You would have bid 7S on those South cards? So would I! Still, it’s a Golden Oldie and declarer’s target was just twelve tricks. He won the heart lead and saw that thirteen tricks would be easy if trumps were 2-1. He could draw trumps in two rounds and cross to dummy’s third trump to score the two heart honours. When he cashed the ace of trumps West discarded a heart. Declarer’s next move was to lead a cunning ten of trumps. If East takes this, perhaps thinking that he has a diamond trick to come, declarer can cross to dummy’s nine of trumps for his discards. No, East was not born yesterday and he allowed declarer’s trump ten to win. The contract would still be easy unless clubs broke 5-1 or 6-0. Declarer next tried his luck with the ace and king of clubs. Suppose you had been East. What would you have done when the second top club was led? If you ruff, declarer will be able to enter dummy in the trump suit. East knew exactly what was going on. He refused to ruff the king of clubs and looked the other way again when the queen of clubs was played. It was the end of the road for South and the small slam went one down.

What will you say now?


A second-round 1NT by responder suggests around 8-10 points, rather than the 6-9 that would be normal for a first-round response such as 1S — 1NT. Here you have a 16 points, a good diamond suit and two potentially useful tens. You should suggest game with a raise to 2 NT.

AWards: 2 NT — 10, 3 NT — 8, Pass — 4.

David Bird — Knight Features