Homing in on Jaipur
Jupinderjit Singh
Electoral rolls’ revision startles: The till-recently sparsely populated Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jhotwara & Sanganer now top development activity
THE real estate sector may be taking a breather in the Pink City but the last four years have seen massive and unprecedented urban migration.

A view of Vidhyadhar Nagar — Photo by writer
A view of Vidhyadhar Nagar — Photo by writer

Have money, will splurge
Shivani Bhakoo
FAR from the madding crowd, tranquility, greenery, not a trace of pollution, and that too within a radius of 15-20 km from Ludhiana. No joke this. Farmhouses on the outskirts of the industrial hub promise exactly this and much more. The only condition: You got to be loaded!
— Photo by Rajesh Bhambi A farmhouse at Basant Enclave in Ludhiana. — Photo by Rajesh Bhambi
— Photo by Rajesh Bhambi A farmhouse at Basant Enclave in Ludhiana. — Photo by Rajesh Bhambi

Living life King Size

WHILE man's quint-essential quest for adventure and discovery finds expression in travel, Uttarakhand offers several exciting and beautiful luxury apartments to its residents.  In today's time, desire for sheer comfort and serenity is not a fad but a necessity.

Luxury is the latest buzzword on the Doon housing scene

Luxury is the latest buzzword on the Doon housing scene

How fair are home loans?
S.C. Dhall
Amidst allegations of lower rates to new borrowers, MRTPC orders probe
THE Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission (MRTPC) has ordered an investigation into the non-transparent manner in which banks compute interest rates on home loans and the discrimination between new and existing customers.

LIC eyes more of realty pie
LIFE Insurance Corporation of India is making waves in the realty sector. The country’s largest insurer, which forayed into the real estate business in 2005, outbid other players in purchasing land across the country. With this, its real estate assets include 1,570 properties in the country with around 380 reserved for investment purpose.

Rang Barse!
Jagvir Goyal
Painting preserves and beautifies. Do it right the first time and have many years to enjoy your home. Painters often overlook the complexities of house painting. Often, a tip or two is all that is needed. For all tricks and tips from start to finish, just read on
THE next few episodes of this column will focus on guidelines for external and internal painting of your house. Many choices of painting material are available and the trend is to look for best-looking and durable paintwork, irrespective of the cost involved.

Will Matters
S.C. Vasudeva
Q. I have read in this column that self-acquired property can be willed to any person and legal heir has no right whatsoever. Is it so in the case of ancestral property which one gets it from the father or uncle and makes a will to a particular person? If so, then the purpose of Hindu Succession Act will be forfeited. Generally, a father receives ancestral house or agricultural land and wills it in the name of his sons, leaving the daughters aside, then the act becomes meaningless. Similarly, if a person has agricultural ancestral land to his name but has no son or daughter and wills it to any other relative, omitting his legal heirs, can this will be challenged?