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Embracing affair
Jaspal Bhatti

JEE karda bai jee karda, tenu japhian pavan jee karda ó Inspired by Akshay Kumarís hit number, Pakistan President Asif Zardari also expressed a similar wish for the US Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. When Zardari was asked to shake hands with the former beauty queen for a photo-op, his heart went out of control, Kinna sona tenu rab ne banaya dil kare vekhda rahan. Zardari forgot for a second that he was on business in America.

Back home in Pakistan many people are feeling ashamed about what their President was doing. I think they must be agreeing with one of the great poets Ishq par zor nahin hai Ghalib. Yes, you canít have control over love and for the same reason Zardari didnít mince words when he showered praises on a paanch bacchon ki amma (mother of five kids) by saying, "You are more gorgeous than what I thought."

Let me clarify to my readers that Sarah Palin is a mother of five children ó still far behind our Rabri Devi who has 12 children.

Many young people in Punjab (both in India and Pakistan) have the ultimate aim, ĎYaar kisi taran gori mem phas jaye.í In that process many young men get married to white women double their age. I am sure Zardari didnít have anything of the kind on his mind when he said, ĎNow I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.í Taking a cue from Shaukat Aziz when he was drubbed for being too informal with Condi Rice, Zardari should always remember the famous line written on the rear of trucks: Dekhi ja, chedi na (You may keep looking, but donít touch).