L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Master plan for city approved
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 21
The Punjab government has approved the master plan for Ludhiana, paving the way for the growth and development of the region. The master plan has been made for a projected population of 48 lakh by 2021.

Touted as Punjab’s first city master plan, it has been prepared within the framework of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development (Amendment) Act, 2006, with a total planning area of 1271.22 sq km comprising Ludhiana, Sahnewal, Doraha, Mullapur, Phillaur and 301 villages falling in the notified local planning area Ludhiana.

Four towns and 228 villages fall under the revenue boundary of Ludhiana district and the remaining are under Jalandhar district.

However, the individual development plans outside the MC limits of Mullanpur, Doraha and Phillaur would be undertaken separately.

Though the government has decided to prepare the master plan of other towns and cities, the exercise to prepare the Ludhiana master plan was taken up on priority last year, sources in the town and country planning department said.

“While planning the area, the present population has been shown around 19 lakh. The projected population in 2011 would be 34 lakh and by 2021 it would be 48 lakh. The projected population in based on the fact that the strong economic base in the city is attracting MNCs and builders and this would attract more people to the city.

“Upgradation of the Sahnewal airport, railway freight corridor, rail transport system, and proposed high speed express highway around the city would extend the economic corridor from Mumbai to Ludhiana, increasing job opportunities,” a senior government official said.

A review of the past master plans and existing requirement in light of the socio-economic and demographic profile, among other things, has been undertaken.

After reviewing the growth pattern, it was decided that Ludhiana being an industrial city, the present trend of co- existence of commercial and industrial activity, along with residential use, cannot be disturbed, but should be regulated.

Thus the concept of mixed land use has been introduced, which has a legal provision for setting up shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, and other activities so that people, who are running polluting and hazardous waste generating industry, are encouraged to use their land for commercial use if they choose to shift the industry away from the city.

With a view to evolving a rational framework for future development, the extent and location of land is based on the principal of clustering.

This involves clubbing of similar compatible blocks for facilitating designing and laying of road network to meet the specific requirement of the area.

The role of the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) and urban local bodies would be to create the road network and other services in accordance with the master plan. For funding network projects, collection of external development charges has been proposed.

The proposed land use has been divided into residential, commercial, mixed land use, industrial, recreational, traffic and transport, government, public and semi public, agriculture and water bodies.

The local planning area has been divided into different zones and sectors. The
area outside Ludhiana MC limits has been divided into 54 planning zones to
regulate development.

It has been advised that there was need to encourage the population to deflect to satellite towns like Mullanpur, Doraha, Sahnewal and Phillaur to reduce pressure on the city.

This could be achieved by developing road network, increasing population holding capacity of the area within the existing urban limits and extending the present urban limits to include semi-urban areas which are developed and dependent on Ludhiana.


Missing industrialist killed: Cops
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
The police today claimed that industrialist Vinod Adya (52), who had gone missing, had been murdered.

Police sources said the police had zeroed in on a suspect who had helped the police solve the mystery of his disappearance.

The police was on the lookout of three other accused. With their arrest, the mystery would be unravelled.

The sources said three persons belonging to Faridkot had allegedly murdered Adya. His body was yet to be recovered. He was suspected to have been killed, put in a sack and thrown into a canal.

A police team has been sent to nab the accused from Faridkot. The SSP, R.K. Jaiswal, said they were close to cracking the case.

Being a high-profile case, they would divulge the details only after the connecting links were established, he said. He ruled out murder for ransom.

He said there was some other reason behind the crime. The reason would be clear only after the interrogation of the accused.

Following the news of his death, a pall of gloom descended on his house in
South City. Relatives and friends started visiting the house. The media was
not allowed inside.

Adya's father said Vinod had no personal enmity with anyone. ‘‘We are also in the dark. We are counting on the police to solve the case,’’ he said.

Vinod, owner of Sunshine Knitwears, had gone missing under mysterious
circumstances on August 12. The family had reported the matter after 17
days of his disappearance.



PU Senate Poll
Complaints of bogus votes pour in
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
Cases of fake polling were reported in the elections to the Panjab University senate at various polling stations here today.

Following complaints, university observers had to intervene to settle the matter. The problem was mainly reported from the graduates' constituency.

A group of over two dozen youngsters are learnt to have entered the polling booth at Sargoda High School, Kamra road, and tried to cast bogus votes.

Cases of fake polling were also reported at MGM College and Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Model Town.

