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Worst epidemic in a decade
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
The city is witnessing the worst dengue epidemic in the past 10 years even as hospitals are admitting confirmed and suspected cases of dengue.

Expressing concern over the overwhelming figures of positive dengue cases, the senior medical fraternity of the city has termed this year’s epidemic as the worst in a decade. “There is no respite from dengue cases as hospital OPDs, wards and rooms are flooded with patients suffering from dengue,” Dr Sandeep Puri, medical superintendent of the DMCH, said.

There was need to create awareness among people and take preventive measures, he added. The district health department has confirmed 1,241 cases of dengue in the district and 284 cases of suspected dengue. The number of confirmed cases from other districts has gone up to 527. Dr S.P. Mangla, district epidemiologist, when asked about the provision for equipment for random donor platelet (RDP) and single donor platelet, said the civil hospital had the facility of the RDP and had facilitated more than 400 patients. “However, doctors at the civil hospital would be able to serve more people if the department makes provision for the SDP, as promised by the health minister during her recent visit to the city,” the doctor added.

The health authorities further stated that all leading hospitals in the city had the SDP facility, but people could not afford the treatment.

Health officials blamed the Ludhiana MC for doing little to control the epidemic. District health officer and epidemiologist briefed D.S. Bains, principal secretary, local Bodies, Punjab, on the seriousness of the problem at a meeting convened in the city yesterday.


Truck mows down youth in front of father
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
Fire officer Baldev Sachdeva saw his 25-year-old son, a courier agent, being run over by a speeding truck near Mohan Dai Cancer Hospital here this afternoon. His father, who was inconsolable, said they were going for some work near Sherpur Chowk. “My son was walking ahead and I was trying to catch up with him, when all at once, a speeding truck came from behind and ran over him. He was crushed to death in front of my eyes,” he said.

Baldev Sachdeva, who had saved many lives, rued the fact that he could not save the life of his only son. “The truck could have crushed me instead,” he said.

A relative said they were looking for a match for the youth. Raj Rani, his mother, wished she had not sent him for work today. “If I had not sent him for work, he would have been alive. I don’t want to live,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, the truck driver managed to flee. The police has booked him for causing death by rash and negligent driving. This is the third death in less than two days due to reckless driving.



City investors lose crores in market crash
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
The stock market crash has upset the finances of scores of families in the city. There are a number of cases where the loss per family is as high as Rs 10 crore.

“I had invested all my life’s savings. We have had a decent lifestyle since generations and the market crash has virtually brought us on the road,” an influential merchant, requesting anonymity, said while giving details of the “colossal” loss over the past month.

Manjeet Singh, a broker at the Ludhiana Stock Exchange, said: “At least, 10 of my clients have lost over Rs 10 crore each during the recent slump. The situation is bad. Several big industrialists are in debt.”

As per estimates, investors here have lost around 50 per cent of their portfolios. Confirming this, a chartered accountant, Sanjeev Vohra, said: “Most investors have suffered losses amounting to over 50 per cent of their investments. Serious investors, who have retention capacity and are looking for long-term gains, are not investing at this point.”

He said small-time investors and speculators were now investing in stocks with the intention of small financial gains. Manjeet Singh said: “Big investors are waiting for the market to remain stable for sometime, only then will they make further investments to recover their losses.”

The market, however, opened with positive signs today. But the sentiment is weak. “We are advising our clients not to invest at this point,” he said.

However, a former director of the stock exchange, D.P. Gandhi, had a different view. “The market will bounce back around Diwali and will be stable for a while. Those who invest now will regain 25 per cent within the next six months,” he said. Most investors have stopped making investments in anticipation of better times.

Giving a counter view, a stock exchange dealer said: “There are enough market predictions doing the rounds, stating that there are no chances of a market revival before the end of 2009.”

There are a few investors who, despite losses, continue to invest thinking that the market would not go down further. An industrialist, who suffered a loss of over Rs 50 lakh, said: “I am investing more money as I don't think the market will go down further.”

Vohra said chances of the market dipping further were just 10 per cent. “But very few investors are taking any chance at this stage.”

A broker said small investors were indulging in bottom fishing. They were now investing in gold and silver after the prices fell. “People are also turning towards crude oil instead of shares,” he said.



