More than just JAZZ
Manpriya Khurana

In town for the launch of his new album, Jazzy B talks about Rambo, the youth of today and piracy

He is one Punjabi singer who has been sporting almost the same signature style for quiet a long time now. Spiked hair, a gold chain inscribed in khanda, tattoo on the right arm, white tee and blue cargo’s. Some styles are here to stay. Anyways, Jazzy B is every inch the persona that youth love.

But this Punjabi singer has lot more than the ‘Yo man’ style. Jazzy can turn any live performance in an electrifying trance show. From chaste Punjabi to UK accented English, Jazzy B takes no time to flip in between the two. After unveiling the Star with Jazzy B contest, Jaswinder Singh Bains aka Jazzy takes on the stage, “Sat Sri Akal everybody. This is my fourteenth album and this is for the first time that I’ve tied up with Spice. I would like to thank them and my fans.”

So, what should we expect from Rambo? “I’m trying to put across a message to the youth of today; give up drugs and take care of your health. Instead of going to taverns, go to the gyms.”

Infact, he has he shot the title song keeping this in time. He further adds, “I have noticed that youngsters today are taking to drugs and substance abuse.” No wonder the opening line of the song is “Gym vich muscle banayi firda.” But why such a long gap? He says, “Rambo comes three-and-a-half years after the success of Romeo. There were many expectations and we were expected to live up to it.”

When everything about Jazzy is Punjabi, why are the videos shot in foreign locales, we ask? He adds, “I am trying to take Punjabi music to a different level altogether by popularising it across the world.”

We guess he has already done that, not just music but also the culture and of course his style.

Talking further about promoting Punjabi culture, Jazzy feels that the development of the youth is his first priority. “I wish they can they follow our culture”. Well said. The man says he tries to be different from the others in terms of music, lyrics, video and songs.

What’s up next? “As of now I am concentrating on this album,” pat comes the reply.

Besides this, Jazzy talks about the main problem with the music industry. “Piracy is the main problem. I can only request my fans to not pirated stuff. Please buy originals. It is not only loss to the singer but to music as a whole.” Coming from someone like him, we expect it to be heard. Right people.

Wanna star with Jazzy B?

You’ve seen him, heard him, adored him. Now, get set to share stage with him. Spice Telecom has unveiled its Star with Jazzy B contest. All you need to do is download a caller song from Rambo, shoot an MMS featuring yourself and the coolest profile will get to feature in Jazzy B’s next video from the same album. So, get cracking! 

lifestyletribune@gmail. com

Hair Story 2008
Jasmine Singh

Piggy Chops could, so can you.
Red is the colour.
Must have: Oodles of attitude

THE season’s biggest sci-fi release has a lot to look out for — an Hrithik Roshan look alike, robots, a love story and yes Priyanka Chopra in red hair! And well, she has given us the clue for this season’s hair colour — true reds. So, go ahead and jazz up your look with the colour of the season. But mind you, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have the attitude to carry it.

Says Zahid from Zahid’s Signature Salon-8, “Picking up a new trend colour is never easy. One, not everyone is ready to try out such a bold colour like red and second, they have reservations about how they would look. More than anything else, they are concerned about how people would react to their look. Still, this season many people are going in for red hair.”

Also known as mascara, this unisex hair colour looks good when done in streaks. “Not everyone can carry an overall red hair colour. So, we suggest people to get them done in chunks. It goes well with both long and short hair,” suggests Zahid.

Hair colour should brighten your face, and red tones make you look more dynamic. Agrees Mohali-based hair stylist Charanjit, “Red hair goes well on dark skin tones. But it’s a colour with an attitude. If you are going for it, remember you need oodles of attitude to flaunt it. At the same time she adds, “It’s matter of personal choice. You don’t have to be a slave of trend.”

