Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rhyme Time

Sands of time

Twilight walk on the beach, with soft silver sand

Listen to the waves, almost breaking the silence on land

The rhythm of the sea tickles your heart and soul

Away from the busy world all alone, you still feel whole

Your dreams, aims and achievements all runs down your mind

Acquaint you with your true self, leaves you content

The waves sparkle like diamonds as the moon blesses

Inspiring you to grab the best one for your own crown of successes

The day you realise your inner potential, your charisma, and your zest

You’ll be the master of your mind and things smoothly happen for the best.

Prachi Minglani, ECE-3rd yr, S.D.D.I.E.T, Barwala

Power of music

Music, the language of the soul

Music makes a person whole

Music makes the body move

Twist, turn, rock and groove.

Classic, hip-hop, country and rock

Music, the vibration you cannot stop.

Music to love, music to cry,

Music to dance, just give it a try.

Music that crosses boundaries & time,

Touches hearts, yours and mine.

Music, the language of the soul

Music puts one on the roll.

Music gentle strains worthy to hear,

Music so kind, comforting to the ear

Music on the hour, song of the year

Music the vibrant beats all around,

Music reviving nature surrounds

In music, to Surdas, his Krishna was found.

Music, the settler of grievances and strife

Music will leave you spellbound for life.

Taksh Condanya, VII, Delhi Public School, Chandigarh