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Boy found strangled
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A man has been booked for allegedly killing a 13-year-old boy, Sailesh. It is being suspected that a woman, who was the landlady of the family of the boy, may also have been involved.

It is being alleged that the crime was committed to “teach a lesson” to the boy’s father for not paying Rs 5,000 as rent.

The badly decomposed body of the boy, who had been missing since March 25, was found from a locked room in Kanwaljit da Vehra in Sherpur Kalan this morning.

The boy was found strangled by the police after migrant tenants complained of foul smell.

On the allegation levelled by the boy’s father, Madan Tiwari, the police booked Upinder Kumar for the crime.

DSP Harmohan Singh said Madan Tiwari had said they were tenants of the woman before they shifted to Deepak da Vehra. She claimed Rs 5,000 was pending as rent, but Madan said he had cleared all the bills.

He told the police today on the recovery of the body that another tenant had told him that his son had gone with the woman on the afternoon of March 25.

He went to her house in search of the boy, but could not find them. The role of the woman is being investigated.

The accused has not been traced yet.



Lovelorn youth stages own kidnapping 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A 22-year-old youth, accused of luring a 17-year-old girl of Shiv Puri to elope with him, has landed in trouble after he allegedly staged his own kidnapping to implicate the girl’s parents who were opposing their match.

The success of his plan could have forced her parents to relent and withdraw the complaint they had lodged against the youth, Yanki Sharma, with the police two days ago.

On March 26, Nikhil Sharma, brother of Yanky Sharma, complained to the police that his brother had been kidnapped by relatives of the missing girl in a black Scorpio.

The SHO of Salem Tabri, Beant Kumar, said a case of kidnapping had been registered against unknown persons and investigation had begun. Nikhil had said in the FIR that his brother had told him on the mobile phone that he was being followed by some persons in a car. Immediately afterwards, he heard some persons dragging his brother and asking him the whereabouts of the girl.

The police found that Yanky Sharma had already been booked for kidnapping the girl.

Suspecting the complaint to be false, the police procured call details of the mobile phone and it revealed that the calls were made from a tower in Pathankot.

On subsequent raids, the youth and the girl were recovered from that city. They were living in a rented room.

The youth has been handed over to the police and his brother Nikhil would be booked for making a false complaint.

The accused worked at a hosiery unit. 



Arya College Impasse
Those denied roll nos. all boys
 Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
As many as 376 students have been denied roll numbers by the local Arya College authorities for not attending minimum lectures required to appear in the university examination. Interestingly, the list includes not a single girl student.

The college authorities have issued a list of 376 students for not attending a single lecture and students are making last-minute efforts, including recommendations from “well connected” sources, to get a roll number issued.

The college management committee in the evening decided to call the parents of all students who have been denied their roll numbers

At the same time, the college authorities are not in the mood to spare students who have played truant.

Today, Arya College for Boys witnessed a number of local politicians accompanying students to help them secure their roll numbers.

They pleaded their case with principal S.M. Sharma, making assurances of better attendance by students from the next session.

While students continued their protest even on the second day, the management seemed unruffled from their stance. They refused to hand over students their roll numbers.

Arya College Management Committee president Sathi Vijay Kumar said: “The boys should learn the value of regular classroom attendance from girls. Not a single girl has been denied her roll number. It is disgraceful on part of students to threaten teachers by staging protest.”

Out of 376 students who are short on lectures, at least 100 are commerce students.

Leaders of different parties held college authorities responsible for the confusion. A leader said: “If a student did not attend lectures, it was the duty of the college authorities to inform his parents from time to time during the session. It is not fair on part of college authorities to withhold roll numbers at the last moment without prior warning.”

Principal Sharma said: “How can I allot roll numbers to students who have attended just five lectures in a year. They were warned before but they paid no heed to it.”

He expressed disappointment over the ongoing controversy. He said: “I had to attend a prize distribution function in Chandigarh where our team was to be honoured for winning the inter-college judo competition.”

On the other hand, students alleged that the withholding of roll number was a tactic adopted by college authorities to make quick buck.

The college authorities levy hefty fines on students on this account every year.