You can go in for temporary as well as permanent red colours. Dark hair colours like this give a frame to your face. So, do hair colour make a difference in the way you look? The answer is yes. To flaunt the trendy red, you need the skin tone and right attitude, believe most hair stylists. “Red, if used creatively, can do wonders with the look,” feels Munish Bajaj from L’Oreal Tress Lounge-8. Red should be used with restraint like Priyanka Chopra has done in Love Story 2050. The overall affect of this colour is mysterious.”

Adds Neeru Sidhu, proprietor of Attitude-35, “Our skin pigment soaks red very fast. It’s a vibrant colour, which goes well with dusky and dark skin tones. The market for red has always been there, but it is picking up faster now. At the same time, red colour fades fast too, so one should go in for hair colour locking agents.”

jasmine@tribunemail. com 

Layers of fashion
Manpriya Khurana

Bored with your old top and faded denims? Fikar not. Here’s how to up your style quotient:
Sport a short skirt over your faithful pair of jeans and voila, you have made it to the A-list! 

In the world of fashion, some fads simply refuse go away. Maybe it is the comfort factor attached to it that does the trick. Like layering. In for quite sometime now, it has captured the imagination of everybody, right from the girl next door to the diva on the ramp. If you ask what is layering, the answer is it’s not the dress per se, but actually the sense of dressing. We talk to some of the city girls sporting it and come to this conclusion. Read on:

Girls wearing a tee above a shirt, tunic top sneaking out of a polo, waistcoat over a tube top, big collared shirt underneath a spaghetti top, the possibilities are endless. As Somal Sidana, a student of Panjab University, says, “What I like about layering is the fact that you can go innovative. There are so many styles you can try by doing mix and match.” You can do it too. Just walk into any city store and think of what all you can coordinate. Remember no particular piece of clothing comes under it but almost everything can be layered.

Layering is not only just about clothes but colours as well. Neha Batra, another student, says, “I like to layer my clothes because you can coordinate so many colours. I started it in winter and even now I can’t let go of it. I end up layering two spaghettis!” So, it is an all-season phenomenon. And she loves the current green and brown combo she is sporting these days.

There are some fringe benefits too. You can add some more volume to your curves or simply enhance what you already have.

For starters, they can layer a funky t-shirt over a long-sleeved white shirt. If you want be a little more innovative, layer a lightweight skirt (that aren’t full or lengthy) over a pair of skinny jeans. You can also sport a short mini dress over jeans.

City-based designer Nimisha Gupta says, “Layering gives you enough freedom to team different garments, even the ones that have been lying unused.” She says, a white fitted shirt and a waistcoat over it looks the best. She further adds, “Layering is basically a very America inspired trend. So, there has to be a casual touch to it.”

Among other things, it is also an infectious style. If you are already into it, keep it up and if not, then it’s time you tried. 

Faux pas

Photos by Vinay Malik & Pradeep Tewari

n T-shirt dresses over leggings is fine but if the leggings are patterned, the dress shouldn’t be.
n Hot pink, lime green or yellow leggings are a fashion blunder. Stick to basic dark colours.
n Do not wear an unfitted vest. Rather go bare! Besides, feminine fitted vests can look professional during the day over a blouse and sexy at night over a lace camisole. 
n The worst think in layering is probably pairing long loose flowing dress over jeans. Wear a short fitted dress and only over skinny jeans.
n Long tees are since long back in style. It is foolish to layer short tops and tees.

Little Interview
Playing nasty
Ekta camp’s bad man Shabbir plays an even darker shade
Purva Grover

THIS tall, dark, and handsome man of tellydome was preparing to be a sportsman or a computer programmer till he found his calling six years back. Shabbir Ahluwalia was in Canada back then, finalising upon a good university to pursue his further studies, when Kahiin To Hoga (KTH) happened. And the rest, as they say, is history. Rishi of KTH and Milind of Kayamath, we saw him on 70 mm in Shootout in Lokhandwala. Now, he is back on the silver screen, this time as a terrorist in Mission Istanbul. Plus, what’s also new is a further increase in his female fan following, courtesy his fresh romantic avtar on Kayamath. We chat up telly’s Casanova and learn of his different shades:

n A combination of academics and sports, right?

