buy happiness, but it surely helps you express affection. And, as you pull out cash for your wallet to pick up the souvenirs of love in this material world of malls and multiplexes, city businessmen are the ones making a fast buck.

That’s right. Industry of love is fast growing in and around Chandigarh. And it’s not just the florists who are blooming. Cashing in on the love mood is greeting card, food, music and the garment industry--going out of the way to prove that the world is after all heart-shaped.

Ask Krishna Sahoonja of Gift Gallery Dewsun-11, and she says St Valentine’s Day is as big an occasion as Diwali for city youngsters. "As Valentine's Day serves a perfect occasion for expressing love, youngsters just do not miss the opportunity. Despite an increase in the prices of cards and other gifts over the years, there has been no let-up in demand”.

The reason behind the phenomenon is not hard to see. You may love to hate it, but you just cannot ignore the gifts of love for your partner on a day that celebrates affection.

“Everyone loves to be pampered with gifts, receive cards or go in for that love dance on the backlit floor of a discotheque,” she says. That’s, perhaps, why so many younglings, struck by the Cupid’s arrow, are blowing up as much Rs 3,000 in a day.

Then there is another reason: “Contagious love-virus is in the air and catching the infection are not just teenyboppers, but also the not-so-young,” she says.

Chetan Kumar of The Jewels-11 agrees. He says: “Expressing their emotions in the love season of 2008 are married couples brought together by Cupid, parents or circumstances several decades ago.

Adding flavour of excitement to the day are hoteliers across the city. Restaurants and event managers are offering unique schemes for the celebrations on a platter.

Dining restaurant Manor -26 has come out with the “red rose” theme. The dining hall, tables, walls and the entrance is all set to bloom with red roses. Anti dote-26 plans a similar thing. At Chimney Heights, you have candle light dinner with Italian food.

Summing it up, Shruti of jewellery shop Raaga-22 says: “Adoration is no more accepted as a gift. It is won with gifts - the bigger and expensive, the better.

“Otherwise too the youngsters today believe in affectation, and not affection.”



Romeos, take care

Chandigarh, February 13
The police will use the “third eye” to nail hooligans and reckless drivers on the geri route and around all educational institutions on Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

The police said those breaking law would be captured on the camera, which would be used as evidence against them. A contingent of the mounted force and policemen in mufti would remain posted at sensitive points such as Panjab University, women colleges and near paying guest accommodations from 7 am to 4pm.

The police have marked no-vehicle zones in some parts of the city so as to reduce the possibility of traffic jams on roads by Valentine’s revellers.

Sources in the police said IGP S.K. Jain and SSP S.S. Srivastva today held a meeting with senior officials to keep a tab on the activities of hooligans.



They dread the din
Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

Mohali, February 13
It began with a “I just called to say I love you…” Now, Valentine’s celebrations have reached screeching heights. And dreading midnight bashes the most are parents whose exam-stressed children would have to cope with loud music played till the wee hours of February 15 .

While most party managers promise to “keep all that sound indoors” there are some who claim to have “special permission” from the SDM to rool’n rock till midnight.

“We have the SDM’s permission to have this party in the open. This includes the sound system that would go on till midnight,” said Amit Aggarwal of Pulse, a dance club on the Zirakpur-Ambala highway. The club has planned a DJ night with live performances by item girl Sanober Kabir tomorrow.

Said Karan Wahi of 6th Milestone Resort on the Zirakpur-Rajpura highway: “There are no homes near our resort. Moreover, ours is an indoor thing. It is likely to go on till 4.30 am.”

SDM of Dera Bassi Sohan Lal Bhumbak, however, made clear: “No one has been given permission to play the music loud beyond 10 pm.”

But residents are not impressed: “We are fed up with these marriage palaces and night clubs. Our children can’t study, nor can we sleep in peace.The music from the resorts continues to be played well past midnight.

And calling the police in Zirakpur and Dera Bassi is no mean task. “The number 100 does not work here. We get connected to Rajpura where we are told to contact the local police. How many residents know the SHO’s mobile number,” asked Komal Bhassin.