Brawl hits work at sub-registrar’s office
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A lawyer and two cops were allegedly involved in a scuffle at the sub-registrar’s office today over the issue of entering the office by jumping the queue.

The lawyer, David Gill, tried to enter the office at noon after reportedly breaking the queue, but cops Vijay Kumar and Harjinder Singh did not allow him to enter.

This led to a scuffle between the two parties. The lawyer alleged that he was beaten up by the cops and the cops alleged that the lawyer tried to manhandle them and obstruct them from performing their official duty.

Amid allegations and counter-allegations, work at the office was stopped midway. Residents, who were waiting for sale deed registration, protested against the disruption in work. 



Barriers lifted; traders end stir
Tribune News Service

Mandi Gobindgarh, March 28
After mobile barriers put up by the excise and taxation department were lifted, industrialists called off their protest last evening.

Business here had come to a grinding halt after industrialists launched a stir against the setting up of mobile barriers in the town.

They contended that they were already paying advance tax on steel and iron being bought by them and the barriers that had been set up by the department were causing harassment to them.

Industrialists had met senior functionaries of the state government who assured them that action would be taken.

They had also started a relay fast to register their protest.

The excise department had been maintaining that the barriers had been put up to check tax evasion and within a few days of the barriers, fines worth several lakhs had been collected. 



Doctor injured in scuffle at CMC
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A doctor seeking admission to a postgraduate degree course at the CMC has alleged that he was refused admission just because he did not have a bank draft with him and was later beaten by a security guard when he protested in this regard.

Dr Prashant Kathuria was admitted to Dev Hospital with a deep injury on his left arm. He alleged that when he was told to deposit the draft, he went out of the CMC building to get it from his parents.

He claimed that within a few minutes, the seat for MD (anaesthesia) was given to someone else.

He said when he protested, he was beaten up. A window was broken during the scuffle and the glass pierced his arm.

He has filed a complaint with the police.

An official spokesman for the CMC, however, denied the charges. He said the youth was given enough time to bring the bank draft, but when he did not return, the seat was offered to the next candidate.

The spokesman said the rules clearly stated that the candidates had to come prepared with the bank draft and other documents.

He alleged that the doctor had attacked the officials and the security guard.



MC teams remove encroachments
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The tehbazaari department of the MC today removed encroachments from various parts of the city.

A team removed rehris and other encroachments from Link road, Chandigarh road, Shiv Mandir, Sherpur, and focal point. Encroachments were also removed from Sekhewal road and Shivpuri.

Another team from zone-C office removed encroachments from Sidhwan Canal to Gill road, Dholewal chowk, and benches and rehris from Partap Chowk. The zone-D team removed encroachments from Tagore Nagar, Mai Nand Kaur Gurdwara, Mall road and cemetery road.



Kundanpuri flooded
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The streets of Kundanpuri, near Budda Nullah, were today flooded with dirty nullah water.

The MC authorities claimed that it was because residents were dumping garbage in the nullah. A cleaning operation was launched in the area and desilting of the nullah was ordered.

The area councillor, Avtar Krishan Tari, said the residents were responsible for the state of affairs as they were dumping solid waste into the nullah.



Educate people to use renewable energy: SAD leader
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, March 28
Kulwant Singh Gajjan Majra, SAD leader and member of the district Sangrur advisory committee on renewable energy, has called upon office-bearers of various social and constitutional organisations to launch a coordinated move to preserve socio-economic structure of the state by exploiting non-conventional resources of energy, including solar and wind energy.

While talking to The Tribune after addressing a meeting of office- bearers at MGMN Senior Secondary School here today, Kulwant Singh stated that there was a lot of potential of tapping all three renewable resources of energy - sun, wind and hydro - in the area. But unfortunately, the masses could not be persuaded to make use of these resources.

“Though various government agencies have been trying to make solar cookers, solar heaters and solar panels available for public on subsidised rates, people did not make optimum use of these energy-saving equipments,” said Kulwant Singh. He said the misuse of the conventional resources on a large scale could cause serious problems to the development of the state. “As sunlight, wind and water were available in plenty in the area and generated no pollution, we must lay more focus on the exploitation of such energy,” he added.

