Get set for space wedding

Getting hitched in a 17th-century palace might be all super stylish, but from Japan, comes news of a new wedding venue that will surely score even higher — space. A Japanese wedding company is to provide a service that will allow couples to get married in space.

First Advantage will start accepting applications for its space wedding service from July 1. The ceremony will take place in 2011 on board the Rocket Plane XP — a craft specially developed by an American company.

The £1.1million service will see you tie the knot in outer space — about 100 km above the Earth’s surface. It also includes a wedding dress, a wedding party on the ground, transportation, accommodation and live broadcast from space.

Besides the happy couple, the craft will accommodate a priest, a pilot and two guests. A four-day training period must be undertaken by the couple prior to the hour-long flight. — ANI