The police says Zirakpur residents may call SHOs to complain in case the music is too loud on 9876516310 and 9876516110. Dera Bassi residents may complain on 9876516311 and 9876516111



In Mohali, you can drive at risky speed
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Mohali, February 13
Believe it or not! The deputy commissioner, SAS Nagar, has allowed residents of Mohali to drive their vehicles at breakneck speed. Boards put up at the entry points to internal roads of the township allow cars and jeeps to drive at 60 km an hour (kmh) next to congested commercial and residential areas. The speed limit on such roads in Chandigarh varies from 45 kmh to 50 kmh.

These boards have come up recently and specify the speed limits that various types of vehicles should follow on these roads. The orders have been issued by the district magistrate, state these notice boards.

While the speed limits specified for Mohali seem to have no relation to the rules followed in Chandigarh, it has an interesting outcome. Those travelling from Chandigarh to Mohali on the various roads that lead to Mohali have to follow a 55 kmh speed limit. But lo and behold, the moment they enter Mohali, while on the same road, they can speed up to 60 kmh.

Once within Mohali’s limits, the situation worsens when these vehicles turn left or right on roads perpendicular to the ones which lead to Mohali. In Chandigarh the roads, which enter into sectors, having residential and commercial areas on either side, have a speed limit of 45 to 50 kmh for cars and jeeps. But in Mohali, everyone can race around at 60 kmh in residential and commercial areas.

Raka Ghira, the traffic police in charge, too, is shocked. “I noticed these new boards some days ago. I have written to the municipal council to change the boards and specify the car-jeep limit to 45 kmh. With 60 kmh as the speed limit, we cannot act against any one even if he or she causes an accident. These areas where these boards have been put are the most congested in Mohali,” she said.

“It is a joke. The roads on which this speed is allowed has traffic which barely moves at 40 km an hour,” said Taranjit Singh, a shopkeeper in Phase VII.

District Transport Officer Balbir Singh said the speed limits were notified by the district administration in which he had no role to play. The DC, SAS Nagar, HIS Grewal, could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.



HC restores cop’s promotion
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Nearly seven years after the Central Administrative Tribunal's verdict led to the quashing of an order promoting Daya Nand as deputy superintendent of Chandigarh Police, the Punjab and Haryana High Court today restored the order of March 9, 1994, promoting him with effect from April 4, 1992.

Pronouncing the orders in an open court, a High Court Division Bench, comprising Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Mohinder Pal, held: The rule of promotion being seniority, the petitioner was rightly found fit for recommendation to List "G" and for promotion by the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC).

The Bench added: The entire basis of consideration by the tribunal is contrary to the rule of promotion, which is seniority and merit. Since the basis of promotion by the tribunal is faulty and legally not correct, we set aside the order passed by the tribunal and restore the order dated March 9, 1994…"

Daya Nand, in his petition against the Union of India and other respondents, had challenged an order dated June 26, 2001, passed by the Chandigarh Branch of the CAT whereby an application filed by cop Om Parkash was allowed.

By the virtue of the order, an earlier order promoting Daya Nand to the DSP's post was quashed and a review DPC was ordered to be convened to consider the matter in its true perspective in accordance with law.

Going into the background of the matter, the petitioner had contended that he earned the wrath of the then inspector-general of police R.S. Gupta. After arriving at the Chandigarh airport with a friend, he got his luggage traced from the aircraft directly and handed it over to a loader for putting it in his friend’s car. After he objected to it, the IGP felt annoyed.

The petitioner added he was given ad hoc promotion as DSP vide order dated August 3, 1992, for six months. He claimed Gupta was a member of the DPC for placement of the inspectors on the “G” list. The then IGP also delayed the DPC meeting for 10 days so that Om Parkash became eligible. His annual confidential report was spoiled by the then IGP just 10 days prior to the meeting of the DPC.