He urged the social leaders to educate people about significance of the non-conventional sources. 



At the Crossroads
Ornaments depict cultural orientation

Like Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne) in English literature, Goel brothers have made their mark in Punjabi literature in recent years. Incidentally, all of them were born at Jaitu and graduated from from Brijindra College, Faridkot.

Later, they did their MA in English from different colleges as well as Panjab University.

Prem Bhushan joined languages department, Punjab, and retired in 1993 as deputy director. The younger, Jung Bahadur, was selected for civil service and retired in 2006 as secretary to Punjab government.

The youngest, Bharat Bhushan, started his career as lecturer but later went over to Punjab Excise and Taxation Department from where he retired in 2007 as assistant commissioner.

The remarkable thing is that these three have contributed a lot, over the years, to Punjabi literature. But, as a coincidence, each one published a book in 2007.

Bharat Bhushan is a poet and his latest collection of poems “Supnean da Safar” has been received well by Punjabi readers.

Jung Bahadur has come out with a book, “Shahkar Novel” in which he has given elaborate introduction to 25 classical novels of the world, followed by their long summaries.

Prem Bhushan, though the eldest of two, has come out, very recently, with a book, “Punjab de Gahne” He is well known for his books for children. In 2006, he received Shiromani Punjabi Baal Sahit Lekhak Puraskar.

Earlier, his book “Haathi Sada Saathi” had been adjudged best book of the year.

“Punjab de Gahne”, full of illustrations, is the product of his research work spanning around two decades.

He is deeply interested in Punjabi folklore, particularly folk songs, folk motifs, folk proverbs and folk ornaments. He is of the view that ornaments depict the cultural aspect of a particular community. Women usually adorn themselves with such ornaments to reveal their inner longings. Ornaments are so dear to them that these ultimately become their second nature.

In the Punjabi culture, ornaments are associated with the awareness of one’s social status. At the time of marriage, a girl implores her father for a set of earrings, otherwise her in-laws will label her as belonging to a poor family -

Kitay kaihan na garib tere maapay

Jhumke kada de Babla

Ornament is generally an index of intensity of love for spouse. A bride tells her mother that her husband has presented her ornaments and, by doing so, he has taken away her soul in a fold of his turban -

Jaan taan meri laigya, nee maaye

Cheere de larr laa

Punjabi folklore also highlights the ornaments worn by men to enhance their manliness. While rings, bangles and nose ring are women’s most prized possessions, heavy necklaces, amulets and bracelets are men's favourites. Still, the true romantic picture is created when both of them work together, embellished with their ornaments -

Chure-wali dudh ridke

Kaintha-wala dhaar kadhda

— N.S. Tasneem



MC employees intensify protest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
Employees of municipal corporation today struck work at their zone A office for two hours and staged a dharna to express their with their colleagues, who were arrested by the vigilance bureau two days ago.

The employees demanded that MTP, Shakti Sagar Bhatia, draftsmen Nirmal Singh and Mohinderpal be released and FIRs against them withdrawn.

Pavittar Singh, an office-bearer of municipal corporation employees union, said the agitation was going on simultaneously in all three corporations of the state.

He said the agitation was the outcome of a call given by union president Vijay Danav.

The employees said the morale of employees had gone down after the vigilance bureau action and they were working under fear.

The corporation office wore a deserted look for two hours due to the strike.

Residents visiting the office for their work had to wait outside till the work resumed.

Pavittar Singh said they had submitted a memorandum to the mayor and commissioner to get their colleagues released.

He claimed that the mayor had ensured them to take the matter with the state government.

If the cases were not withdrawn, they would be forced to intensify their protest, he added.



Centre for learning-disabled children
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 28
Panchkula-based Optimising Development in Education (ODE) Learning Centre, an organisation for remedial teaching, will open its centre in here on April 2.

The centre, engaged in teaching disabled children, was launched by Bharati Kapoor, an educator with over 14 years of experience in this field.

According to a press note of the centre, around 10 to 15 per cent of all school-going students suffered from one or the other form of learning disabilities. They required the care of a special educator.