I have a diploma in multi-media and am a Java programmer too. Sports have always been a passion with me. In fact, I was quite a good baseball player.

n So, was acting ever on your list?

Not really, but I knew that I would never do a desk job. I was very active in college, be it in acting, singing, dancing or sports.

n Mission Istanbul and you…

It is about international terrorism and I play an Afghan gangster, Khalil. It’s a completely black character.

n How is telly different from the time you came?

It has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s bigger and better. There are new shows, new channels, different TRP games… I like to call it a dynamic change!

n Any reality shows for you?

Depends on what is on offer. None of the shows currently on air excite me.

n What’s closest to you: acting, anchoring, singing, dancing?

I enjoy it all. But yes, given a choice I would rather act and do meaningful roles.

The secret to our future
Joyshri Lobo

THE view from the large, French windows at the gym in Sector 9 is interesting. Half a dozen children gambol around green spaces. They wear handouts, chase each other, rile the puppies that arrived a few months ago and smile a lot. Their distinguishing, common feature is that they are very thin and dirty. The moment the traffic lights change colour, they rush to the waiting cars and whine, asking for alms. Some succeed, others do not, but in the end the same young woman who is standing under the trees, darts out to collect the loot and the children start playing their games again. A visit to some of the slums around the city reveals that the kids are trained to beg. Their mentors feed and guide them in the profession. It is just another job in a country that cannot fill a billion bellies. Shades of Oliver Twist and Fagin?

Some huts in the slums have TVs, fans and fridges. These minimal amenities are there because of the shared earnings. As I sweat it out on the treadmill, I become more and more aware of the great divide between those working out on the road and I at the gym. They invent games and laugh like demons. They eat whatever they get while I cannot find a table at a popular restaurant on a Sunday evening because my food tastes are very discerning and any type of food will not do. I am shedding the extra kilos gained but the kids have no such worries. If they can sleep on a full stomach, it is a blessing.

The above mentioned is a material and monetary divide. There is hope on other fronts. We watched two street-plays created by college students and performed by the children of Hamari Kaksha.  They put forward depressing social issues humorously, riveting our attention. Each actor was unselfconscious and hugely enjoying him/herself. This total abandon and freedom comes from having very little. Just being recognised and doing things that do not form the daily drudge to keep alive, are worthwhile and fun. If learning is added to this, it is a bonus. AIDS, blood donation, female foeticide and dowry are serious social issues that are dragging the country down. If the poorest of poor can be made aware of them through NGOs, government institutions and us — the future citizens of India — have a better chance of survival.

At DIR, I told the open-mouthed children a story about a tiger and a sour, miserly man who was eaten by the hungry beast. The story was illustrated with hand puppets made from cut off sleeves. Our awareness about the less fortunate is limited. We do not introspect, look around or empathise. We relegate them into a corner of the mind that does not want to know. Two young girls and a little boy from Welham’s Dehradun, came to help. They sat on the floor amongst the aanganwadi children and made newspaper planes, boats and hats for every one. It was a joyous day for all the children. Baljit Dhatt and her college-going daughter Simran tend to a refugee camp. They care like a lot of us should.

Old newspapers, cut off sleeves, children from all stratas, gifted college and school students and a few people who want to help those who have nothing — the potpourri is heady and fragrant.  It is a recipe for progress and the uplift of India.

(This column appears weekly)

All’s well with Madge & Guy

MADONNA and husband Guy Ritchie have hit out at rumours that their wedding is about to collapse, with a romantic dinner date together in New York. The couple enjoyed romantic meal just hours after Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg issued a statement denying the pair is set to divorce.

Madonna and Ritchie were snapped heading into an exclusive restaurant hand in hand.

