ulta pulta
Costly affair

Jaspal Bhatti

Ulta PultaWhen a bull ate some vegetables from a vendorís cart, he hit the animal with a club. The bull owner shouted at the vendor, "How dare you hit my bull?" The vegetable seller said, "Do you know the prices of the vegetables?" The bull owner yelled back, "Do you know the price of the bull?"

Both were right in view of the increasing inflation. A pair of bulls was recently sold at an unbelievable price of Rs 1.55 lakh in Vidharbha in Maharashtra. And if Akshay Kumar can charge an exorbitant price of Rs 15 crore from his producers, why canít bulls have such rates? Iím sure if bulls get a role in films, they could perform better than some of the star sons in the film industry.

According to the Finance Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram, we should not be discouraged by the rising prices of vegetables, fuel and bullocks. Inflation is the sign of prosperity. True, if you have a few kilos of vegetables in your house, you owe an explanation to the Income Tax Department. Chidambaram once asked a beggar, "Are you happy with the growth?" The beggar, thinking that he was talking about the growth of his beard, replied, "I have no choice, sir. I canít afford a shaving blade".