Alien comedy

Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attack
Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attack, a madcap comedy about aliens gunning for a hostile takeover of the Earth 

Ack, ack, ack, ack,” in alien-speak means, “Nice planet. We’ll take it”. The planet of course, is good old Earth and aliens from Mars are gunning, literally, for a hostile takeover. Mars Attack on Monday at 9 pm is the work of director Tim Burton, who dreamed up this all-star sci-fi spoof, inspired by the 1950s comic cards. Oscar winner Jack Nicholson plays the leader of the free world — the American President — who must save the planet. Looking up to him are noble Earthlings who face their doom with gung-ho valour and brainless abandon. Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Michael J. Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rod Steiger are others actors in this star-studded, effects-loaded, madcap comedy. Adding to the confusion is legendary songster Tom Jones playing the weirdest of all characters—himself!

The winged man

For almost 2,500 years man has been constantly trying to fly. Now one man Yves Rossy, a former Swiss military pilot who now flies Airbuses for Swissair, recently did the seemingly impossible—he flew 12 km on kerosene-powered carbon wings that he had painstakingly designed. Jet Man on Sunday at 8 pm on National Geographic Channel chronicles the amazing adventure of Rossy. The first half is a documentary supported by the technical, scientific, historic and human aspects of the aviator’s dream of being the first man to fly with wings. The second part is the worldwide live broadcast of Rossy’s attempt to cross the English Channel. — NF