“They looked like a normal couple that just wanted to have a nice dinner out,” quoted an onlooker. The singer also hit out at rumours that she’s called in the divorce attorneys and that she’s having an affair with a married baseball star.

Rumours of a break-up were fuelled after both Madge and her British director husband were seen without their wedding rings.

Stars shine down

ACTRESS Uma Thurman and fiance Arpad ‘Arki’ Busson hosted a huge engagement party, which attracted A-listers like Sir Elton John, Sting, Claudia Schiffer and Sir Bob Geldof. The couple only announced their engagement last week but managed to draw a host of celebrities to Arpad Busson’s house in Kensington, West London. That’s the way people are. They have so much to offer, no wonder they churn up interesting gossip.

Other guests included Liz Hurley, Damien Hirst, Jemima Khan and Charlotte Princess of Monaco. Thurman has been married twice before - first to British actor Gary Oldman and then to Hollywood star Ethan Hawke, with whom she has two children. Busson has two children from a previous long-term relationship with Australian model Elle Macpherson. — ANI

Fresh Paint
Bheem Malhotra’s recent watercolour works are on display at Triveni Kala Sangam
Parbina Rashid

HIS watercolour paintings are often compared to the better-known artists of Kolkata. But Bheem Malhotra makes a deliberate effort to stay away from being typecast. He achieves that by choosing his subject matter which is entirely north-centric and also his compositions which are quite different from what one gets to see in the Shantiniketan type of landscapes.

To understand this, one has to look at his volume of recent works, which he is currently exhibiting at ShriDharani Art Gallery at Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi.

What he offers to Delhi viewers is the gardens of Chandigarh, the hills of Shimla and backwaters of Kerala. Bheem who is exhibiting his works at Triveni for the third time, is ecstatic about the opening which pulled a huge crowd. “It was a grand opening and I am glad my watercolours are generating so much interest among art lovers here. I guess Delhi is a little tired of abstract art,” he says over the phone.

On display are Shimla’s Crowing Beauty, The Gold of Summer (inspired by bougainvilleas of Chandigarh), Melody of Stone (a composition of rocks), Paddy Farming and Persistence of Life in which a twig comes out of one of the walls of a ruin.

“I take inspiration from my surroundings,” says Bheem. And this led him to pain a few refreshing scenes like a rickshaw parked outside his own house and his neighbour’s old Fiat which is more of an antique piece than anything else. As for technique, it changes depending on the subject. So it varies from textured effect to dry brush technique to simply the interplay of light and shadow.

On till July 10 

Sound of music

Studying classical Cremonese violins from the famous masters like Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu with the help a CT scanner, a Dutch researcher at the Leiden University Medical Center has shown the possibility gaining a better understanding of what renders their sound production superior to that of modern instruments.

Dr Berend Stoel said the homogeneity in the densities of the wood from which the classical violins are made, in marked contrast to the modern violins studied, may very well explain their superior sound production. Dr Stoel pointed out it had been impossible to study the material properties of the wood from which the classical violins were made without causing damage to the instruments, each valued at several million dollars, before their study. To realise this purpose, he designed a computer programme to study wood densities from CT scans. Working in collaboration with Terry Borman, a renowned luthier in the US, Dr Stoel scanned in New York five Cremonese and seven contemporary violins at Mount SinaiHospital and analysed the wood densities.

The average wood density of the classical and modern violins did not differ significantly, but the differences in density between early and late growth were significantly lower in ancient violins. As differentials in wood density impact vibrational efficacy and production of sound, says Dr Stoel, his discovery may help explain the superiority of these violins. Researchers said this insight offers new possibilities into replicating the tonal qualities of these instruments. — ANI

Youth speak
Water woes
Gehna Vaishnavi

THE alarming rise in water contamination is an issue of concern and one wonders whether adequate safe drinking water will be available in the future. The latest in this process of destruction is the depletion of marine life by man. For our unquenchable thirst for development, we are destroying the very source that is keeping us alive.

