They are back
One is the invincible sartaaj of Punjabi music industry and the other is the doe-eyed guy of Hindi television. And now, you will see them create magic on the big screen. Gurdas Maan and Manav Vij have come together once again after the success of Des Hoya Pardesh. This time for a film called Mini Punjab, which is being directed by choreographer-turned-director duo Rimpy-Prince. Sounds like an interesting prospect.

Manav Vij & Gurdas Maan
Manav Vij & Gurdas Maan

Show your true colour, man!
PAISLEY prints, dull pinks, purple stripes, subtle floral — No, we are not talking about a new women’s boutique that has come up on the block but about the trend in men’s wear. Surprised? Surely you can’t be. By now you must have seen men in various prints and colours.

Technology ki jai
Some call him Ramji. But to most people he is chotey punditji or Pundit kaka for he is short statured. Whatever name, Pundit Rampull is one of the most loved and respected pundits of the city. The red tilak on his forehead, a jainaiu and crisp white dhoti kurta, Pundit Rampull from Chattisgarh devotes his time to the seva of the mandir, day and night.

— Photo by Manoj Mahajan

World at a glance
YOU have heard of people reading, listening to music, playing tennis or going skating. But have you met anyone taking up some offbeat hobbies like dictionary or thesaurus reading or even atlas gazing? Yes, the same mundane book of maps you lugged to school everyday for geography class. Atlas, they say, houses the universe, but for some people, it is literally so! Be it a physical map or political, they don’t care.

Ati Sundaram
IT’s been almost two months now that Sundarams donned its new avatar. A proper South Indian — well, almost. The proper wooded ceilings, floor tiles with rangolis, matte finished walls with floral patterns in white and two huge paintings depicting village scenes from Tamil Nadu. And this is here the ‘almost’ comes.

— Photo by Himanshu Mahajan

Re-live Dev’s magic
No matter how old the adage ‘old is gold’ gets, it still holds good. It holds true for the evergreen actor of the Hindi cinema, Dev Anand, the man who gave us some memorable movies, which are class personified. Bringing back the nostalgia is the Evergreen Dev Anand film festival to be inaugurated on August 14 in the city. The festival will feature four of his superhit movies- Guide, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Jewel Thief and Des Pardes.

Ethnic treat
As a treat for all culture enthusiastics in the city, the Rashtriya Sanskriti Samaj Avom Sabhayata Society brings together weavers from all parts of the country for an exhibition-cum-crafts bazaar at Lala Lajpat Rai Bhawan-15. From the famous Lucknowi chikankari to kantha work of West Bengal, there is a wide range of fabrics and embroidery work to choose from.

Matka Chowk
Coming home
WHENEVER I am travelling and come back to our city, it is always the familiar air that reminds me of home. When I go to my other hometown – Kolkata – it is the smell of diesel and vehicular emission that greets me in Samurai style and I am instantly transported to the city of my childhood. It is almost like I never left it.

Write to Renee
at or Life Style, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chd
I am 43, married and have a son. I suffer from severe depression. I have been on anti depressants for almost 10 years now. Now I have become addicted to them. I feel lonely and am always looking for company. I love going to the discos in the evening as the music gives me a sense of relief.

first day first show
It fails to Konnect
Kismat Konnection
time pass
STRANGE things are happening in Bollywood. The alarming regularity with which films are flopping has unnerved the dream merchants of Mumbai. Strange are their reactions. Some moolah-crazy filmwallah has turned to magic (helmsman Kunal Kohli).

Britney loses sole custody of kids
TROUBLED singer Britney Spears has finally ended her painful custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, losing sole rights of her sons to him. K-Fed’s longtime attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan made the news public.

Health Tip
INCORRECT posture, hours spent before T.V. and computer and sedentary lifestyle attributes to neck pain.  The most prevalent postural defect is anterior head positioning and round shoulders, which increases the load on the upper back and neck muscles.