“Learning-disabled children are unable to learn in a regular classroom without special help and therefore need to learn differently. Learning disability can manifest itself in various forms, so has to be assessed and therefore dealt with accordingly.”



Writers praise move to make Punjabi compulsory
Tribune News service

Ludhiana, March 28
The Punjabi Sahitya Akademy, Punjabi Bhawan, has hailed the two resolutions passed in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha recently. Punjabi writer and president of the akademy Dr Surjit Patar, Ravinder Bhatal and Gurbhajjan Gill appreciated the move to make Punjabi teaching compulsory in all schools up to matriculation level and to strictly implement Punjabi in the government offices for all official work.

They said the government had demands submitted in the memorandum handed over to the Chief Minister. They also appreciated the move to punish those officers who were found violating the government’s decision. 



Fix age of retirement

Through your esteemed paper, I wish to draw the attention of DEO /DPI (secondary) towards disparity in the retirement age of principals of government-aided and Punjab School Education Board-affiliated schools. Head of an aided school retires from service at 58 years whereas there is no such age limit for the principals of affiliated schools. They continue to work with full rights and powers even after the age of 70, encroaching upon the chances of senior most teachers, just because the managements have confidence in them.

I request that there should be uniformity in the retirement age of principals so that other able teachers get a chance to prove their worth and serve society

Sanjeev Kumar Sehgal, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Attempt to kill scribe; five booked
Our Correspondent

Raikot, March 28
Five persons have been booked under Section 307 of the IPC for allegedly trying to kill Parminder Singh Jattpuri, reporter of English and a Punjabi daily, yesterday evening.

The assailants, armed with crude weapons and iron rods, had come in a white Maruti car apparently bearing a Chandigarh registration number.

Jattpuri, who sustained grievous injuries, was admitted to a private hospital from where he was shifted to a multi-specialty hospital in Ludhiana.

Meanwhile, office-bearers of a few journalists associations at Raikot, Jagraon, Ahmedgarh and Payal, led by Susheel Kumar, Jaspal Heran, Ravinder Puri and Dilbag Chapra, have termed it as an attack on freedom of press. They have also urged the authorities to immediately nab the suspects.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the miscreants had assaulted Jattpuri after calling him out from his house at 7.30 pm yesterday.”

About 10 days ago, eight persons, including a few scrap dealers, were booked under Sections 452, 323, 341,506, 148 and 149 of the IPC for allegedly assaulting and threatening kill Jattpuri. Two of the suspects, Sandeep Kumar and Vinod Kumar were arrested and sent in judicial remand. 



BSNL Goof-up
Recharge coupons sans code
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
In what can be termed as a major goof-up, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has issued mobile recharge coupons that do not bear the secret code number .

Buyers of such coupons are irked as the money that they had paid to purchase it has gone waste.

Mobile phone subscribers purchase recharge coupons that help them make calls according to the amount of recharge card purchased.

The card, which comes in various denominations and bears a silver panel, on scratching reveals a code number. This code number helps customers enhance their call balance.

“A buyer scratched a card immediately after purchase but found the code missing. The buyer refused to accept the card. When I went to the franchisee, he too refused to replace it. It has happened for the first time. But I do not know how to recover the money that I lost this way,” said Sukhvinder Singh, a retailer in Machhiwara.

Another customer who got a card without code said: “Such errors affect the company’s credibility and business. I will now double check before purchasing a recharge coupon,” said Manjit Singh, a customer. BSNL authorities, however, said no complaints on the issue had been received by them so far.

General manager, telecom, BSNL, S.K. Nigam, said: “No such cases have been brought to our notice so far. If it has happened, we will replace the cards and the customer will not suffer. The franchisees who face similar problem may get in touch with us.”



Designer wear on exhibit
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A Kolkatta-based fashion designing company, Pitambari, put up an exhibition of its designer wears here yesterday.

Company’s MD Himanshu Tikmany said it was started by Sushila Tikmany with an aim to financially help poor women to earn their livelihood. The 40-year-old venture today has seven stores across the country and 1,500 artisans are working for it.The designer wears like sarees, salwaar kameez and kurtis have been put on display. 