The DPC met on January 7, 1994, and his promotion was recommended. Aggrieved by the order, Om Parkash invoked the tribunal’s jurisdiction. Taking up the application, the tribunal ordered the setting aside of his promotion and a review DPC was directed to be convened for considering the matter in true prespective.



Towards child-friendly cities
‘Children should take part in policy making’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
“Children and young people should take part in policy making because only they can better tell what changes are required in their lives,” said Dr Eliana Riggio, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Florence, while delivering the presidential address during the first international conference on ‘Child-Friendly Cities’ held at Panjab University today.

Organised jointly by the Canadian Studies Centre, Panjab University, and the University College of the Fraser Valley (UCFV), Abbotsford, British Columbia, the conference focused on key issues regarding child-friendly cities and the child friendliness of Indian cities, in particular, Chandigarh.

Prof Cherie Enns, professor of geography at UCFV, introducing the theme of the conference emphasised on the challenges, which children face in the process of rapid urbanisation, such as social exclusion, boredom, pollution and traffic. She discussed the UN Convention on Child Rights and elaborated on how these conventions can be used for slum development.

Prof R.C. Sobti, vice-chancellor, PU, delivered the inaugural address. He focused on problems of rural children, socially disadvantaged students, their talent and their adaptability to uneven circumstances.

Harjinder Kaur, former mayor of Chandigarh, spoke about the challenges of adolescent children, child abuse and drug addiction. She stressed that child-related issues must find a place in policy making.

The inaugural session was followed by three technical sessions. The first session focused on child-friendly cities from different perspectives and the third session was a panel discussion. Sumeet Jammu and Meggie Shields, interns from UCFV who have been in the city since September 2007 spoke about their experiences.



Child burnt to death in jhuggi fire
Our Correspondent

Mohali, February 13
A one-year-old child got burnt to death after a fire broke out in a jhuggi in Udham Singh Colony last night.

All the members of the family of Soran were sleeping in the jhuggi when the fire broke out in the Phase VIII industrial area. It was not noticed by any other person living in the colony as most of them were attending a ‘jagrata’ in the area. Persons sleeping in the jhuggi got to know about the blaze only when the heat spread. They all got up in panic without knowing what to do. Babu Ram, an uncle of the child, who was also sleeping in the same jhuggi , tried to evacuate the child. But by that time the child, Chaman, had got badly burnt and died. The mother of Chaman was inconsolable.

Babu Ram also sustained serious burn injuries. He was taken to the Phase VI Civil Hospital from where he was referred to the PGI, Chandigarh.

The fire spread and also damaged the adjoining jhuggi of Charan Singh.

Senior political leaders of the area visited the spot. Kharar MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu demanded that all those persons living in jhuggis should be properly rehabilitated. He demanded financial help for the family of the child.

Jasjit Singh of the SAD assured that the family of the deceased would be given financial support. The police has initiated proceedings under Section 174 of the CrPc in this regard.



Rose Fest from February 22
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Rose festival will take place at Rose Garden from February 22 to 24. Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan will perform at the event.

North Zone Cultural Centre artists would be performing on the forenoon and afternoons of February 22 and 23. A folk dance competition would also be organised on the same day. Qwaali Muqabla will be held in the evening on February 22 from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. On February 23 Antakshri programme would be held at 11 am.

Punjabi pop night will be organised on February 23 from 6 pm to 8 pm. Street play and cultural activities would be held from 10 am to 5.30 pm on February 24.

Competitions for best garden in the city will be held on February 20 whereas competition for plants (foliage and flowers) will be organised on February 21. Competition for flower arrangements and cut flowers will be held on February 22. On-the-spot painting competition will be organised on February 24 from 10.30 am. The competition will be held for four age groups of children. For Group ‘A’ children from 5 to 8 years, Group ‘B’ will have children above 8 to 11 years, Group ‘C’ will cater to children above 11 to 14 years and Group ‘D’ will be for children above 14 to 17 years.

Entry forms for the above competitions will be available in the office of XEN Horticulture Division No. 2, Government Nursery, Sector 23-C and at the Rose Garden.

