Saturday, February 16, 2008


1. Soft mineral used in talcum powders
3. Large, fresh-water fish
5. Female reproductive cells
6. Great Indian medicinal tree
8. Full extent or reach of anything
10. Machine used in wood or metal work
12. Is the heart of a computer (abbr.)
13. _ Grande flows into the Gulf of Mexico
14. Refers to the ‘aforesaid’; same
17. Baking apparatus
18. Formula engraved on Cross (inits.)
19. Ill-bred, dishonourable man
20. Organisation founded by Ela Bhatt
21. Comfort; freedom from pain


1. Persistent; stubborn
2. State of prolonged unconsciousness
3. Money in form of coins, banknotes
4. Play with gestures but no speech
7. Avoid or escape
9. Eva __, famous Argentinian figure
11. Famous offensive in Vietnamese war
15. Early south American empire
16. “Time and __wait for no one”