An election agent said: "At around 4.30 pm, a local politician came to booth no. 174 on Kamra road along with 50-60 youngsters. At that time, only 85-odd votes, out of a total of 822, had been cast at the centre. He snatched remaining papers from the presiding officer and sat on a bench, marking the ballot. We raised objection and got the election process stalled. The university can look into the matter and decide."

Parveen Sharma, a candidate, said: "I complained to university observer M.M. Gupta regarding fake polling at Model Town. The matter was taken note of and only voters with proper identity cards were allowed to cast their ballot."

The last phase of the polling was completed today. The results for 15 seats of graduates and eight each of the principals and college lecturers category will be declared on September 23.

Some candidates had set up election offices in front of the polling booths, particularly in Model Town and Kumharmandi road.

The graduates' constituency, which is unique to Panjab University, has the highest number of voters in any constituency --- approximately two lakh.



Low turnout at Doraha
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 21
A total of 37 per cent voting for the graduate constituency was reported till the filing of the report for the senate elections being conducted for the principals’, lecturers’ and graduates’ constituencies of Punjab University, which were conducted here today.

As it was merely 26 per cent till 1pm, which somewhat picked up in the afternoon. The polling for the lecturers’ and principals’ constituencies was however complete.

The lack of enthusiasm especially among the graduates could clearly be assessed from the low turnout in these elections.

One such graduate, who almost non-enthusiastically voted today, opined that the reason for the lack of interest among the graduates is mainly due to the absence of personal contact with these senators.

“Also, since they are generally less influenced by the policies and decisions of the university after having completed degree, they do not bother to cast their vote.

Another reason can be the absence of any local candidate from Doraha, who could directly be contacted as and when the need arises”, one such graduate viewed.

A total of 31 senators, including 15 graduates, eight heads and eight lecturers of affiliated Arts colleges would be chosen from out of the polling, which was conducted today.

Prof M.S. Bhandari, the presiding officer for the polling booth at GNN College, Doraha, informed that the polling was peaceful and no untoward incident was reported from any of the booths.

But at the same time it was observed that even these elections were not free from the political influence, which was felt in majority of the booths here.

Some of the candidates who enjoy a sound political backing, have left no stone unturned to use their political links and pressures.

The counting for the principal senators shall start on 23rd September at 9 am followed by that of the lecturers’ and finally the graduates.



SST teachers skip test, to pay Rs 1,500
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
The tug-of-war between the education department and social science teachers of various government schools of the state over the issue of certificate of teaching English (CTE) test has cost dear to the latter.

Following reports in a section of the media this morning regarding the decision of the education department to deduct Rs 1,500 from the salaries of those teachers who boycotted the CTE exam, teachers decided to protest against it.

Ramanjeet Singh Sandhu, district secretary, Democratic Employee Front, said: "The government had, in 2006, decided that social science teachers will have to clear the CTE test which caused resentment among teachers, who argued that the test was of lower standard. There was no need to take it because we had already passed and studied the content included in it.

"Most teachers are postgraduates from reputed universities. Following protests by teachers, the department had decided to make the test compulsory for only 20 social science teachers from each block and had paid a fee of Rs 1,500 per teacher from the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan fund."

Shalini, a teacher, said: "We came to know about the decision of the department from TV channels. Since a majority of teachers boycotted the exam, the department suffered a loss of Rs 1,500 per teacher and wants to compensate for it by deducting the amount from our salaries."

The teachers said they would protest against the "dictatorial attitude" of the department. The director general, secondary education, could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

Teachers across Punjab had decided to boycott the exam. Out of 442 SST teachers in the district, only 20 had appeared for the test on September 15, 42 had taken the exam on September 17 and 43 appeared for it on September 19.

They claimed that they were not intimated in advance about the exam and were not given the mandatory 40-hour training, besides study material. The last exam is slated to be held tomorrow.



When pranksters turned perverts
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
She had been feeling betrayed by the destiny thinking she was an unfortunate girl who lost her mother at a tender age of five.

She stomached the loss somehow but had not imagined in her wildest dreams
that she would be betrayed once again — this time by her classmate, who
raped her yesterday.

The 17-year-old girl is left scarred for life. She was rid of her innocence by her classmate, Vijay, who used to treat her like a sister.

It was under garb of this innocent relationship that she went with him to playground of SCD Government College for Boys when she was coming home from school.

She was asked to come with them to the college ground by Vijay and Rahul, both students of class VIII, as they wanted to show her something.

When she went with them, Vijay allegedly pounced on her. When she started screaming, Rahul gagged her with his hands.

“After the act, they threatened me not to disclose the matter to anyone. They hired me a rickshaw and asked me to go home. But I was injured and bleeding. My grandmother saw me,” she said.