Rose Prince and Rose Princess competitions will be held on February 23. The competition will be conducted to select healthy, active and smart babies (both boys and girls) in the age group of one year to one-and-half years, above one-and-half year to two years and above two years to three years. Entry form for this competition will be available in the office of XEN Electricity Operation Division No. 1, Sector 17-E, on the payment of Rs 125 per entry. The last date for receipt of entries is February 21 up to 4 pm.

Photography competition on ‘Chandigarh in February’ theme is also on till February 20 and the results would be announced on February 21. Rs 10,000 will be given as first prize; second prize winner will get Rs 7,500 and third prize will be Rs 5,000. Two consolation prizes of Rs 2,000 each would also be given. The selected photographs will be displayed. Brass and pipe band competition, rose quiz competition, folk dance competition and kite flying competition will also be organised.



School buses violating norms to be challaned
Our Correspondent

Mohali, February 13
District transport authorities will now act tough with schools violating norms while transporting students by school buses.

A letter of the state transport commissioner, Punjab, received by the local transport office last week, stated that rules laid down under the Motor Vehicles Act had to be implemented strictly, keeping in view the safety of school students.

DTO Balbir Singh said here today that he had requested the district education officer, through a letter, to send the directions of the state transport commissioner to all school authorities which transported students by buses so that they were aware of the guidelines. If the school buses violated rules even after they had been made aware of the necessary norms, their vehicles would be challaned.

He said a checking was done last week keeping in view a rise in the number of accidents involving school buses. Though most of the drivers had their driving licences, it was found that conductors did not have the required licence which ensured that they had acquired a training in giving first-aid.

The state transport commissioner’s letter stated that every school bus should have a first-aid box, fire-fighting equipment apart from water arrangements. Overloading was to be avoided and both the driver as well as the conductor should be wearing their uniform and should also have the required licences. A school teacher should be also put on duty to take care of students in each bus.

Meanwhile, long-route buses have been warned not to stop near red light points to take or drop passengers as this led to a traffic hindrance . Buses moving from the Mohali bus stand towards Balongi or vice-versa often led to traffic congestion as these were stopped at wrong places by drivers, added Balbir Singh.



Jandu elected Tribune union president
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Balbir Singh Jandu and Anil Gupta have been elected as president and general secretary of the Tribune employees Union, respectively. The elections were held yesterday and the results were declared late last night.

The union holds bi-annual elections.

Rajiv Kaplish has been elected senior vice-president, Uttam Chand and Karamvir vice-presidents, Sandeep Sharma secretary while Ramesh K. Dhiman has been elected office secretary. The other elected office-bearers are: joint secretaries -- Ramesh Chand Sharma and Pritam Singh Bhinder; propaganda\organising secretaries -- Kamal Kumar and Rajesh Kumar Sharma; finance secretary -- Rajesh Malik.

The winning candidates for the executive committee are Ishwar Chandra Dhyani, Amarnath Vashishtha, Balwinder Sipray, Sunil Kumar, Kashmir Singh, Sushil Kumar Tiwari, Pawan Singh Bartwal, Dinesh Sharma, Parveen Verma, Ashutosh Sharma, Dharminder, Satvir Singh, Gopal Chand, Tilak Raj, Sukhwinder Singh Mann, Satish Chand I, Harish Kumar, Ashok Kumar III, Rajmal, Daya Ram, Ravinder Kumar, Sanjiv Benjwal, Inder Kumar, Rajesh Kumar III, Kalu Ram and Har Gobind.



Smoking likely to cause 1 million deaths: Study
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
India is in the midst of a catastrophic epidemic of smoking deaths, which are expected to cause about one million deaths a year during the 2010s, including one in five of all male deaths and one in 20 of all female deaths at ages 30-69.

On an average, male bidi smokers lose about six years of life, female bidi smokers lose about eight years and male cigarette smokers lose about 10 years.

