Belly dancer’s journey
Himmat Singh Gill
40 Days and 1001 Nights
by Tamalyn Dallal.
Jaico. Pages 308. Rs 295.
THOUGH it would take much more than what the Arabic proverb says about having to live 40 days with a people you really wish to understand, the belly dancer Tamalyn Dallal’s book narrating her experience with segments of the Islamic world spread over vast corners indicates that she not only spent her time wisely when she journeyed to unknown destinations but also enjoyed every one moment of it.

Books received

A reluctant politician
Subhrangshu Gupta
An Outsider in Politics 
by Krishna Bose. 
Penguin/Viking. Pages 256. Rs 599.
AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a great man is always worthy of reading. But truly speaking, Krishna Bose does not fall in the category of “great men (women)” and her An Outsider in Politics is also not strictly an autobiography.

Medical murder mystery
Aditi Garg
Deadly Recall
by Arvin Chawla.
Durban House. Pages 209. $14.95.
ANY science relies heavily on research and experimentation for its growth. So it is with the medical field. While newer diseases crop up by the minute, cures remain elusive.

Making world a meeting place
Arun Gaur
Intercivilizational Dialogue on Peace
by Madhuri Santanam Sondhi.
Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi.
Pages xi + 421. Rs 435.
THE author has juxtaposed the ideas of Basanta Mallik, the Indian metaphysician, and Martin Buber, the Jewish existentialist, on the issues of generic pluralism and the related possibilities and methodologies of removing or harmonising different conflicts active in the world-views.

Business etiquette tips
D. S. Cheema
Asian Business Customs & Manners—A Country-by-Country Guide
by Mary Murray Bosrock.
Macmillan India Ltd. Pages 383. Rs 450.
THE US and European countries started taking more and more interest in Asia since it began to outperform them economically in 1980s.

On the terror trail
Satinder K. Girgla
by Paro Anand.
IndiaInk. Pages 142. Rs 195.
TERRORISING the world, do the militants, who call themselves jihadis, ever spare a thought for their own families? What kind of hell their children and wives go through at the personal and social levels?

The making of a fatwa
How did the words of an unknown Texas academic lead to a potentially lethal fire-bomb attack in London? Andy McSmith reports on a sinister trail
OR Sherry Jones, an American journalist-turned-novelist, The Jewel of Medina — a fictional account of the life of Aisha, child bride of the Prophet Mohammed — was to be the successful product of nearly six years spent immersed in the history, culture and language of eighth-century Arabia.

Peace in the backyard of terror
Randeep Wadehra
Marching towards peace
Ed. Ramesh Yadav and Talwinder Singh. 
Folklore Research Academy.
Pages 144. Price not mentioned.

  • Thoroughfare: A Book of ghazals
    by Kanwar Dinesh Singh. Hyphen Publications.
    Pages 82. Rs 100.

  • The Unsung Goddess
    by G. C. Mago. Writers’ Group.
    Pages 72. Rs 150.

  • The Tragedy of Tibet
    by Man Mohan Sharma. Trishul Publications.
    Pages: XVI+264. Rs 495.