“They had been studying with me since I was in fourth standard. Earlier, too, they used to play pranks with me. Yesterday, too, I had thought they were up to it. But instead of pranksters they turned out to be goons. I hate them,” she said.

“The physical injury was taken care of by doctors. Who would help her pass through the mental agony?” asked her grandmother, attending to her at the hospital.

While her grandmother was crying cursing the boys, the girl was staring blankly. The tears too seemed to deceive her.

“I do not want to see the face of Vijay and Rahul again. I had never imagined they would do this to me. I want the police to punish them in such a way that they remember it for life,” she said.

Her grandmother said she had somehow managed to bring the motherless girl up overcoming all hurdles that came their way.

“I had managed to make her forget her mother to some extent and overcome the loss. But what can I tell her now? Words are failing me. I am pained to think that girls are not safe on the roads. And we cannot even trust minor boys, who study with them. It is shocking,” she said.



6 gastroenteritis deaths fail to move govt
Rakesh Gupta

Mullanpur Mandi, September 21
The outbreak of gastroenteritis in Raikot has claimed six lives so far. With Baljinder Singh’s (16) death at a private hospital, the toll has risen to six.

Earlier, Neha (4), Saif Ali (6), Prem Kumar (3), Harnek Singh (60) and Kuldeep Kaur had died due to gastroenteritis infection.

SMO Sooch, however, did not confirm the death. But, added that he had
heard about it.

Prem Kumar had died due to meningitis and others due to over hydration. The situation worsened after the patients were treated by unqualified practitioners.

Though the death toll is rising, the health authorities at Raikot claim that the situation was under control.

Everyday new patients get themselves admitted to the hospital. But the district and local administration are not bothered.

Not to talk of the executive officer and Raikot SDM, the deputy commissioner and the district welfare officer have also failed to visit the gastroenteritis affected areas or the civil hospital.

Since the Raikot assembly constituency was declared as reserved, neither the sitting nor the former MLAs have shown any interest.

In fact not a single leader or NGOs have come forward to help the affected people.

Though there are three nursing colleges but not a single person has volunteered to visit the area.

Civil surgeon Satpal Sharma has sent R.K. Karkara from Jagraon and Ramneet Kaur from Dehlon on emergency duty to Raikot Civil Hospital.

Besides this Para Medical staff from Blocks Pakhowal and Sudhar had been sent to the Raikot civil Hospital that originally housed 14 doctors, six pharmacists and six nursing staff.

Meanwhile, the health department and committee officials collected water samples from various location, distributed chlorine tablets and ORS packets.



City reels under dengue attack, over 300 hospitalised
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 21
Even as the health department and municipal corporation indulge in the game of passing the buck, the mega city is once again under severe attack of dengue with 77 confirmed cases.

It has the maximum number of cases in the state reported till now. More than
200 patients with dengue-like symptoms had been admitted to different hospitals
for treatment.

During last 48 hours, 28 fresh dengue cases had been reported out of which 14 were admitted to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), 6 each to Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) and SPS Apollo Hospital while a couple of patients had sought treatment in private nursing homes.

Although the health officials disagreed with the figure of suspected dengue cases, information gathered by The Tribune revealed that till now DMCH had received 180 patients of dengue, 70 were admitted to CMCH, 25 to Apollo and 30 others were under treatment at other private hospitals and nursing homes.

Out of these patients, nearly 60 per cent were local and others had been referred from outstations.

Going by the number of dengue cases that had surfaced in the mega city during last fortnight or so, the outbreak of vector-borne fever seemed to be repeating the incidence during 2006 when more than 500 persons had fallen victim to dengue and nine human lives were lost.

The health officials, however, pointed out that confirmed cases of dengue fever had come from all parts of the city and there was no specific pocket or locality which could be termed as worst hit.

There had been widespread complaints from all over the city over failure of the anti-larva wing of the health department and the municipal corporation to take preventive steps against breeding of mosquito.

“There is no fumigation and anti-larva spray in the city localities. With puddles of stagnant water left to become fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes, outbreak of dengue and malaria were just a matter of time,” said residents of Haibowal Colony where dozens of people were suspected to be afflicted with dengue.



Dowry victim’s medical report
Villagers stage dharna against pharmacist
Rakesh Gupta

Mullanpur Mandi, September 21
Residents of a few villages staged a dharna in front of the mini primary health centre, Mullanpur. Villagers were up in arms, as health centre authorities had refused to handover medico legal report of dowry victim Seema Rani of Dhatt village.