The findings are from the first nationally representative study of smoking in India as a whole conducted by a team from India, Canada and the UK.

Nearly 900 field workers surveyed all adult deaths during 2001-2003 in a nationally representative sample of 1.1 million homes in all parts of India.

Researchers compared smoking histories of 74,000 adults, who had died with 78,000 living controls.

Author Prabhat Jha of the Centre for Global Health Research, St Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada, said: “The extreme risks from smoking that we found surprised us, as smokers in India start at a later age than those in Europe or America and smoke less. But tobacco takes diseases that are already common in non-smokers and makes them more common.”

In India, there are about 120 million smokers. More than one-third of men and about five per cent of women aged 30-69 smoke either cigarettes or bidis.

The study found that, among men, about 61 per cent of those who smoke can expect to die at ages 30-69 compared with only 41 per cent of otherwise similar non-smokers.

Among women, 62 per cent of those who smoke can expect to die at ages 30-69 compared with only 38 per cent of non-smokers.

The study found there were no safe levels of smoking, but while the hazards of smoking even a few bidis a day were substantial, the dangers of cigarette smoking were even greater, corresponding to more than a doubling of the risk of death in middle age.

This suggests that cigarette smokers lose about 10 years of life compared to non-smokers’ risks similar to those seen in the West.



Jaunt-y babus ...
DPR: Expenses as per eligibility

In response to The Tribune story “Jaunt-y babus cost you Rs 50 lakh”, director public relations UT Vivek Atray has said that foreign travels of officers were as per Government of India instructions/sanctions and expenses incurred thereof as per eligibility norms.

He said the visits were as per GOI and UT Administrator’s orders; trips were duly sanctioned, and meant to promote Chandigarh as a destination. He added that hotel/air/local travel expenses made by officers were within the limits fixed by the government and claimed the Tribune’s calculations of per day expenditure by officers were incorrect.

On the hostess issue, he said, “The stall booked at World Travel Mart (WTM) event in Berlin in November 2007 required the services of a hostess who was paid 300 pound for four days.”

Explaining high airfares of officers, Atray said since official trips were often not certain till the last minute, officers travelled on full fares as per entitlement.

He said UNESCO’s approval to the tentative listing of Chandigarh on world heritage sites, greater inflow of tourists and increasing investments were the outcomes of these visits which had resulted in new monitoring systems.

Aditi Tandon says

At no point does the Tribune story question the eligibility of officers to spend money or the validity of their foreign travels. It simply uses their own travel records to detail excessive expenditure made by them abroad, and reports how TA bills were passed against norms set in GOI sanction orders.

Mere receipts of air travel/hotel charges issued by a travel agent have been passed and paid.The DPR is silent on the issue of officers travelling with families and spending heavily on rooms available on cheaper rates. Without challenging anyone’s entitlement to spend, the Tribune has merely reported that austerity measures were disregarded.

About the hostess, all the story mentioned was that the proof of payment made to her didn’t accompany official claims. The DPR doesn't address this issue; moreover he he mentions that World Travel Mart is held in Berlin; it is held annually in London.

About expenses — each calculation is correct and based on officers’ travel claims



IAF men to skydive over Everest
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
The Air Force is planning a skydiving expedition over Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. The divers would land at the Everest’s base camp, where the actual ascent to the summit by mountaineers commences.

Sources in the IAF said it was the first time that a skydiving expedition would land at such heights. Skydivers would form part of an international team undertaking this extreme adventure in the coming summers.

The base camp is located at an altitude of over 17,200 feet. The highest drop zone for commercial skydiving programmes is located at 12,300 feet in Nepal and divers on this adventure trip can glide past the Everest.

“We are thinking of sending two skydivers if the expedition is cleared, though depending on resources, four is also a possibility,” a senior officer said. World record holder and para-jump instructor Wg Cdr R. Tripathi is also expected to be part of the team, he added. Given the altitude of the base camp, the skydivers would be required to bale out from a height of about 22,000 feet. This is because the minimum altitude required for deploying the parachutes is 3,000 feet above the ground.