Water levels in reservoirs across the country have started dipping, though this year early monsoon has brought some respite. Our ignorance for water conservation is also a big holdup in preserving it for the future. If this continues, the day will arrive soon when water will become costlier than gold.

Lapses on part of the Punjab Pollution Control Board have led to the contamination of water in Satluj. The Board did not realise the gravity of the situation and is trying to cover up its mistakes. It sprung into action only to give explanations that too after the issue was reported by the media. Instead of taking measures to control further degradation of the river that feeds several districts in Punjab, the board continues to shield various industries in Ludhiana, Phillaur, Phagwara and Jalandhar.

Due to the presence of high toxic content in the Satluj, aquatic life is in grave danger. People will continue to suffer due to the callous attitude of the board if action is not taken at the earliest to arrest pollution.

Feel strongly about something? If you are under 25, this is the forum for you. Mail us your views in not more than 300 words along with a passport photograph at

Britneys’ signed tee for $20,000

AMERICAN singer Britney Spears’ signed Mickey Mouse Club T-shirt is expected to fetch up to 20,000 dollars at an auction. Spears had signed ‘I love you grandma’ on the T-shirt that she wore during the show. The singer had worn it while taking part in the kids show and later given it to her grandmother as a gift. The clothing item will now be a highlight of the upcoming Rock + Roll Pop Art Auction, which starts on July 21. Besides Spears’ signature, the T-shirt also has signatures of other Mickey Mouse Club cast mates like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. — ANI

Creative Zone
Man of Words
Parbina Rashid

IT was his father’s struggle for survival, which awakened the writer in him when he was still in school. He wrote a short story Mehangai and sent it to his school magazine only to face rejection. But he didn’t lose hope. He sent his story to Vir Pratap, a Hindi daily and they promptly published it. It encouraged him to write more and after five decades Prem Vij has become a name to reckon with in Hindi literature.

Decorated with Punjab State Award for Literature, Punjab Kala Sahit Academy Award and many more, Vij has authored 10 books and contributed to many important national magazines and anthologies of short stories and poetry. The Punjab School Education Board for their curriculum accepts one of his short stories, Atut Bandhan. But what is that tick, Prem Vij, the writer? “Satire,” comes the reply. And he has a reason for that. As a public relations officer to late Beant Singh and Capt. Amarinder Singh, he has seen enough comical characters and hypocrisy to write volumes and has done that too. His first book on satire, Bheed ka Bhoogol, came out in 1989 followed by Parde Kay Peechay. “I am writing another one. Earlier, as a government employee, I had to restrain myself in my writings. But now that I am retired, I can attack the issues in a more hard-hitting way,” he says.

And when he is not making fun of hypocrite political leaders, he loves attacking social injustices through his short stories and poems. “But all said and done, I write for the pleasure of writing,” says Vij.

(This column appears fortnightly)

Readers are invited to share their creative pursuits with us. Mail a synopsis of your work and contact details to or Life Style, c/o The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chd.

New releases
Duel of the debutants

Starring: Imran Khan, Genelia D'Souza,
Director: Abbas Tyrewala

MEET Jai Singh Rathore — ‘Rats’ (Imran Khan) — the most non-violent Rajput either side of the Aravallis. And meet, if you dare, the violent and passionate Aditi Mahant — ‘Meow’ (Genelia D’Souza). Whatever you do, do not pick a fight with her. She scratches and abuses. If you do get into a scrap, take cover till Jai arrives, as he alone can calm our snarling wildcat.Jai thinks Aditi’s parents should have rinsed her mouth with soap when she was a child. Aditi thinks that Jai is the biggest coward she has ever encountered. There is nothing Rajput-like in him. Heaven has mixed up its apples and oranges.