CPI’s district secretary Sukhwinder alleged that Prem Chand, a pharmacist, had refused to do medical of the victim on one pretext or the other.

Later, he demanded Rs 1,000 from victim’s brother for doing the same and referred the patient to Ludhiana.

When Sukhwinder intervened Prem Chand started abusing him and used victim’s brother mobile. The mobile is still with the pharmacist.

He alleged that Prem Chand owns a medical store in the city and used to sell hospital’s medicine there.

He also alleged that the pharmacist had been posted in the health centre for the past 20 years.

A delegation had also met Satpal Sharma, a civil surgeon, and made him aware of the situation. They also handed over a memorandum to the health minister.

On the other hand Prem Chand narrates a different story. He says a few persons came to him and made him to talk on a cell phone with Sukhwinder Singh, a local Left leader.

He pressurised me to refer the victim to the civil hospital in back date. Prem Chand refused to do so and advised them to approach the Dakha Police.

The patient had no injury marks, he added. After retuning from the police station they again compelled him to talk to Sukhwinder Singh. On refusal they put their mobile phone on his ear.

Sukhwinder Singh started abusing him and even threatened him of dire consequences if their demand was not met with.

He immediately informed the Dakha police and deposited the mobile phone with it.

Gurcharan Singh, medical officer, Mullanpur, supported Prem Chand’s version. He added that it was tendency of the people living in this area to put political pressure for personal gains.



Onam celebrated with religious fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
City Keralites celebrated Onam with religious fervour here today. The Kerala Kalavedi, an association of Keralites, led the celebrations.

The programme started from the Kalavedi office and reached Veer Palace with a procession followed by elephants and colourful umbrellas.

The guests were welcomed at the entrance by a colourful rangoli. The festival
was inaugurated by Kerala Kalavedi president V.A. Hari. All guests were dressed
in traditional attires.

Onam feast was served on banana leaves with over 20 delicacies, including pradhaman (kheer). After the feast, a cultural meeting was conducted and Onam folk dance Thiruvathira was presented.

Children also played their part and presented various South Indian dances like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, et al.

Cochin Harishree, a troupe of TV artistes from Kerala, also performed during the celebrations. Onam, the festival of harvest, is celebrated with great spirit and enthusiasm to commemorate the times of King Mahabali, a generous ruler who was loved by his people and gave up everything to keep his promise.



Religious leaders lay stress on tolerance
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
Religious leaders from New Delhi, Amritsar and Ludhiana took part in a “sarv dharma” conference organised by the Swami Vivekananda Study Circle to commemorate the Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda here yesterday.

The conference, organised at the Khalsa Institute of Management and Technology, was aimed at promoting religious tolerance among masses.

Professor Salim, while speaking on the Islam, referred to an Urdu couplet “Shuhrat ki bulandi bhi pal bhar ka tamasha hai, jis shakh par baithe ho woh tut bhi sakti hai” (humility and love for the mankind was more important as prestige of a past was short lived). A professor from KLSD College attributed ‘religious divides’ to politicians with vested interests.

Remorseful on the growing religious intolerance, Swami Yog Mukti from Amritsar called upon Indians to act in their capacity of true human beings.

Citing an example of a little boy, who lost his paper depicting the map of India due to strong winds, Swami Yog Mukti emphatically said: “It took him minutes to redraw the map after he rightly joined the figure of a human being.

Father Janak Abraham said: “On behalf of Jesus Christ, I pray that the whole world should follow the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, who, like all wise men, believed in oneness of religions. It is the duty of every human being to practice and preach non-violence,” added Father Janak.



It's circus time in city
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
Their skills are unique and yet they don't get recognition they deserve. Entertaining people for the past 20 years, the Asiad Circus has now reached the city to bring back the childhood memories and to amuse kids.

A family of 250 people of every age group says the circus had not only become a home for them but was also their identity.

Thirty-year-old, Murgesh, who has been working as a clown with the circus for the past eight years is happy with his job and says he wishes to pursue the same.

Similarly, queen in red Zeba, who joined the circus when she entered her teens, found her dream man in the circus itself and is happily married with the flying trooper Shakil. They have an 11-year-old kid who studies in a hostel.

Zeba said she couldn't imagine her life without it and after retiring she would still work with the company as a trainer.

However, the circus owner Raju Pahalwan rued that it was not easy to manage everything, as there was no support from the government.

He said, “There are only seven or eight circuses which have survived, rest all of them have been closed due to government’s neglect for keeping this art alive.”

He said even the compensation amount, which was to be given by the Centre for procuring tigers, has not been received till date.