The divers would also be required to use oxygen masks. Para-jumpers in the Indian armed forces are well-conversant with high altitude drops. Acclimatisation, familiarisation jumps and associated training would also have to be undertaken by the divers participating in the expedition before undertaking the mission. Strong winds and the chill factor would also have to be taken into account. The sources said the IAF was also undertaking a mountaineering expedition to Mount Chu Oyu in China. Reaching up to about 24,600 feet, it is the sixth highest peak in the world, this year. The north side of the mountain is located in the Tingri region of Tibet and the southern face lies in Nepal. It is located about 25 km west of the Everest.

The IAF team is at present undergoing a training stint in Siachen. Last year an IAF team had scaled Mount Everest.



New design for sentry post at Sukhna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
The Chandigarh police believes in transparency, literally. For as a part of the beautification drive, a new sentry post, which will be fitted with glass, is being constructed at Sukhna Lake.

The sentry post will have granite flooring and aluminium frames in which glass will be fitted. The post will be different from police beat boxes as it will accommodate three or four persons during the rain. It will have a proper door. Policemen will be able to have a view of all sides from the post.

The in charge of the Sukhana Lake police post, sub-inspector Jaswinder Singh, said the new post was designed by the UT Architecture Department following directions given by the UT adviser. The construction work was started 10 days ago and it will finish in a week or so.

Sources in the police said more such sentry posts will be constructed in other parts of the city after the approval of the design.



Deceased’s kin allege negligence by hospital
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
High drama was witnessed following the death of a patient in a Sector 19-based private hospital. The deceased’s family alleged that despite demanding a hefty amount, the hospital did not provide adequate treatment to the patient.

It is learnt that 58-year-old Naresh Dhir of Hoshiarpur was admitted to the hospital last evening following pain in the chest.

The patient died during treatment in the hospital later. The hospital staff refused to release the body, demanding that the family first pay the bill amounting to Rs 3.50 lakh.

The family refused to pay the bill alleging that the death was caused due to the negligence of the doctors. Following this, both the parties had a heated argument and the police was called.

However, the matter was resolved after the hospital agreed to release the body without charging the fee.

The SHO of the Sector 19 police station, inspector Sukhdev Singh Bhullar, said in the absence of any complaint, no action was taken in this regard.




Parking blues

Chandigarh is called city beautiful but it is becoming crowded with influx of people from all states. This has led to parking problems for tenants residing in the city. The tenant population is much higher as compared to that of owners. Owners park their cars in front of their houses leaving no space available for the tenants to park vehicles. Space is available at corner houses but many people put iron grills to cover it and the area is used for personal enjoyment. This land can be used as a parking space for people who are left with no parking.

Rajesh Gurah

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com  or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



From Schools & Colleges
Annual exam date-sheet announced
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
The common date-sheet for annual examinations was announced today. Setia said there will be centralised examination this year for the classes V, VI, VII, IX and XI.

The examination will start from March 4 for these classes. There will be a meeting of all school principals and school heads on February 15 in GMSSS-10 to issue instructions regarding the centralised examinations will be given.

MARKS: Three grace marks have been announced today for a mistake in Hindi paper of Class VIII which was held today in different examination centers of the city schools. According to DPI(S), the grace marks had been given to compensate the students for a wrong question. He said the examination was conducted smoothly as no copy case has been traced so far.

FEST: The History Association of MCM DAV College for Women organised History Fest 'Antiquity- 2008’ on the college campus.

The fest started with a quiz on the medieval period of Indian History. The quiz had various audio and visual rounds on dates, events, personalities and monuments of history. The highlight of the event was ‘Time Machine’ in which students dressed up as historical characters of Rani Laxmi Bai, Hitler, Jodhabai, Nurjahan and Bhagat Singh. Power Point presentations on Jinnah, Mughal architecture, Indus valley civilisation, Shershah Suri, Mahatma Gandhi and world war-II were also given.