Why should men have all the fun?
Tambola is passe. Women have now taken to gambling in a big way
Mohit Khanna/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
The trend of women gambling has caught up this Diwali season. They play cards at their houses, ladies clubs and farmhouses.

Police officials said there was an unprecedented increase in gambling by women, but have expressed their helplessness in booking them. Earlier, the police had booked a woman gambler this year.

Off the record, a senior police said there were no special teams of the women’s cell to check gambling and it was practically impossible to handle women offenders indulging in gambling.

A woman gambler said tambola had taken a back seat and women were now more interested in cards as there was more fun, more suspense and greater returns. She added: “Me and my friends agree with the advertisement which says ‘why should men have all the fun?”

The city has witnessed a sharp increase in the overall gambling activity. The police has registered more than 50 cases under an anti-gambling campaign launched during the ongoing festival season this year.

A manager in a leading industrial house said: “The stakes this year are an all-time high. I was shocked to see people play for Rs 10 lakh. A prominent personality of the town lost Rs 25 lakh on Friday. I come from Nangal and could have never imagined that such money was involved.”

Defying orders and devising innovative means to outsmart the police, residents have prepared special “dens” for gambling at their houses, farmhouses and even clubs. Reports also say rooms have been booked in hotels for this purpose.

A housewife said: “We have already had two sessions and plan at least two more before Diwali. We have arranged for a caterer from Delhi. Cards with money is fun.”

Another woman said she enjoyed playing cards with her friends and had pumped in huge money. Clubs were also giving special catering facilities and other offers to women gamblers.



Farmers disrupt rail traffic
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, October 20
As part of a statewide “rail roko” agitation against poor price of paddy, distress sale of produce and slow pace of procurement, seven associations of farmers sat on the track near the Ladhowal railway station, about 10 km from here, and disrupted train services for over three hours today.

The movement of trains on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar section came to a halt and several mail and express trains were delayed for some hours.

Railway officials said 2920 Jammu Tawi-Indore (Malwa Express) and 4650 Amritsar-Darbhanga (Saryu-Yamuna Express) were detained between Jalandhar and Ludhiana stations and were allowed to proceed to their destination only after the blockade was lifted at 3 pm.

A Jandiala-bound coal rake was also held up at the Ludhiana railway station for several hours.

Hardev Singh Sandhu, president of the Kisan Mazdoor Sabha and representatives of other bodies said the central government had disregarded the recommendations of its own Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices on the minimum support price (MSP) of paddy and farmers were being paid Rs 200 less than the recommended MSP.

Also, they were being given a price for their produce which was economically not viable and the farmers were forced to sell their crop at a lesser price to private traders. Procurement agencies were reluctant to make a direct purchase from producers, he alleged.

Leaders of other associations joined the protest and charged the government with ignoring the plight of farmers who were committing suicide as a result of the widening gap between the input cost and the income from produce.

Khanna : Bharatiya Kisan Union (Rajewal) stopped trains here, demanding a hike in the paddy MSP and recognition to Pusa 1121,besides relaxation in norms regarding moisture and discolouration of paddy.

The state president of the union, Balbir Singh Rajewal, alleged that the union government was spending thousands of crores on frivolous things, but was unwilling to spend a fraction of the amount to bail out farmers.

He said the moisture content should be increased from 17 per cent to 20 per cent and the discolouration standard from 4 per cent to 8 per cent.



Sale of dry fruits picks up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
With seven days to go for Diwali, sale of dry fruits has started picking up. Nowadays, people prefer to give dry fruits as Diwali gift over sweets, although they are quite costly.

The prices of dry fruits have risen as compared to the last year. According to Balwant Rai of Mani Ram Balwant Rai retail store, the demand for the dry fruit gift pack has started witnessing a rise. He says that the price of cashew nut has increased by 120 per kg. It is being sold for Rs 440 per kg compared to the last year’s Rs 320 per kg. However, the price of almond has fallen by Rs 120 per kg as a result of which the demand for almonds is more this year, which is being sold at Rs 360 per kg.

The dry fruit gift packs could be purchased for Rs 150 to Rs 550.

Kipps manager, Sarabha Nagar market, says pistachio (pista) is the costliest among the dry fruits. The manager said they were selling pista for Rs 550 per kg. Raisins (Kishmish) are being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 250 per kg.