Raju said the daily expenditure of circus was around Rs 25,000 per day and it is difficult to manage everything such as food, clothing, etc.

Interestingly, despite the craze for air-conditioned multiplexes, people are turning out in huge numbers which shows that residents here are giving a warm welcome to an art which was ‘dying’ earlier.

Eight-year-old Ruby who was there with her family said, “This was for the first time that I have seen a circus and she will ask her parents to bring her again.”

Likewise, Raghav Sharma and his wife, an old couple too had a nice time watching various performances.

The circus is a package of 32 items like flying troopers, dog show, magic, well of death, acrobats, etc, to enthral audience and leave them spell-bound in three shows at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7.30 pm.



BKU: Govt must start procuring paddy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
The BKU has urged the Central government to immediately start paddy procurement process so that the farmers were not exploited by middlemen and mill owners.

BKU leaders Harmit Singh Quadian, Sharanjit Singh and outfit’s Ludhiana president Avtar Singh said this in a press note issued here today.

The leaders alleged that the farmers had not sown the paddy before June 10 following the government’s direction.

Now, if the government refuses to buy the paddy, it would be a ‘backstabbing’. There has been a bumper crop due to timely rain. They urged the government to raise the paddy MSP.

Though the government has lifted ban on cultivation of 1,121 varieties of Basmati, yet the farmers were being forced to sell this variety for Rs 850, whereas its market price should have been around Rs 2,000.

They added that 70 to 80 per cent of farmers in the state had cultivated this variety and the government should come out in support of the farmers.



Christians stage protest against atrocities
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 21
Members of the Christian community, led by activists of the local Kalvari Church, staged a protest today against attacks on churches and atrocities being committed against members of their community in different parts of the country.

Pastor Waris Masih and other leaders said it was unfortunate that in the wake of persistent attacks on Christians and their institutions in various states, the central government had failed to take effective steps to safeguard the minority community.

A reign of terror had been unleashed on the Christians by Hindu fundamentalists in Orissa, Karnataka and elsewhere, which was condemnable.

The members cautioned the government that in the absence of stern action against those responsible for causing damage to the lives and properties of the minority community, the communal situation might take a turn for the worse and the Christians might be forced to take on the perpetrators for their survival.

The leaders of the community made an appeal to the Christians to unite on a joint platform to fight the political and communal oppression.



100 take part in ‘Goonj...’ auditions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
Entertainment company Melody India held auditions for “Goonj India Goonj” here today. Around 100 students from different schools took part in the auditions.

The auditions were held for singing and dance categories. Hotelier N.S. Nanda,
Melody India’s managing director Ajay Kapoor, company director Gitanjali Sharma
adjudicated the event.

In the singing section, three participants were shortlisted for the next round, while in the dance segment 10 students qualified.



Seminar for MBA students
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 21
The Doraha Institute of Management and Technology (DIMT), Doraha, has initiated advance preparations for final placements of MBA- final year students.

Dr. R.K. Lekhi, director, DIMT, informed that a team of Dream Weavers Consultants, Jalandhar, visited the campus and organised a full-length seminar for the students of BBA/BCA-Vth and MBA-IIIrd semester.

The team was headed by Kanika Dewan, manager (training and corporate relation), accompanied by Guneet Singh, assistant manager (training).

Dr. Lekhi, coordinator Supreet Kaur, and faculty members Ruma Mehta, Nishi Bala, Kamalpreet Kaur and Navjot Kaur, accorded a warm welcome to the guests.

Kanika Dewan initiated the talk by saying for achieving ultimate success in one’s career, a sound preparation is required, which was the main motive of the seminar that is to emphasise the need of early preparations for the interviews among the students. Another team member, Guneet Singh, emphasised the need of preparations for the interviews.



Cultural mela from Oct 18
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 21
Prof Mohan Singh Memorial International Punjabi cultural mela would start from October 18- 20 at village Sansatpura in Amritsar.

While addressing a meeting here today, Jagdev Singh Jassowal, patron of prof Mohan Singh memorial foundation, said folk dance by the north zone cultural centre, Patiala, would be the main attraction at the mela.

In addition to this, the award selection committee was also formed. The members of the committee include Bhupinder Singh Sandhu, Sadhu Singh Grewal, Nirmal Jaura, Gurmeet Bawa, Amarjeet Gurdaspuri and Amrik Singh.

The names of the prize winners would be announced by October 7. A souvenir would be released on this occasion.

The souvenir would include the information about the activities that would be
carried out by the foundation. It would also contain the life history of Mohinder
Singh Cheema.



