Books received: english

The Silent Raga by Ameen Merchant. Harper Collins Pages 452. Rs 395.

Food Preservation and Processing by Manoranjan Kalia and Sangita Sood. Kalyani Publishers, Pages 545. Rs 350.

Gay Bombay by Parmesh Shahani. Sage Publications Pages 349. Rs 395.

Chun-Mun by Gurnam Singh Rathore. Wonderland Publication, Pages 76. Rs 100.

Human Rights Education Theory and Practice by C. Naseema. Shipra Publications, Pages 214. Rs 550.

Education of the Learning Disabled by Hansraj Pal and Asha Pal. Shipra Publications, Pages 116. Rs 395.

Hackers and Crackers by Sahil Khan. Diamond Pocket Books. Pages 240. Rs 150.

A Guide to Network Marketing by Surya Sinha. Diamond Pocket Books Pages 131. Rs 100.

Kissing The Frog The Magic that makes you money by The Brothers Middleton. Macmillan India Ltd., Pages 249. Rs 295.

The Reiki Guide: Reiki 200 Questions and answers for beginners by Lawrence Ellyard. Macmillan India Ltd., Pages 191. Rs 215.

Growth, Poverty and Equity by Ruddar Datt. Deep & Deep Publications. Pages 368. Rs 980.

Sarkar Khalsa The Great Drama of Real Guru Nanak by Dr Kuldip Singh. Pages 40. Rs 50.