OBSERVED: GGDSD College, Sector 32, observed Productivity Week - 2008 in the college seminar hall, today. An essay writing competition, declamation contest and a guest lecture by Prof. A.C. Julka, senior faculty member at the department of economics, Panjab University, was organised for the students of the college. Dr. Julka highlighted the importance of sustainable development in the current economic scenario. He blamed the aggressive use of resources as the cause behind the extinction of a number of species, exhaustion of a number of natural resources and broadening of the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

COMPETITION: A slide show competition was organised by department of computer science and application, MCM DAV College for Women, to cultivate presentation and communication skills in the tech-savvy students. The students prepared slides on diverse topics such as wearable computers, DNA computing, GPS, data mining, MRAM, EPS and robotics engineering.



From Schools & Colleges
Basant Panchami celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Mohali, February 13
Basant was celebrated with fervour at DAV School here yesterday. Students flew kites to celebrate the day. Principal Jaya Bhardwaj wished the children happiness and luck.

SHERWOOD CONVENT: Students of Sherwood Convent School celebrated Basant Panchmi yesterday. Children came attired in yellow dresses. The principal apprised them of the importance of this festival in the morning assembly.

SPRING VALLEY: Tiny tots and staff members of Spring Valley Public School, Phase XI, celebrated Basant Panchami with fervour and enthusiasm here yesterday. The students came dressed in vibrant yellow to mark the arrival of Basant. The tiny tots danced to the tunes of bhangra songs. They also learnt how to make kites and enjoyed kite flying.

FAREWELL: It was a memorable day for students of Class X of Shivalik Public School as Class IX students organised a colourful farewell party for them yesterday. The school management and all faculty members were present on the occasion. The juniors presented a cultural show with songs and foot-tapping dance numbers and devised games and titles for their seniors. Later, they were presented with mementos.

PAPER-READING: Chandigarh Business School, Landran, yesterday organised a paper-writing contest on the theme ‘Globalisation and Its Impact on Indian Economy’. Students from MBA and PGDM participated in the contest.

CAMPUS PLACEMENT: ICICI Prudential organised a joint campus placement camp at GGSCMT, Kharar, yesterday. Seven management colleges from Punjab were invited to participate. As many as 15 students were selected from the college.

VISIT: Deputy vice-chancellor of Bedford University, UK, Dr Petitte, visited the campus of Desh Bhagat Institute of Management and Computer Sciences yesterday to explore the possibility of collaborating on an agreement allowing students from the college to study at University of Bedfordshire.

LAUNCHED: Under the aegis of Kaushalaya Devi Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust (regd), Naya Savera, an NGO, was launched yesterday with a missionary zeal to spread literacy among the underprivileged members of the society. The NGO has opened a school on the premises of Dr I.T. Institute of Management and Technology to educate children of construction workers. Sixty kids have joined this school and were given free books, stationery and woollen clothes by the NGO.

CRAFT MELA: Students of International Institute of Fashion Technology visited Surajkund Crafts Mela. They were given a project to study different traditional embroidery and craft designs of various states with a view to fish out a common element of the works. Students also visited an export house at Faridabad.

SEMINAR: A NAAC seminar was held at Government College here today. Organised by director, public instructions (colleges), Punjab, Dr Kanwarjit Singh, for all the principals and NAAC coordinators of the government, the seminar saw the participation of delegates from 40 government colleges across the state.

FAREWELL PARTY: A farewell party was organised at Doon International School by Class IX students to bid adieu to the first batch of outgoing Class X students. Manteg Singh and Rubleen Kaur were adjudged as Mr D.I.S and Miss D.I.S respectively.

AWARDED: Ikmeet Grewal, lecturer, department of pharmaceutics, Swami Vivekanand Group of Institutes (SVGOI), has been awarded the prestigious ‘Young Scientist Award’ at the 11th Punjab Science Congress. The research work conducted by Ikmeet Grewal involves development of a Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) and is aimed at delivering a specific drug in the body under conditions of Modified Release and Control Release.



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