Saturday, May 17, 2008

Andy the Ant

I am the finest thing to have around

I have the best looks ever found.

Throwing a party? Call me to the ground,

Iíve got the greatest moves and sound.

I am, Andy the Ant, yes I am,

Cool as ice, fast as a tram.

Andy the Ant, you might have heard the name

I am the greatest player in the game.

Iíd rule the colony if it werenít for the king,

ĎCause I can dance, I can write, I can even sing!

All the ants try to put me rest,

Theyíre all jealous because Iím the best.

I am the most adventurous ant, put me to test.

Roller coasters, tea coasters Iíve tried them all.

I dare the humans to make an exterminator call.

I took on the enemies, single-handed, I did

One look at me, they all turned to kids.

Ladies canít keep their hands off me, Iím great

I get fan mail by truckloads, boxes and crates.

While praising himself, the ant failed to notice that

A little kid was watching, he lifted a bat,

In a moment, a strike and the great Andy was squashed, flat!

Thus proving once for all

Pride always goes for a fall.

Taksh Condanya, VIII-A, Delhi Public School, Chandigarh

Earth Day

Though this earth is full of natureís beauty

But man does not realise his duty

He is destroying the Earth

He forgets from where he has taken birth

He should bow before mother earth

The greenery here is becoming scarce

Soon this planet will resemble Mars

Winters are too cool, summer too warm

This seems like beginning of a profuse storm

Do you want mother earth to suffer

If not, join hands in the struggle

Jyoti Kaushal, X Sacred Heart Sec. School Sector 26, Chandigarh