Local lecturer to chair session at Florida conference
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 21
Gagan Deep Sharma, senior lecturer, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur College, Fatehgarh Sahib has been invited to the US to chair a session at the “International Conference for Academic Disciplines”.

The conference will be held at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, US from February 16 to February 19, next year.

A research paper entitled “Efficiency Hypothesis of Stock Markets: A Case of Indian Securities” jointly authored by Sharma, along with Mandeep Mahendru of Ludhiana, has also been accepted for presentation at the conference.

Taking a sample of eleven securities listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the paper applies the runs tests and the autocorrelation tests in order to judge the efficiency of the stock markets.

The paper concludes that the effect of stock prices for the sample companies on future prices is meagre and an investor cannot reap profits by using the share price data as the current share prices already reflect the effect of past share prices.

Prior to authoring this research paper, both the academicians have co-authored as many as five textbooks together.

Sharma has interest in Punjabi literature as well and his book of poetry named “Kavita di Ibaarat” is going to be released at a function to be organised by the Punjabi Writers Association, Rampur, on October 5 at his native village.



City Concerns

Though Ludhiana claims to be one of the top industrial towns in the country, its roads present a picture of neglect and apathy on part of the government.

While the state highways are being fast upgraded, the local authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to the harrowing time that thousands of commuters face due to potholes.

Residents rue the fact that despite contributing crores to the national as well as the state exchequer and generating employment for thousands of people from all over the country, the roads here are in a pitiable state.

The GT Road between Vishvakarma chowk to Dholewal, link roads to industrial area, the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road and scores of other patches are a daily reminder of public discomfort.

Ludhiana Tribune seeks public opinion on the way to handle this problem. Who is to be blamed for the present condition of roads?

How far is heavy, unregulated traffic responsible for the state of roads and what can be done about it?

Does it make sense to hand over the construction and upkeep of internal roads to private parties on nominal fee?

Ludhiana Tribune invites its readers to write their opinion on this issue. Responses, in not more than 200 words, can be emailed to ludhianaconcerns@tribunemail.com or sent to our city office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana. — City Editor



Enhance salaries

Although, the Sixth Pay Commission ‘06 has brought a lot of cheers on faces of government employees, yet Class III and IV employees of private sector working in factories, shops and companies are reeling under paltry pays.

There is no hike or bonanza in their salaries. If we talk of the Class III and IV employees of the private sectors, their salaries starts from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,500.

But, the Class IV employees of the Central government, after the commission, would get more than Rs 11,000 per month along with other departmental perks.

As the number of employees in the private sectors, companies and factories is more than that of government departments, it is a paramount to enhance their salaries.

Jai Gopal Kusla, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Man found bleeding on road; cops begin probe
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 21
The local police has initiated a probe into the incident in which a few occupants of a car and motorcyclists had thrown a profusely bleeding septuagenarian with head injuries near a private hospital, three days ago.

The victim, who had remained unattended for at least four hours, was later rescued by a few persons led by Deepak Kumar Sharma, a dairy owner of the local Dehliz Road area.

Though the victim is stated to be out of danger now, he has not been identified as yet. A police team led by SHO (City) Harinder Singh has initiated probe into sequence of events leading to throwing of the septuagenarian near Sood Hospital, Dehliz road, here on Thursday evening.

Preliminary investigations revealed that occupants of a white Zen car, bearing the Fatehgarh Sahib number and three motorcyclists, had thrown the profusely bleeding septuagenarian near the boundary wall of the hospital.

The car occupants were identified as devotees from a religious place in Bhaini village. Other youths are suspected to be residents of Jagera village.

Sources revealed that the victim was run over by the Zen car on the Malerkotla-Ludhiana road.

After the car occupants failed to flee from the scene, the driver, along with three other youths from Jagera village, brought the victim to the town.

But, instead of getting him medically examined they abandoned him and ran away.

Had social activists not taken up the responsibility of getting the victim treated, he could have succumbed to his injuries.

Regretfully, profusely bleeding victim remained lying on the road for over four hours.

Large number of people, including social and political leaders, came to see him but none cared to inform the police or get him admitted to the hospital.



65-year-old murdered
Tribune News Service

Khanna, September 21
Prem Singh (65), a resident of Samrala, was found murdered today in a room of his house where he used to meditate for hours together.

Prem Singh was residing with his son Amritpal Singh. The murder came to light at around 2.30 pm when the granddaughter of the deceased went inside the meditation room to enquire about the lunch for the elderly.

She found her grandfather in a pool of blood. She informed her father about it who found that the elderly was killed with a sharp edged weapon.