Jai and Aditi are perfect for each other (in some odd, distorted way, impossible to understand). Friends know this. Parents know this. Everybody knows this. But do Rats & Meow? Can two people ever, truly, know the secrets of their hearts? And how do you know it’s the real thing? When do you know it’s love?The film marks the debut of Imran Khan, Aamir Khan's nephew. Additionally, it is Abbas Tyrewala’s first directorial venture. It also stars Anuradha Patel, Jayant Kripalani, Ratna Pathak, Naseeruddin Shah, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Paresh Rawal, Arshad Warsi.

Showing at: DT Cinemas, Fun Republic, Kiran

Love Story 2050

Starring: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra
Director: Harry Baweja
THE film focusses on Karan (Harman Baweja) and Sana (Priyanka Chopra). Karan is a young, spirited and happy go lucky boy who doesn’t follow the rules. While Sana is just the opposite, still they fall in love.

Boman Irani plays Karan’s uncle and an eccentric scientist called Dr Yatinder Khanna who has dedicated 15 years of his life into building a time machine. Sana out of curiosity expresses a wish to time travel to Mumbai city in the year 2050. Then the story unravels the excitement that Mumbai has to offer in the year 2050. But the excitement ends through a series of twists and turns, which leads to the separation of Karan from Sana. A mysterious character Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra), the woman of the future, appears in the scene. She is an arrogant, bold and headstrong girl. Then there are two robots, Boo and QT who try to unite Karan and Sana but find themselves under the threat of the demi-god villain Dr. Hoshi. Will Karan be able to defeat the evil Dr Hoshi and will he win back Sana? Will they ever be able to get back to their original timeline?

A song sequence has Zeisha along with Karan, flying on a jet, singing and dancing across Mumbai’s shimmering skyline to the song Mausam Achanak Yeh Badla Hai Kyun.To entertain the kids Xbox games form the part of the action.

Showing at: DT Cinemas, Fun Republic, Batra, KC (Pkl)

Secrets of Imran’s heart

Yet another Khan is rearing to go in Bollywood. We saw him first as a child artiste, essaying the childhood of Aamir Khan in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. That child, Imran Khan, is all grown up now, set to take Bollywood by storm with his film Janne Tu…Ya Janne Na.

Viewers are eagerly waiting to watch Mumbai lad on the silver screen. The promos have already generated enough curiosity. And this curiosity leads us to talk to this nephew of Aamir. Who knows with his smashing looks, he may well turn out to be the star of 2008!

So we want to know how did Jaane Tu… happen. Replies Imran, “Abbas Tyrewala was on the look out for a fresh face to act opposite Genelia D’ Souza. A chance meeting with Tyrewala’s wife Pakhi got me the lead role.”

So, does he consider this film his ticket to the stardom? This is something he is confident about. “Yes, I am confident about my acting abilities and I am expecting Jaane Tu… to do wonders at Box Office.” Sharing his experience at the sets of Jaane Tu…, Imran cannot stop but talking about how wonderful it was working with the unit. “I had a great time at the sets. I felt comfortable shooting with gorgeous Genelia D’Souza,” he says. After all, the storyline tugs at his heartstrings with the right notes. “It is a youthful musical romantic comedy with the story of a youth at the age when we first get to know the secrets of our heart,” he explains. And he gives full credit to Tyrewala. “I have always been a fan of his writings, both as a lyricist and as a scriptwriter. Now, he has proved to be a good director too,” he says.

So what after this? “Plenty of projects are coming up. But it would be too early for me to talk about,” he concludes.

— Dharam Pal

Health Tip

CALF pain could be traumatic, vascular or neurogenic. Calf injuries occur due to sudden outburst of acceleration beyond one’s capacity &muscle cramps and soreness occur frequently.

Treatment: Rest, put ice on the effected area, compression & elevation during 48 hours. Bilateral heel lifts provide rest to calf muscle. Massaging helps in removing the inflammation.

