ulta pulta

The King arrives
Jaspal Bhatti

Shahrukh Khan can sell anything from a car to Dish TV. And Shahrukh Khan can buy anything from a lavish bungalow to the costliest players in the world.

Only Shahrukh can manipulate such things — making money from a film on hockey (Chak De!India) and investing that money to buy cricketers. And then saying Thoda Aur wish Karo. Does it mean he wishes to buy golf and tennis players too? Whatever one may say, he is a complete entertainer. He can dance in a cricket stadium to cheer his team and with equal energy, he can dance at a marriage party to encourage the ‘ghodi’ carrying the groom. Some months back some people objected that Shahrukh Khan was using cricket match as a platform to publicise his film Chak De! India. At that time, nobody would have guessed he was there to learn more about pitches and the market value of cricketers.

There’s no doubt he’s got tremendous energy. But one should not say hats off to Shahrukh. He might buy all your hats and use them for his promotion of Night Riders by printing logos on all the hats.

One may criticise him for being Devdas or Don, but at the moment many cricketing dons seem to be bowing before him and the rest are becoming Devdas out of jealousy.