ulta pulta
Fair fight
Jaspal Bhatti

Many men, who consider women as the weaker sex, might die of shame after reading a recent news report. An American woman has saved her pet from a bull by biting its nose. The woman is under 10-day observation to see if she needs an anti-rabies injection. I think the dog should also be kept under observation and given medical aid if needed.

That seems to be one of the reasons why many men prefer to tag along with their wives. Simply because they feel secure that if anything untoward happens, their wives will safeguard them.

A thief once broke into a man’s house. While the man hid under his bed, his obese wife caught hold the thief, sat on him and shouted to her husband, “Go and bring the police.”

The husband was taking a little while looking for his shoes and getting ready. The thief, fighting for his breath, shouted, “Hurry up, if you can’t go quickly, let me go and call the police.

Beautiful women, as such have fatal weapons. They can kill with their smile or eyes. At a public event, a poet was reciting a poem, “Toon katil teri ankhein katil, tere baal katil, tere gaal katil. Toon katil teri ankhein katil, tere baal katil, tere gaal katil”. A person from the audience shouted, “Arre yeh ladki hai ya chalta phirta dhara 307 ka muqqaddama.”