Rising night temperature to hit wheat yield: PAU experts
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
Winter this year, which affected the early sown wheat, and rising night temperature for over a week, spell more damage to crop yield this year.

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) experts, particularly of the Meteorology Department, predict loss in the crop yield in the wake of night temperatures fluctuating at least four degrees above normal for three/four days. Against the normal night temperature of 11 degrees in March, meteorologists are recording an average of 15 degrees.

Prof G.S.Bains, head, Department of Agricultural Meteorology, said, “By simple calculations, a rise of one degree of temperature leads to 10 times enhanced bio-chemical reaction in a living being. At night, when the plant is not engaged in photosynthesis, higher temperatures mean higher energy loss and direct loss in the weight.”

Professor Bains said, “Besides wheat, a major part of the agricultural yield in the ongoing season will be weather affected. Surveys reveal a definite impact of the extreme weather on potatoes, winter maize, guava, oranges and wheat, besides 'barseem,' fodder. Wheat, particularly the early sown, was severely affected by the long spell of winter frost. In fact, farmers had to cut early sown wheat on a sizeable area and use it as fodder for animals.

Professor Bains said farmers were likely to witness a greater impact of weather on yield in case the temperature continued to increase. Plants tend to shrivel up due to greater heat, meaning loss in weight. More importantly, increasing temperatures are very favourable for increasing aphid(taila) insect population, which can severely hit wheat crop. Experts expressed concern at the increasing global warming. Nothing much can be done to save the depleting ozone layer till developed nations, first controlled emission of chlorofluorocarbons which are biggest cause of ozone depletion.

A senior teacher said, “ Leave aside big establishments releasing chlorofluorocarbons, I am not sure how these countries can even reverse the trend of common household using three/four vehicles, three/four refrigerators and several air-conditioners in homes, which are also a cause of ozone depletion?”



PAU team to attend training session in USA
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
A six-member team of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has reached the United States to participate in an Indo-US advanced training session on agriculture knowledge initiative (AKI) for excellence in teaching.

Commencing from March 28, the three-week workshop is being hosted by Ohio State University at Columbus Campus.

The team members include Dr Jarnail Singh, Dr Jatinder Gulati, Dr Varinder Randhawa, Dr V.K. Dilawari, Dr Sandip Kapur and N.S. Bains.



From Colleges
Castrol recruits 3 PCTE students
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
Castrol recruited three students from Punjab College of Technical Education (PCTE), Ludhiana, and offered them a profile of territory managers at a package of 7.5 lakh after the successful completion of training period. As sales trainee for six months to one year, they will be offered a package of 5.5 lakh.

From Punjab, the PCTE was the only college that was invited for the recruitment process. IIM Indore, FMS Delhi and IMS Ghaziabad also participated in the recruitment process held at New Delhi, stated Dr K.N.S. Kang, director general, PCTE group of institutes.

CONVOCATION: Annual convocation function of Government College for Women was held here today. The function was presided over by Dr Kanwaljit Singh, DPI (Colleges), Punjab. Principal R.K. Aulakh accorded a warm welcome to the worthy guest and read out the annual report. As many as 800 graduates and postgraduates were awarded degrees. The academic roll of honour was given to Ranjit Kaur, Varinder pal, Prabhjot, Deepti, Amandeep, Harsimran and Harmet Kaur. The roll of honour in social and cultural activities was given to Majwant, Rupinder, Neetika Sharma, Punit, Jaspreet Dua and Ravneet Kaur while the roll of honour in sports was given to Pooja Tyagi, Sukhjinder, Anuradha, Meenakshi, Ramandeep, Pooja, Amritpal, Rajni Walia and Baljinder Kaur. Kuljit, Vani Jain, Bhagwant, Harshdeep were awarded the college colour. Rajna, Hardeep and Jaspreet were awarded the college colour in NCC while 32 students were awarded the college colour in sports. The chief guest exhorted the students to achieve excellence in their field. He advised the students to keep a vigil on the developments at the international level and inculcate competitive spirit.


309 students get degrees: Annual convocation and prize distribution function of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, was held in Dr Ishwar Singh Memorial Hall of the college today.

