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Jobless job
Jaspal Bhatti

I asked my driver, "Sonu, How are you this morning?" He said, "Somehow I am pulling on but the fact is that I don't have any job satisfaction." "What do you want? Do you want to fly a helicopter with a road vehicle's licence?" I snapped. But then I asked myself what was the need for getting angry with a driver. It was not his fault. Most people are not satisfied with their job. Take Somnath Chatterjee. He is not satisfied with his job as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

He thinks his last four years as the Speaker were quite torturous. He was neither happy with A.B. Vajpayee nor with the Election Commission.

The frequent disruptions in the House have made him a wreck. But I think he should be thankful to the Opposition for the continuous disruptions as these could make any man a perfect husband at home.

I am sure Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is also not fully satisfied with his job. He could not push through the vital nuclear deal. Ask Chidambaram - he grumbles, as he has to sacrifice growth in his bid to control inflation. Anbumani Ramdoss, too, cannot be satisfied with his job, as the film industry is not paying heed to his diktats.

I asked a minister, "Sir, what is your level of job satisfaction?" He said, "100 per cent. I am a minister without any portfolio. I have all the facilities but no responsibility".