Concrete Gain
The city of ‘hariyan jharian’ now wears more and more colours of concrete and at the forefront of this transformation is the village of Sarangpur, writes Pradeep Sharma
Work in progress at Sarangpur on the Chandigarh-Punjab border.Chandigarh has been shedding its image of being a city of “hariyan jharian te chittian dariyan" (city of green belts and people with grey beards ) with a perceptible transformation in its skyline, which is now dotted with towering structures of concrete as it’s on its way to being a major centre in the fields of media, entertainment, education and sports.

Realty on A roll
Work in progress at Sarangpur on the Chandigarh-Punjab border. — Photo by Himanshu Mahajan

MARBLE: Rocky relationship
Marble is among the favourite materials chosen by Indians for the flooring of their houses. Though the advent of vitrified tiles and wooden laminates has weaned away a large segment of marble admirers, it still remains the most used flooring material. Its sturdy look and durability are the two main factors behind its popularity.

Tax tips
Taxability of capital gain
In an article on "What is meant by Capital Gain" published earlier, the terms 'capital asset', 'transfer' and 'capital gain' were explained. This article proposes to discuss more aspects relating to the taxability of capital gains under the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961.