Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rhyme Time

Real winner

Exams create a difficult situation, Are they the final destination?

More revision, more concentration, All at once with more administration.

Prepare strategy, prepare plans,

To stand in tough competitions.

No more comparison, no more burden,

Donít give a lot of tension.

Let the child be what he is,

Originality is the medal he ought to win.

Karandeep Singh Chawla, X, Govt Model Sr Sec School, Sector 35D, Chandigarh

Mother dear

She is the one who loves you the most

She is the one who guides you when you are lost

She is the one who bears inexplicable pain

To bear and rear you but never complains

She is like a lightened lamp in darkness

Who will enlighten your life with happiness

She is your best friend and mentor

Who always thinks of your welfare

Her blessings are always with you and

They give you strength in difficulties also

Her love is selfless and endless

And her prayers work like magic

God canít be always there with you

That is why he created mother

If you want to find heaven on this earth

It is in the arms of your mother

Where you feel protected

from all the

Strong winds of life as she stands

Like a big barrier in front of these winds

To always save and protect you.

Avleen, X, Guru Nanak Foundation Public School, Patiala