Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rhyme Time

I am free

I wanna be free

Down with the rules world

makes for me

I wanna live my own way

I wanna make my own day

I wanna be free

Down with the rules they make

All they themselves break

Donít they do it wrong?

Then why should I?

Life should be free

They cannot stop me

I am not gonna stop,
not gonna refrain

Why? For your selfish gains

Try stopping me, you canít

Even if you try I shallnít

Why should it be their way?

To make them happy and gay

The way they follow is bad

But that makes me glad

Anshuk Attri, XII, Sanjay Public School, Chandigarh

The girl child

The tender cry

on the soft pillow

silences the

heart far below.

Finding it might be difficult

as the heart beats away,

but killing the child

forever is a sin

committed today.

Girl child, yes

is who I am

talking about,

but you donít care

as you act

as a lout

The poor thing

canít say a word,

but like a bird

high up in the sky

it hopes to soar.

Alas! you kill it

without a feeling

in your heartís core.

Ekakshra Mahajan, IX Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh