Tol ke bol
They're the men behind all that bhashanbazi during the campus elections. The speech gurus weave magic with words into the netas' oratory and how!Vijay ChauhanSunny Bhardwaj
Between all those Sat Sri Akals and dhanyavads, the speeches that make our campus netas win huge rounds of applause have seasoned writers putting in a lot of thought and doing lots of homework. Unending bhashans are passé, so is a vocabulary smacking of shudh Hindi or goori Punjabi. Student leaders, like our parliamentarians and political heavyweights, now prefer lacing their speeches with light humour and poetry to catch the audience's attention.
Photos: S. Chandan

Kachche dhaage pucce vote
What if Rakshabandhan is over. It's ballot time and student leaders are making rakhi sisters by the dozen!
Come September and Panjab University is bustling with election fever. Besides making and breaking alliances, rigorous campaining and forming political rishtedaari, student leaders are banking on bonds of another kind—rakhi sisters. Well, talk about everything being fair in love and war! What if the war of votes is spilling into the personal arena, it is, after all, a winsome strategy.

Godfather duo back in actionRobert De Niro and Al Pacino
Moserbaer plays pioneer yet again. This time bringing to India, the two titans Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together in the release of adrenaline fueled psychological thriller Righteous Kill. The duo star as a pair of veteran New York City police detectives on the trail of a vigilante serial killer. It is a long time since the two veterans have come together and this makes the movie a much-awaited one. The film is expected to be a box office juggernaut across the globe.  
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino

Katrina Kaif Hard chore Professional
With six back-to-back hits in her kitty in the last one year, Katrina Kaif is now the reigning queen of Bollywood. But success has not gone to her head and she still believes in doing her chores herself. “Katrina has not got carried away by her success. She continues to be herself,” said a source close to the actress. The source said people were surprised to see the British-born actress carrying her own luggage at an airport even though her chaperones were with her. 


A squirrel in munch mode near the Rock Garden in Chandigarh
A squirrel in munch mode near the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. Lifestyle photo: S. Chandan

Kylie’s gay abandon!
Aussie pop singer songwriter Kylie Minogue has revealed that she is considering turning gay, due to a lack of men in her life. Minogue, 40, even revealed that she had a crush on late bisexual screen icon American actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Keira caution
Keira Knightley has suggested that actresses shouldn’t be idolized because they are too ‘crazy’. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star insists that young women shouldn’t consider film stars as role models because they will get the wrong idea about how to act in life.

Sequel to Sex And The City
Actor Chris Noth has sparked the rumours that the writers of the show Sex And The City are planning to film its sequel in London. The star, who has played Mr Big in both the long running TV show and the hit movie, says that the idea of moving the set to London is being deliberated upon.

Victoria Beckham Victoria’s ‘Posh’ style
Victoria Beckham showcased her first fashion collection at New York Fashion Week, which was based entirely upon her own personal style. The collection featured 10 styles based on Posh’s style and but the influence of Roland Mouret, whose dresses she often wears, was visible.

Tale piece
MTV to go movie way
Popular music channel MTV is all set to make three films with the reigning stars of today - Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan. All the three movies will be regular commercial productions to be made on a grand scale, a source at MTV told.

Plain speak
Debates to dramas, any exposure to oratory has got the city RJs and VJs shaping up into broadcasters, writes Ashima SehajpalBabble on: RJ Meenakshi can speak non-stop, thanks to her family members who love to speak their hearts out
Meenakshi Bhojwani, a city’s renowned Radio Jockey (RJ) often finds it amusing that it’s for talking (though creative) that she gets all the bug bucks. “Finger on the lips, every five minutes my teachers used to say and I always had to give in to their unjustified demand,” recalls Meenakshi.

Babble on: RJ Meenakshi can speak non-stop, thanks to her family members who love to speak their hearts out

No place for hobbyThese days, the rooms of most youngsters have more of playstations and plasmas
Gone are the days of lazing around and turning pages of a soiled book that you longed to read in the name of hobby. Finding no place in modern life, these time-consuming hobbies like reading book, trekking, listening to music and playing outdoors are out of trend. And confronting these all so favourite hobbies, is the latest fad of net browsing, orkutting and playing games on computer.

These days, the rooms of most youngsters have more of playstations and plasmas

Mission DogriBalwant Thakur
Theatre activist Balwant Thakur is all for regional dramas
To invoke history and tradition, folk or classical, is one thing but to instill it into the mindset of the milieu, one has to make it attractive enough. That can be done only with innovations,”says Balwant Thakur, the theatre activist of international recognition.

Dost, dost na raha…
Be they celebrated tinsel town buddies Shahrukh and Salman or dosts closer home, long-standing friendships can sometimes snap in a blink. And the reasons could be many: women, wheels or wallets,
writes Jasmine Singh
They have done it again. Yet another long long friendship, to be precise18 years long dosti comes to an end in 18 minutes. Brat Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan came to near blows at Katrina Kaif's birthday bash. Split wide open. Itney saal ki dosti ek pal main tut gayi, flashes one of the news channels. And the anchor got down to dissecting what went wrong, where, how and why. So, do we.

Trial & Mirror
Behind those hours of preening by women lies the patient wait of their menfolk 
It's Saturday evening. You are ready and ardently flipping through channels hoping to see the love of your life come out. She does make an appearance, but only to return to her room, confused wheather to wear the blue and the red dress. A familiar scene? If you think the woman in your life takes ages to get ready, you're not alone. A survey by London-based beauty brand Skinlbliss reveals that an average woman spends an astonishing 136 days getting dressed, putting on make-up and doing their hair over her lifetime, enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back 22 times! In comparison, men take just 45 days to make sure that they look good.

A new book by American psychotherapist Gary Neuman has created uproar in Britain and America, as it blames wives for their cheating husbands. Statistics have suggested that nearly half of all American husbands have had affairs, to which 68 per cent never admit.

Write to renee
at or Life Style, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chd
I am 38, just have returned to India after 12 years in the U.S. My husband and I were both computer scientists there and now we want to start our own software company. Everyone is pressurising us to have kids. People think I either have some physical problem or just too independent to want children. This has started to disturb me. We did not face such questions in the U.S. After all, it is my decision. But now, I am beginning to get sucked in. Should I have a kid to keep the world quiet? This will mess up our future plans. Please advise.