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Security professionals
are the need of the hour in view of the growing safety concerns, writes Usha Albuquerque
VER the past few weeks, the country has been witness to several terrorist attacks, and become acutely aware of the need for better and more efficient security systems. The safety of human lives and of our assets, both individual and national, has become a matter of increasing concern. And while the police services and paramilitary and other security forces have been entrusted with this task, the enormity of the responsibility has brought in many more players, particularly private expertise and manpower.

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 Preparing quality IT professionals 
HE government has mandated the Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad to prepare enough professionals to meet the industry's demand for quality workforce an area where private institutions have been failing. "... our engineering graduates, mostly churned out by private colleges, are often found to be unemployable primarily due to their weak appreciation of existing and upcoming IT and ITES tools & technologies," IIIT-A director M.D. Tiwari says.

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LG takes up career planning for employees 
N an innovative way to beat attrition, which has hit 30 per cent across industry, LG  Electronics India is taking  up a five-year programme to  nurture the career of its  white-collared employees. The company, which, over the years has managed to keep its  attrition rate at 6 per cent, kicked off the new programme for its executives this month.