He received injuries on his head and face. The police was informed about the incident and Khanna SSP Arunpal Singh reached the spot. Terming it a blind murder he said that a person has been rounded up in this connection.

The murder took place when the family members were present in the house. The cops said there was no gate on the boundary wall of the house for past long time.

The police officials - in order to see if the voice was heard by other members -shouted from the meditation room, but nothing was audible outside. The police said a case in this connection has been registered.



Gang of vehicle thieves busted
Our Correspondent

Raikot, September 21
The local police has succeeded in arresting four members of a gang of vehicle thieves. This is for the second time that they had succeeded in arresting such a gang after September 10.

The police had succeeded in arresting three members of the gang. Raikot SHO said on being tipped off that Gurmeet Singh of Bhaini Dradan, Davinder Singh of Burj Hari Singh, Daljeet Singh of Siloani, Pritam Singh of Roomi and Jagga of Sahjahanpur were hiding at Littar village they barricaded the area and nabbed the accused from near a drain. The gang was in possession of deadly weapons and stolen motorcycles.

Three knives, a country made .315 bore pistol, three cartridges and three
motorcycles (PB 56 B 1266, PB 25 B 7086 and PB 56 B 0247) were recovered
from their possession.

Fifth member on the gang, Doshi Singh, however, managed to escape under the cover of darkness. A case has been registered.



Plan to steal wheat, 4 arrested
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, September 21
The Sidhwan Bet police today arrested four persons who were planning to steal wheat from state-owned godowns.

Sidhwan Bet SHO said a police team raided a vacant kiln near Ramgarh Bhullar village on being tipped off that Gagandeep Singh and Jasvir Singh of Raqba village and Raja Paswan, Sarban Bangali and Maan Singh of Mullanpur had gathered there.

A Trax Jeep (PB 10 BW 3822) was also parked in the kiln. Gagandeep Singh, Jasvir Singh and Raja Paswan were arrested from the spot.

Sharp-edged weapons kept in the Jeep were also seized.Sarban Bangali and Maan Singh managed to flee from the spot. The police has registered a case.



CIET claim overall title
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 21
Navdeep Singh and Sukhman, both students of CIET, Rajpura, were adjudged the best swimmers among men and women, respectively, in Punjab Technical University Inter-College Swimming Championship held at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, the Gill road, here today.

The CIET, Rajpura, also bagged the overall trophy in the men's as well as women's sections. In the men's section, hosts Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, and SASIIT, Mohali, secured second and third position, respectively, while in the women's section, the second and third place was bagged by DAVIET, Jalandhar, and Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, respectively.

Earlier, Dr M. S. Saini, principal of the host college, inaugurated the championship in which teams from all colleges affiliated with Punjab Technical University (PTU) Jalandhar, took part. Gurcharan Singh Gill, director, the N.S. Education Trust was chief guest at the prize distribution function.

Manjit Singh Dhall, an observer appointed by PTU, appreciated efforts of the sports department of host college for organising the two-day championship successfully.

Results: (men)- 50m free style- Navdeep Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Ashok Kumar of SSEC, Pathankot 2, and Jagbir Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3; 100m free style- Navdeep Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Chander Kamal of CIET, Rajpura 2, and Jagbir Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3; 200m free style- Navdeep Singh CIET, Rajpura 1, Vivek Kapoor of SASIIT, Mohali 2, and Jagbir Singh GNDEC, Ludhiana 3; 400m free style- Navdeep Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Jagbir Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 2, and Ravinder Singh of BKSEC, Amritsar 3; 800m free style- Navdeep Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Kultar Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 2, and Ravinder Singh of BKSEC, Amritsar 3.

Men (back stroke)- 50m- Chander Kamal of CIET, Rajpura 1, Prabhjot Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 2, and Vivek Kapoor of SASIIT, Mohali 3; 100m- Chander Kamal of CIET, Rajpura 1, Harmanjit Singh of BKSEC, Amritsar 2, and Prabhjot Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3; 200m- Chander Kamal of CIET, Rajpura 1, Vivek Kapoor of SASIIT, Mohali 2, and Prabhjot Singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3.

Men (breast stroke): 50m- Harpreet Singh of DAVIET, Jalandhar 1, Gaganish of RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh 2, and Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 3; 100m- Harpreet Singh of DAVIET, Jalandhar 1, Gaganish of RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh 2, and Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 3; 200m- Harpreet Singh of DAVIET, Jalandhar 1, Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 2, and Kultar singh of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3.