The demand for chocolate gift packs is also increasing which are available in the range of Rs 60 to Rs 450 per pack.



Tanjore paintings a treat for art lovers 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
World famous Tanjore paintings made from gold foils are always an art lover’s delight. Made in Tamil Nadu, these paintings are the traditional art form of the state. Exhibited at Nehru Sidhant Kender these days during the ongoing exhibition, these paintings are catching everybody’s attention.

Tanjore paintings have a history of nearly 200-300 years. Sharing a slice of history, an artist from Tamil Nadu said there were two popular opinions about this art. While some say that Tanjore painting was an ancient and hereditary art of Thanjavur, others have an opinion that Rajasthan kings who ruled Tanjore had gifted this art to their queens as marriage presents and so its origin was from Rajasthan.

“The place of their origin is not important but what is significant is the beauty that encompasses these paintings,” said Vanita, a visitor at the exhibition.

Krishna theme is the major one in these paintings while other deities are also a part of it. “Earlier the theme of these paintings was mainly the stories of Krishna, but after the demand from the customers the motifs of Vinayaga, Lakshmi, Ramar, Balaji and other Gods are also included as the subject,” added one of the artist. These paintings are made by using gold foil with semi-precious stones called Kembu stones.

During the British rule, the Tanjore paintings were presented as gifts in England by English people. Presently these paintings are famous not only in India, but they are well-received by people around the globe. Its exhibitions at Singapore, the USA and England are held at regular basis.



An evening of Sufi mushaira
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
Poets from different parts of India kept alive the essence of Sufism at ‘All India Mushaira’ organised on Saturday at the Nehru Sidhant Kender.

Sufi Foundation of India in collaboration with the Society for Religious Friendship organised the mushiara.

The shayars with their die-hard patriotic zeal referred India to a land of spiritualism, intellect and love that has lived up to the expectations of the world.

A poet referred to the Punjabi shayars as ‘pillars’ of Urdu language, as he paid tributes to Sahir Ludhianavi, ascribing his popularity as ‘azmat’. It was none other than professor Bhupinder Parihaar from Ludhiana who with his effervescent style called the ‘old’ as the spirited lot, ready to take on to the new world.

MF Farooqui, the convener of the show, stole the show with his herculean yet indulgent style. His verse “Katein nikalten kabhi khaar se bhi hum, marham ka kaam letein hein talwar se bhi hum” denoted the tough stand of police personnel to save humanity but it was the young and romantic poet in him that was accredited with ‘daad’ from the veteran poets present at the mushiara. 



Gaushala celebrates foundation day
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
Krishan Balram Gaushala, the Pakhowal road, celebrated its foundation day here yesterday by planting five saplings on its campus as it entered its fifth year.

The function was presided over by deputy speaker Satpal Gosain, Punjab cabinet minister Hira Singh Gabria, and senior deputy mayor Praveen Bansal.

The cabinet minister handed Rs 1 lakh cheque to the gaushala and deputy speaker Gosain announced Rs 5 lakh for a laboratory to be constructed on the gaushala campus.

Founded by Vijay Tayal, the gaushala shelters around 500 cows and has a capacity of 900.

Giving details, Vinay Singla said an average expenditure incurred varies between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500. The gaushala, which work purely on donations, had 30 cows when it was built on October 14, 2004.

Meanwhile, students from various schools, including Jain Public School, Gyansthal Mandir and Shaligram Jain Public School presented “rasleelas” and cultural items to entertain audience. 



Folk culture comes alive
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 20
Folk instruments, songs and dances dominated the scene on the fourth day of the youth and heritage festival being organised in Dr. Ishwar Singh Memorial Hall of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha.

Chief guest for the evening session, Dr.S.P.Singh, former vice-chancellor, GNDU, in his inaugural speech apart from congratulating the college authorities asked the participating colleges and students to be devoted towards rejuvenation of their cultural heritage rather than being misled by the western glamour. As the day was dedicated to the 300 years of Guruta Gaddi Divas of Guru Granth Sahib, the chief guest exhorted the students to follow the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib.

Prof Balwant Singh Pangali, general secretary, the college management committee, spoke on religious and historical relevance of the day and stressed on the universal appeal and cosmic relevance of Guru Granth Sahib.

Principal Dr.Narinder Singh Sidhu extended a formal welcome to the guests and participants.