Exercise: While sitting loop a towel around the ball of foot. Pull the towel towards the body and count 15. Repeat eight times.Place both hands on the wall & move the injured leg backwards. Slowly lean onto the wall while bending the front leg until a stretch is felt in the injured leg. Hold for a count of 15 and repeat three times.

Performing heel walks.

Prevention: It is effective for exercise induced calf pain. A gradual increase in training intensity is vital to avoid overloading of the leg muscles.

— Dr Ravinder Chadha

Tarot Talk
P. Khurrana

ARIES: You draw the Page of Swords. Change will bring a new perspective and a new you. Relax and adopt a light and playful attitude on Tuesday. You may not conform to social norms.  Lucky colour: Brown. Tip of the week: At work, a setback would be followed by a rapid advance.

TAURUS: You draw the Four of Cups. You will have a new state of consciousness and a revised experience caused by a new venture, partner or lover. You are blessed with spiritual insight and clarity of vision.  Do not get disheartened. Lucky colour: Purple. Tip: Don’t enter into a conflict in a matter that doesn’t concern or affect you.

GEMINI: The Queen of Cups suggests doing something different and to be alert or receptive to new ideas. A new start or way of life will be realised soon. You are advised to loosen your purse strings. The card is good for closing in on a financial deal, but go carefully over the paperwork. Lucky colour: Wine red. Tip: Unless you make your desire absolutely clear, you risk being misunderstood.   

CANCER: You draw The Moon. Your material goals may be accomplished with the help of someone else but your emotional state will still be in need. Your relationship sector gives you hope. Litigations, pending matters reach a peak. Lucky colour: Crimson. Tip: Frankness and ability to state the truth are your strong points.

LEO: The Three of Swords says you could discover a new way of relating that allows you to see through the eyes of others. Students and working people may travel on Tuesday or Wednesday. Some may go in for purchase of latest cell model or computer. Lucky colour: Silver grey. Tip: Balance and perspective will lead you out of a problematic situation.

VIRGO: The Tower reveals this could be an upsetting week. Remain calm in the face of unexpected changes or challenges. Tuesday‘s events are guaranteed to bring results. You find solutions through introspection rather than planning. Lucky colour: Blue. Tip: Listen to the inner voice that assures you that everything is going to be alright.

LIBRA: The Ace of Cups says a relationship or union in question will not come to pass. Be grateful for the enlightenment that you achieve through the support of friends. Remain centred within to watch the wheel of life spin around you. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Tip: Don’t do anything at the cost of health.

SCORPIO: You draw the Five of Wands. Look at defects and correct them. Reform some of your ideas or attitudes and choose from a win instead of a lose point of view. Don’t compromise or accept defeat. Visitors and news can be expected on Friday.  Lucky colour: Pink. Tip: Leave the past in the past.

SAGITTARIUS:  Narrow down your choices to one and maintain a sanguine attitude and balanced disposition, says the Two of Pentacles. Don’t let anyone dictate what you should do. Love is in the stars if you are true to yourself.  Lucky colour: Rusty red. Tip: Balance and perspective will lead you out of a problematic situation. 

CAPRICORN: Your card The Princess of Cups  manages to maintain clarity and direction in complicated work situations. Share your views and feelings with friends on Sunday. Do a little charity on Tuesday. Family and loved ones will offer you moral support and give you strength. Lucky colour: Ebony. Tip: Be practical and do not let trivial problems daunt you.

AQUARIUS: Your card, The Hierophant, says four material goals will be accomplished but you may still be wanting emotionally. Take your mind off work. A visit to religious place on Sunday will bring peace and solace. Lucky colour: White.  Tip: Cultivate understanding and humility.

PISCES: The Priests usher in a pure, exalted  and gracious influence. A hectic work schedule would require you to be on your toes most of the time. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand to others. Lucky  colour: Emerald green. Tip: Handle others  carefully ; don’t antagonise  anyone.

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