Dr Manjit Singh Kang, vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, was the chief guest. He congratulated the degree holders and expressed the need to link the present education system with national progress. As many as 309 students, including 18 of MA Punjabi, 33 of MA political science, 21 of BA honours, 17 of PGDCA and 164 of BA, were awarded degrees. Apart from this, 20 students, who won laurels for the institute in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, were awarded the roll of honour while 30 students got the college colour for their achievements in various fields. Mandeep Kumar of BA (final) received the All-round Best Student Award while Amarpreet Kaur was awarded the roll of honour for having topped Punjab University in MA (political science honours). The students, who secured the first three positions in the annual and house examinations, were also given prizes.

President of the college management committee Roop Brar welcomed the chief guest while Prof Balwant Singh Pangali, general secretary of the college management committee, extended a vote of thanks.

Principal of the college Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu gave away the degrees and read out the annual report. Students presented a group shabad and song. College magazine ‘UDAR’ was released by the chief guest.



From Schools
Tiny tots walk the ramp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
Ryan International School, Ludhiana, held its Montessori graduation ceremony with great enthusiasm on the school premises here today.

Students staged a play depicting family as a functional unit and how each member of the family contributes a colour to the rainbow of love called family.

To add more spark to the event, there was a fashion show based on the theme of international brotherhood and global peace. The audience was mesmerised to see the kids dressed up uniquely and walking the ramp as professional models. The guests included Ludhiana mayor Hakim Singh, Ludhiana SSP R.K. Jaiswal, income tax commissioner Kuldeep Singh among others.

Orientation programme: St Mary's Kindergarten organised an orientation programme on effective parenting on the school premises here today. The principal addressed parents and gave them valuable tips. After the programme, the parents interacted with class teachers of their children.



World Theatre Day
‘Bharathrihari’ staged
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
Bharathrihari, an English play written by Prof Puran Singh, was staged during the World Theatre Day celebrations by the Ludhiana Kala Manch at Punjabi Bhawan here last evening.

The play that revolved around dramatic turns in the life of Bharathrihari, king of Ujjain, who renounced the world of luxury and gave his throne to his brother Vikramaditya, best known for the Vikrami calender, was highly appreciated by the audience. Acting by Brij Mohan Bhardwaj, Amrita Sewak, Kavinder Kalsi, Gurvidner Singh and Bhagyashree was quite liked.

Former vice-chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University Dr S.P. Singh and renowned poet Surjit Patar were among those present.



Hospital to set up cancer centre
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 28
SPS Apollo Hospitals here has embarked upon an expansion programme. The institution plans to set up a 100-bed cancer centre and a nursing college in the near future.

This was stated by hospital managing director Jugdiep Singh at a press conference here today.

Chief operating officer Dr S.P. Singh, medical services director Dr G.L. Awasthi, vice-president J. Sivakumaran, and medical superintendent Dr P.S. Bhatia were also present.

Among other projects being undertaken by the hospital were setting up of an IGNOU regional centre for diploma in community cardiology, starting DNB programme and launching an air ambulance service in collaboration with “Tops Air Rescue”.

The director added that the hospital had achieved the distinction of being the first hospital in South East Asia to be accredited by JCI (USA), had taken the lead to start comprehensive telemedicine centre here and now a process had been set in motion to develop satellite centres at several places in Punjab and Haryana for sharing medical expertise and technology in the region.

According to Dr Awasthi, since its inception, over 5,000 cardiac intervention, 910 angioplasties and 410 heart surgeries (mostly beating heart procedures) had been performed at the hospital.

Similarly, over 200 knee replacements had been performed with the result.

Dr S.P. Singh said in association with the Nursing Council Of India, the hospital had initiated a training programme for “Critical care, cardio thoracic and vascular surgery nursing”.

In addition, a “life savers” programme had been started in which training for basic life support was being imparted to drivers of NHAI, school and college students, to make them “certified life savers”.



Workshop on adverse effects of drug abuse 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 28
A two-day workshop on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, organised by the Guru Gobind Singh Study circle and sponsored by the ministry of social health and empowerment, concluded at Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Charitable Hospital here today.

