ulta pulta

Unsolved riddles
Jaspal Bhatti

THE scientists at Geneva have recreated the mini version of the Big Bang so as to understand how the universe was created. However, there are many other mysteries we Indians would like to solve. How did corruption originate on this earth? From where did Amar Singh arrive on the political scene? How come Rajiv Shukla is seen everywhere whether it is cricket or films?

Three hundred and fifty honest persons gathered near the Indo-China border to study a model of the corruption. They wanted to research how the genes of corruption came in to existence. So they dug a 27-km-long tunnel deep in the earth and set 2,100 tables and chairs and made politicians and bureaucrats sit there. The social scientists then created Ram Rajya-like conditions there when there was zero corruption.

India TV and Aaj Tak broke the news Kuch hi samye mein corruption khatm hone wali hai (Corruption is about to end in a little while). On hearing this news many politicians were panic stricken. They thought of moving the court against the TV channels for creating fear amongst netas and afsars.

Currency notes of millions of rupees, dollars, pounds, and yens were about to be thrown into the tunnel at high pressure to test the dishonesty levels of the politicians and government officers sitting inside. But before the moment of truth could arrive everything was put on hold declaring that there was a big scam. An inquiry panel was set up to find out how many millions of rupees had gone into bribes for digging out the 27-km tunnel. The panel report is still awaited.