For the time of your life
The grand affair of marriage is over and now the couple looks forward to those blissful moments of togetherness in some exotic locale. But in most cases, both partners holding some demanding job or business ventures, time is in short supply here.

Baikunth Resorts
Baikunth Resorts

He has always been around but you rediscovered him in Race. Yes, we are referring to Saif Ali Khan who kept you drooling throughout the movie with his Moorish looks. One has to admit, with those heavy stubble and brooding eyes, he exuded a raw masculinity, enough to make you go weak in the knees, the same way as George Clooney and Brad Pitt do with their unshaven looks.

Shelf help
Cooking is in fashion and cookbooks are one of the fast-flying items off the shelves in the city
WITH the number of eateries multiplying and people eagerly hunting for places to please their palate, Chandigarh boasts of a burgeoning food culture. However, amidst the eating-out syndrome and food-blog explosion, the good-old cookbook has retained its appeal and continues to enamour food-buffs. They are a hit with the city folks.

Circle of grace
WEDDING, an occasion as big as the name, calls for detail. Detail of every bit. And when all emphasis is being laid on clothes and accessories we forget to make sure how do our locks look. And in all this rush, what good is a Ritu Kumar lehenga, if your hair fall apart? So let your hair and hair accessory fall in place and match it well with the gown or dress that you plan to wear for the wedding. Offers Harveen Kathuria, clinic head Cleopatra: “It is important to coordinate your dress and hair accessory when you are attending a wedding. For instance, if you have an intricate work on your dress (suit or lehenga) you cannot put simple pins or plastic hair sticks in your hair.                                           — Photo by Vinay Malik

— Photo by Vinay Malik

Influenced by others, do you sometimes go against your own wishes?
“WHO wants to go to the class? Let’s all bunk and go to a movie instead!” shouts your friend. Another time, the coolest kid in your class offered you beer and you didn’t say no. Why? You do not want to appear as a ‘misfit’ or reject a friend’s plea.

Generations apart
Bold and beautiful. The diva of yesteryears, Kitu Gidwani is the actor we all love to watch on screen. Having given some dazzling performances, Kitu made her debut in television with Trishna in 1984. In the industry from past 24 years, she has seen the media grow in leaps and bounds.

Angelina steals Cruise's thunder
ANGELINA Jolie will soon be stepping into Tom Cruise's shoes, as the espionage thriller 'Edwin A. Salt', earlier meant to star the actor is now being rewritten for the actress. After talks with Tom Cruise didn't reap any fruit, movie bosses are reportedly close to strike a deal with Jolie.

Cancer cure
STANFORD University researchers have devised a way to improve chemotherapy's effectiveness against cancer, and reduce its side effects. The researchers say that they have found out how to get a higher proportion of a given dose of medication into tumour cells, to avoid "spillovers" that can kill the healthy cells.

first day first show
Charming Casanova
It’s not the kind of movie the audiences have been waiting for aeons. It also does not come as a whiff of fresh air. It is popcorn entertainment at best and candyfloss romance at worst. It would be naive to expect more from the stable of Yash Raj Films.

Matka Chowk
Scene of an accident
Chandigarh sees a lot of small accidents. I am used to speeding past stunned looking scooterists holding their heads in their badly scraped hands while a motley crowd of pedestrians, street urchins and tea stall owners mill around for the pure pleasure of bloodshed and shock.

Write to Renee
at or Life Style, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chd
I am a 34 suffering from anger and depression. My life has not been easy, ever since I remember. I was raised by a so-called short -tempered mother, who used to beat me often. Because of my mother’s attitude I got married to the first man who proposed to me thinking that I would perhaps find love in marriage.