ĎJohn is the bestí
Subhash K. Jha

John Abraham is Deepa Mehtaís blue-eyed boy
John Abraham is Deepa Mehtaís blue-eyed boy

That John Abraham is director Deepa Mehtaís blue-eyed boy is an open secret. After Water, the Toronto-based director has now roped in John for a mainstream Hollywood film Luna. "After working with John I realised what a wonderful human being he is. He just brings so much positive energy to the location. And heís so willing to learn and participate," Deepa said.

"John was my first and last choice for Luna. If I have my way and if he fits in Iíll cast him in all my films." But for the time being, this new collaboration has put brakes on Deepaís film with Amitabh Bachchan ó Exclusion. "Exclusion is a very ambitious project. And itís a script Iím writing on my own. Luna is something that almost fell into my lap. Warner Brothers gave me a ready script by David Ward. Davidís script was given to me ready to be directed. It was too hard to resist," said the director. "John will be in Exclusion too. But that project will be on hold for the time being. Right now Iím revved up about Luna. It addresses itself to a favourite subject, the environment. From the start Iíve been a child of nature. Water had a very strong ecological element."

Deepa even has an explanation for her affection for John. "The love for nature is another factor that binds me with John. And of course the fact that my mother adores him just ends all discussion." ó IANS