Girls Rock!
Have guitar, will play. City girls are jazzing up rock bands
If Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday gives you an adrenaline rush and you’d loved her role of a roc
kstar teen and even aspired to be one, this will surely encourage you to pick up a guitar and go rocking. Girls and rock bands, the deadly combo is rare no more. And if you thought that this is a far-fetched dream, you will be happily surprised to know that it is a reality now that can be seen and heard. For, there are many girls in the city who not only jump at the nearest opportunity to attend a jammin’ session but are also part of rock bands.

Base guitarist Isha Sharma — Photo by Himanshu Mahajan

Base guitarist Isha Sharma

If you have a sexy voice...
Did the voice on the other end of the phone make you go weak in the knees? And you wondered how could that be possible without even seeing the person? For, commonly, when it comes to determining whether a person is sexy or not, we rely upon sight. But now, according to a study, a person's voice is more than enough to pass judgment on their attractiveness.

Floral Talk
If you want to say it, there is no better medium than flowers, but nothing less than the exotic varieties will do!
Flowers speak more than a thousand words. So, whatever may be the occasion, they make for the perfect gift. And now, they’ve donned an arty avatar with creative packaging that brings in that extra touch of elegance. So, just cheer every occasion with a bouquet of elegantly packed flowers in white bamboo baskets, perfumed candles, chocolates and silver spirals. “It doesn’t matter whether the occasion is big or small, it’s always nice to celebrate it with flowers,” says Sahil Jain, director, Exotic Flowers -10.

— Photos by Vinay Malik

Chicken out, now!
A silent protest for the silent creatures that can’t speak for themselves. It was PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protest against the inhuman treatment of animals that is also associated with international celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Anoushka Shankar, Sir Paul McCartney.

— Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Object d’art
Go(a)t it
From Husain to Manjit Bawa to Malkit Singh, the goat has occupied a significant place in the heart & on canvas
It was one of the exhibitions at Alliance Francaise that drew our attention to goats as an artist’s favourite theme. As part of few compositions, it would have gone unnoticed had Malkit Singh not painted them with elongated necks in bright colours, giving them an almost a surreal aura.

Husain’s Apu and The Toy Train
Husain’s Apu and The Toy Train

Creative Zone
An ode to the soul
“PHOOLAN diye daaliye, siron tere uchian dwaran da mein das ki karan; tuhion ehna kadd kadh, ban ke daler appe mal le bulandian de thaan.” These lines describe piece of heart of a poetess whose thought and undying passion for literature has remained unchallenged through time.

Yours literally, Dr Gupt
AFTER scripting history for himself by reciting poems on Doordarshan in days of black and white cinematography and penning over seven books, Dr Dharam Swaroop Gupt is all set to open a new chapter of excellence with his nomination as vice-chairman of the Chandigarh Sahitya Academy. The academy has been set up by the Chandigarh Administration to "create an atmosphere of creativity in the city". Dr Gupt has been nominated by Punjab Governor-cum-UT Administrator Gen S.F. Rodrigues.

It’s Ladakh once more!
ARTISTS’ fascination with Leh and Ladakh is well-known. We have seen it in numerous photo exhibitions in the city. So, the invitation for an exhibition of photographs on this subject would not have generated much interest had it not been for the name of the artiste — D. S. Saroya. Little did we know till then that Devinder Singh Saroya, additional secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whom we knew from his DPI (school) days, was an avid adventure lover and photographer too.

Little Interview
Jiyo Shaan Se...
WITH his calming effect and encouraging words, he is more like a big brother to the contestants than a host. But then that’s Shaan and being nice comes naturally to him. So little wonder, there is general sense of cheerfulness among the viewers as news travels that he is going to anchor Amul Star Voice of India 2.

Everyone has a toothbrush
CHANDIGARH has a new look. We have bow shaped, pink and grey cement tiles all along the roads. Verges are being dug and soon tiles will be cemented in to make it easier for pedestrians to walk. Where will the dogs offload their poop? It’s a smelly, messy question — unless the MCC asks dog owners to collect and dispose off the stuff.

Destiny ya Dons?
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Om Puri
Director: Aziz Mirza
A story of two lives or rather lucks against a backdrop of lot of other characters and in turn their luck. Raj Malhotra (Shahid) is a winner to the core at college. Cruising through academics, sports, dramatics is a way of life for him. Best student of the year trophy from architectural college is just another feather in his cap.

A fair deal, this
Starring: Adhvik Mahajan, Sumeet Nijhawan
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
After Satya and Company, Ram Gopal Varma completes his trilogy on the underworld films with Contract. In 1998, Ramu gave us the inside view of the underworld with Satya. In 2002, he explored the workings of the underworld, its nuts and bolts, in Company. And now, the maverick director completes his trilogy with Contract, which is about the nexus of the underworld and terrorism. The movie doesn’t feature any established stars, but introduces newcomers. Aman (Adhvik) is a man who chooses to make his life a mission. Ahmad Hussain (Prasad Purandare) is the chief of the special cell of Mumbai police.

Share the blame
RECENT case of a girl losing her voice because of comments passed by the judges on a reality show has raised questions on these shows, especially for children. In the recent times there has been an increase in the number of reality shows, with many among them related to children.

$45m home for TomKat
TOM Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were utterly smitten by a spectacular 45 million dollar New York pad. Cruise’s better half spent hours scrutinizing the huge apartment at the Trump Park Avenue. “She saw it and she loved it,” Trump Executive Vice President Michael Cohen said.

‘Jealous’ Paris wants a baby
Jealous of good-pal Nicole Richie grabbing headlines with her baby, Paris Hilton has now hit on the only way to put her back into news - a baby of her own. Desperately trying to follow suit, the 27-year-old socialite is trying for a baby with beau Benji Madden after only six-months of courtship.