Cricket as CARNIVAL

The Indian Premier League, a double dhamaka of cricketing prowess and star power, is wowing viewers with its glamour quotient and instant high.
M.S. Unnikrishnan
on why the IPL is such a sixer

THE Indian Premier League (IPL) has redefined the people’s perception of Twenty20 cricket, both as a sporting pursuit and as a spectator spectacle. Purists may wince at the IPL Twenty20 Championship (18 April-1 June) as not being the "real thing". But the encouraging response generated by the event has proved that this instant form of cricket has been lapped up by the fans, and is here to stay.

Beyond boundaries
IPL is featuring the best at their best, writes Sridhar K Chari
O what was that people were asking? Without the national flag to play for, will players, and their fans, lack the intensity, the passion, and the commitment to make a sporting tournament a success on and off the field? The answer was clear from the opening match at Bangalore, when the Australian Test, One-Day, and Twenty20 captain, Ricky Ponting, ran all the way from gully to hug bowler Ishant Sharma, after he took a wicket.

Art for mart’s sake
In the erratic market scenario, art is becoming an attractive investment option for many, writes Snehesh Alex Philip
ITH volatile markets being the trend and interest rates low on returns, art seems to have come back as the safest investment option for many, say leading art curators and investment analysts. "Art is the only commodity other than gold which is constant in giving steady returns from the very beginning. Art can make its own money over a period of time," says Neville Tuli of Osian, one of the largest art auction houses in the country.

Monumental glory
Known for its metal craft, Bidar is also home to unique monuments and is an important pilgrim centre for Sikhs, says K.J.S.Chatrath
OMETIME back, one of my old colleagues posted in Bidar district in Karnataka inviting me to visit him. I checked up the logistics of travel and quite soon I was in Bidar — a place steeped in history and full of wondrous monuments. The present-day Bidar lies at a central position in Deccan, a plateau 2300 ft above sea level. It shares its border with Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and its state capital Bangalore is almost 700 km from Bidar.

Reality bites
Filmmakers who draw scripts from real-life episodes are becoming easy targets of publicity seekers, says Derek Bose
NDIAN film audiences do not have much of an appetite for biographicals on venerable national leaders. Give them Gandhi, Sardar Patel or Bhagat Singh and the response will always be lukewarm. Now give them a Haji Mastan (as Yash Chopra did with Deewar) or say, Maya Dolas (Shootout at Lokhandwala) and they will promptly lap it up.

‘I enjoyed making Firaaq
Subhash K. Jha catches up with Nandita Das, who is ready with her maiden directorial venture
ACTRESS Nandita Das has just completed shooting her first directorial venture, Firaaq...In Such Times, about how violence affects people’s lives. The filmmaking process consumed her so much that she has no plans to direct another film soon. "During the shooting I said never again. Now I’m not too sure, ha, ha. Though no direction again immediately," Nandita said.

Manisha’s new role
Rajesh Ahuja
ERS has been a long disappearance from the silver screen since films like Lajja and Escape from Taliban, won for this Nepali beauty a lot of accolades in film circles for her realistic portrayals. After a long hiatus from films, Manisha Koirala, the actress who gave a tough competition to Madhuri Dixit in the 1990s with her stunning looks and her natural screen presence, will be seen in another realistic portrayal of a woman experiencing a dysfunctional or troubled relationship in Sirf- Life looks Greener on the other side.

Milind’s role-call
Milind Soman, who redefined modelling, is busy putting together Gateway, a reality show on filmmaking. Sneh Irani catches up with the model-actor
What’s the reason for your lying low when it comes to making appearances in films?
For me, doing a film means I should feel deeply for the theme of the film. I’m always keen on doing roles that appeal to me. I have always tried to play different roles in all my films.

Remember last meal to avoid snacks
F you want to lose weight but are perturbed by those desperate hunger pangs, just think about the last meal you ate, according to a new study. British researchers found that concentrating on a meal you have already had reduces the desire to have a snack. Until now, most diet experts have said the best way to keep away from snacks is to think about something else.


Born to fight
Leaving behind a six-decade-long trail of adversities and a life of poverty, 95-year-old World War II veteran Bachan Singh still wants to pick up his gun and serve India, writes Megha Mann
HE 95-year-old former paathi of Khokhran village gurdwara has suddenly found a new identity. From being the old paathi of the gurdwara, Bachan Singh has become the much-revered World War II veteran—a gunner in the Royal Indian Artillery. Leaving behind a six-decade-long trail of adversities, a life of extreme penury and hardships after being discharged from the Army on medical grounds, Bachan Singh still wants to pick up his gun and serve his motherland India.


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