After formal inauguration by Bakshi Mohinder Singh, chairman of the hospital, Dr Depinder Singh and Dr Sarbjeet Singh discussed in detail the adverse effects of drugs abuse, as also medication and gurbani recital as remedy. Balwinder Pal Singh called for scrupulously following the right path shown by the gurus.

In the second session, Dr Vandana from the Christian Medical College and Hospital dwelt upon various aspects of HIV and AIDS. Director of the Red Cross Society A. Verma cautioned against alarming rise of drug abuse among the youth and suggested steps to deal with the menace. In the concluding session, Dr Neelam Sodhi focused on incidence of HIV/AIDS among women and sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents.

Joginder Singh Makkar, Inder Singh Chawla, Balbir Singh, Parupkar Singh, Joginder Singh Eros, M.S. Samra, manager operations and M.S. Kang, administrator of the hospital, were among those present on the occasion.



28 tubectomy operations performed
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 28
Dr B.L. Kapur Memorial Hospital organised a family planning camp here yesterday under the supervision Dr Wahegurupal Singh Sidhu, medical superintendent, and Dr Reena Sandhu, district family welfare officer. About 28 laparoscopic tubectomy operations were performed. In a similar camp, held earlier, 46 women sterilisation procedures were carried out. The operations were performed by a team led by Dr Renu Berri.

According to Dr Sidhu, an incentive of Rs 250 and Rs 600, respectively, was given to each woman undergoing tubectomy while the motivators were paid Rs 150 for each case.

The hospital will organise an eye check-up camp on March 30. Former councillors Madan Lal Bagga will inaugurate the camp.



Adesh college beat ASCOMS in football 
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 28
Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), Ludhiana, overpowered the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), Ludhiana, 2-1 to bag the title in the girl’s section of the table tennis event on the second day of the three-day North Zone Inter-Medical and Dental Colleges Games (NOZIT 08) being held at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) here today.

In the first match, Aparajita overcame stiff challenge put up by Satwant Kaur in five sets. She won it 11-9, 8-11, 11-5, 10-12 and 11-9. However, in the next match, Ashima lost to Suhasini 11-5, 6-11, 7-11 and 9-11. In the third match, Aparajita and Ashima got the better of Satwant and Suhasini 11-5, 7-11, 11-9 and 13-11 to help their side to clinch top honours.

In badminton final (girls), hosts the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, prevailed over Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Ludhiana, 2-1 to bag the title.

In the preliminary round matches (football), Adesh Medical College, Bhatinda, beat ASCOMS, Jammu by 6-1, GMC, Chandigarh, beat SGRD, Amritsar, by 1-0, BJSDC, Ludhiana, beat CMCH, Ludhiana, by 1-0.

In cricket, DMCH,Ludhiana,beat (B) team beat SGRD, Amritsar, by 41 runs, CMCH, Ludhiana, beat GMC, Chandigarh, by two wickets, MAMC, Agroha beat AMC, Bhatinda, by 29 runs and DIRDS, Sunam, beat BJSDC, Ludhiana, DMCH, Ludhiana, team A beat CMCH, Ludhiana, by 23 runs, GMC, Amritsar, beat Dental College, Sunam, by 8 runs.

In volleyball, CMCH, Ludhiana, defeated SGRD; Amritsar, and MAMC, Agroha, beat GMC, Chandigarh, AMC, Bhatinda beat ASCOM, Jammu.

DMC (team A) beat CMC, Ludhiana, by 23 runs; GMC, Amritsar, beat Dental College, Sunam, by 8 runs.

In table tennis (men) - DIRDS, Faridkot, beat GMC, Chandigarh, 3-2; BJSDC, Ludhiana, beat DMCH, Ludhiana, 3-2; AMC, Bathinda, beat ASCOM, Jammu 3-0.



Cricket trials tomorrow
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana,March 28
Trials for selecting probables (under-16) for the regional coaching centre being run by the Ludhiana District Cricket Association and for the coaching- cum-training session for the forthcoming Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament to be organised at different venues will be conducted at Arya College, Civil Lines,on March 30 at 3.30 pm.

Players born on or after September 1, 1992, are eligible to take part in these trials.



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