Men (butterfly): 50m- Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Vivek Kapoor of SASIIT, Mohali 2, and Inderpreet Singh of BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib 3; 100m- Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Inderpreet Singh of BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib 2, and Gaganish of RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh 3; 200m- Karanvir Singh of CIET, Rajpura 1, Inderpreet Singh of BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib 2, and Eshaan of CIET, Rajpura 3.

Men (4x100m medley relay)- CIET, Rajpura 1, GNDEC, Ludhiana 2, and DAVIET, Jalandhar 3; free style team relay (4x100m)- CIET, Rajpura 1, GNDEC, Ludhiana 2; 4x200m- CIET, Rajpura 1, and GNDEC, Ludhiana 2.

Women: 50m free style- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1, Neetika Vats of DAVIET, Jalandhar 2, and Maninder Kaur of GNDEC 3; 100m free style- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1, Neetika Vats of DAVIET, Jalandhar 2, and Maninder Kaur of GNDEC, Ludhiana 3.

Women (back stroke): 50m- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1, Neetika Vats of DAVIET, Jalandhar 2, and Dhara of CIET, Rajpura 3; 100m- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1, Neetika Vats of DAVIET, Jalandhar 2, and Dhara of CIET, Rajpura 3.

Women (breast stroke): 50m- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1, Neetika Vats of DAVIET, Jalandhar 2, and Dhara of CIET, Rajpura 3; 100m- Sukhman of CIET, Rajpura 1 and Neetika Vats of DAVIET, 
Jalandhar 2.



Roomi, Barnala score easy wins
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 21
Both Roomi XI and Barnala XI scored an easy win over their respective opponents in the u-16 groups matches in the Punjab State Weekend Hockey Tournament being organised by the Punjab sports department at Prithipal Singh Memorial Astro Turf Stadium of Punjab Agricultural University campus, here today.

Roomi XI registered a 4-0 victory over Kurali XI in a group B match while in the group C encounter, Barnala XI overpowered Sangrur XI 2-0.

Harmandeep Singh scored a hat trick (7th, 29th and 50th minute) while Sukhwinder Singh struck in the 17th minute to help Roomi XI to script an easy 4-0 win over Kurali XI in the first match of the day.

In the second match (group C), Harmanjot Singh scored a brace to enable Barnala XI to romp home victorious.

After the first barren half, Harmanjot Singh found the target in the 37th minute to put his side into the lead. Two minutes later, he again sounded the board, which sealed Sangrur XI's fate 2-0.

The third mach was played in the group B (u-14) between Amloh XI and Kurali XI in which the former managed to scrape past 1-0. The important goal came off Parveen Kumar's stick in the 38th minute.

Another match in the u-14 section (group C) played between Sudhar and Bathinda ended in a 2-2 draw.

It was Sudhar lads, who earned the lead in the 15th minute through a field goal scored by Jagpal Singh.

They increased the lead in the 25th minute when Amanjot Singh scored a superb field goal to make it 2-0.

Down by two goals, Bathinda lads went all out. They made forays into the rival's territory and finally managed to reduce the margin in the 31st minute when Navneet Singh scored a field goal.

Six minutes later, they scored the equaliser through a penalty corner conversion by Hardeep Singh (2-all).

In the last match of the day, played between the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Patiala, and Moga in the group A (u-16) in which the former came triumphant (11-0) without facing any resistance.

The winners were leading by four goals at the breather. Jatinder Singh scored three goals while Tarundeep Singh accounted for two goals.

Other contributors were Sukhdeep Singh, Sandeep, Simran Singh, Harsimranjeet Singh and Sukhdev Singh, who scored one goal each to complete the rout.



We’ll work to restore lost glory: Ramandeep
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 21
“We will strive to put the game of hockey back on track and restore the lost glory,” said Ramandeep Singh Grewal, who was appointed assistant coach of the national hockey team during a meeting of the Indian Olympics Association (IOA) held in New Delhi last week.

Ramandeep Singh, a former captain of the Indian hockey squad, along with former custodian A.B. Subbia and Harinder Singh have been picked up by the IOA to assist national coach M.K. Kaushik.

The IOA had taken a serious note of the Indian hockey squad’s failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympics and scraped the Indian Hockey Federation for its inactiveness.

Talking to The Tribune, Ramandeep Singh, currently posted as deputy director sports, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, said a strategy to revive the game in the country would be chalked out after the four-member panel met in New Delhi next week.

Meanwhile, sports lovers in general and hockey followers in particular have welcomed the decision of the IOA in appointing Ramandeep Singh, Harbir Singh and Subbiya on the panel to assist the national coach, Kaushik. “This move will certainly help the game regain its lost glory,” they opined.



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