Shekhar’s showtime

A decade ago, Movers & Shakers on Sony Entertainment Television transformed Shekhar Suman from a struggling star to a superstar. Such was the heady impact of the show that he began to be called the Badshah of smart banter and India’s very own Jay Leno. Sony TV became the number one channel.

News is that Suman is said to be all set to revive the show and is having talks with a number of channels to get the best price for his show. The stand-up comic who did several versions on different channels feels that the time may be ripe all over again for the show that stepped on many corns but grabbed the attention of viewers for its wit and style.

With age, Shekhar seems to be getting busier. Apart from judging Laughter Challenge and participating in a song-and-dance competition, he is doing films. Interestingly his son Adhyayan too is into films and is doing the lead role in Mahesh Bhatt’a Raaz against Kangana Ranaut.

‘Potter’ goes to war

He’s back but not as Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe, in his first television role since the Potter series, co-stars with Kim Catrall (Sex And The City) in the family drama My Boy Jack on History Channel on April 25 at 9 pm.
Daniel Radcliffe in My Boy Jack
Daniel Radcliffe in My Boy Jack

The story set around World War I is about duty, sacrifice and the horror of war. It is based on the true story of Jack Kipling (Radcliffe), son of acclaimed British author Rudyard Kipling, who is determined to become a soldier in World War I. However he is rejected due to his poor eyesight. The father uses his immense influence to get his son a commission in the army.

The boy goes to war but soon enough the news comes that he has gone missing. That starts a bitter conflict in the family with everyone blaming Kipling for pushing the son into the war.

The family lives in hope for two years with Kipling becoming a nervous wreck. Find out what happens in the end in this intense and nail-biting film that is bound to leave a lasting impression on your mind. — NF