Bring home the stars
Parbina Rashid
Want to catch the latest flick? Forget traffic jams, long queues and houseful boards. Get the feel of the bada parda in your living room with a home theatre
FOR most of us watching a film with friends would mean rushing to some multiplex, stand in those endless queues (unless of course you have been smart enough to do online booking), pushing and get pushed in turn at the entry point with the accompanied hassles of getting the purses and pockets checked for any possible explosives and then groping in the dark for the allotted seats before finally settling down in the chair to concentrate on the screen. MC councillor Devinder Singh Babla and his family enjoy a flick on their home theatre
MC councillor Devinder Singh Babla and his family enjoy a flick on their home theatre Photo: Manoj Mahajan

Mudras for a Master
Ashima Sehajpal
Suchitra Mitra, a Bharatnatyam dancer from the city, will share the stage with Sonal Mansingh’s troupe at Poompuhar
Pure art. That’s how this danseuse from Chandigarh defines the Indian classical dance form, Bharatnatyam. And she has an advice for all those who turn up to see Bharatnatyam performances for entertainment’s sake. “Appreciate the dance form just as you would any painting by a renowned artist.

Hungary feast
Ashima Sehajpal
The Hungarian film festival in the city is sure to popularise this small country of Europe
What if we are handed over the boring history books to learn about the culture and traditions of different countries? Without devoting more than ten minutes (that too is the maximum time limit), we would start doing something else or end up making an excuse of severe headache; the escape mantras, we used in history lessons back in school, will certainly become handy once more.
The Hungarian troupe in town pledges to entertain
The Hungarian troupe in town pledges to entertain Photo: S. Chandan

Wonders under willows
A lazy Saturday afternoon, and a nip in the air. A drive away from the rush of the city, an eating out by the poolside, and a spending spree that takes care of your festival wardrobe and gifting. That’s what a trip to Vanity Fair at Whispering Willows would entail.

Southern spice
South Indian food lovers are in for a treat. Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) has come up with fare from down south called Spicy South Food Festival at Hotel Mountview. The three-day festival is part of the cultural extravaganza of Tamil Nadu Government, Poompoohar-2008. And no, non-vegetarians need not skip it, for they have for the first time introduced non-vegetarian delicacies.

In Saif company
Life brings strange surprises. Harbhajan Singh and Surinder Kaur had one waiting for them as they handed a passport size photograph of theirs to a friend. The picture bagged them a short role in Saif’s upcoming untitled flick.


THE road to creative nirvana is paved with honest intentions. Jag Mundhra seems to have understood it well as this time he gets 'provoked' by London's infamous tube bombings and its aftermath —Operation Kratos—to churn out a gripping drama that focuses on human story.

No plastic!
Sreedhara Bhasin
On my return from a recent trip to Kolkata - I found an earth-repairing change – plastic bags have been banned and the ban has been literally implemented. I was so surprised that I even forgot to drink my evening tea. It seems almost implausible that life can go on without the ubiquitous plastic bags.

Splash of furnishings
Mohali residents now don’t need to drive down to Chandigarh everytime they want to shop for home furnishings. Splash, a retail outlet for home furnishing brand of Hanung Retail ltd. opened its branch in Phase-5. The store aims at providing at one stop experience for home furnishing shoppers with tablecloths, bed linens, curtains and towels available under one roof.