Various teams that participated from 13 different colleges of the district played folk instruments as dhol, dholak, duffli, ghara, baghdu, dhad, chimta, khanjri, manjeera, ghungroo, algozas, been, bansuri, wanjali, toombi, sangari, dotara, king, etc. in order to acquaint the young generation with traditional instruments, which added colour and variety to the show. Vaar, kali, kavishri, Indian traditional songs as suhag, ghoris, sithinies, long heik song, ghara songs, etc. were sung which added tradional colour to the festival.

An exhibition depicting the rich cultural heritage of Punjab was especially organised by the students of the college. Various items, including bhag, phulkaris, tradional ornaments, bedcovers, daris embellished with traditional embroidery as crochet work, phulki work, cross stitch, etc. were elaborately displayed for the onlookers so that they may have a glimpse of the tradition of their state.

The results:

Drama: A. S. College, Khanna -1, G. N. N. College, Doraha -2, Arya College, Ludhiana -3, (Individual) Avtar Singh Bhatti, A. S. College, Khanna -1, Deepika Rautela, Arya College, Ludhiana -2, Ramandeep Singh, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -3

Histrionics: Harvinder Singh, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -1, Simranjit Kaur, G.P.C., Alour -2, Baljit Singh, A. S. College, Khanna -3

Skit: G.P.C., Alour -1, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -2, K.L.S.D. College, Ludhiana -3, (Individual) Prince, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -1, Rishi, K.L.S.D. College, Ludhiana -2, Amitjot Singh, G.G.N. Khalsa College, Ludhiana -3

Mimicry: Hardip Singh Bassi, Arya College, Ludhiana -1, Gurmeet Singh, G. N. N. College, Doraha -2, Amandip Singh, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -3

Mime: G.G.N. Khalsa College, Ludhiana -1, G.P.C., Alour -2, G. N. N. College, Doraha -3

Debate: Kashish Goel, A.S. College, Khanna -1, Tarandeep Singh, Arya College, Ludhiana -2, Gaurav Aggarwal, Arya College, Ludhiana -3

Elocution: Tarandeep Singh, Arya College, Ludhiana -1, Megha Sharma, G. N. N. College, Doraha -2, Darashpreet Singh, Sh. Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management, Jhande -3

Poem recitation: Harpreet Kaur, Government College, Karamsar, Rara Sahib -1, Ramandeep Kaur, SCD Government College, Ludhiana -2, Nazma Chaudhry, Arya College, Ludhiana -3.



GHG Khalsa wins award in craft
Our Correspondent

Gurusar Sudhar, October 20
The Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival (Zone B), hosted by GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar, concluded here yesterday.

In its final day the festival witnessed the rich culture and heritage unique to Punjab. Dr S.S. Johal, former vice-chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala, and Dr H.S. Bari, registrar, Panjab University, were chief guests. The day’s events began with ‘shabad’. Five teams participated in the event ‘Kali/Vaar’ followed by ‘Kavishri’ with eight teams participating. Craft events mehndi and rangoli were also held. Phulkari, ‘bagh’ and ‘dasuti’ had 10 teams participating and crochet, knitting and pakhi making had the participation of 11 colleges. As many as 14 colleges participated in the events of mehndi and rangoli competition.

The events also included the ladies traditional and ritualistic songs comprising of ‘suhaag’, ‘sithanies’ and ‘long heik’ which had 10 teams participating and folk dance malwai gidda having 3 teams.

Chief guests, appreciating the presentations of the Kali, Vaar and Kavishri, said the rich culture and heritage can be treasured only through such festivals.

The prizes were given away by the guest of honour Mohinder Kaur Gill, Dr H.S. Brar and members of the governing council. The details as per the respective positions are as follows:

Kali/Vaar: GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar; DM College, Moga; Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Ludhiana and for the individual performance Nitharak Singh of DM College of Education, Moga; Gagandeep Kaur of Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Ludhiana.

Kavishri: Moga College of Education, Moga; Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial College of Education, Dhudike; DM College, Moga and for the individual performance Parvinder Kaur of Moga College of Education, Moga; Krishan Singh of DM College of Education, Moga.

Craft (phulkari, bhag, dasuti): Priyanka of GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar; Karamjit Kaur of Sant Baba Bhag Singh College of Education, Moga; Harjeet Kaur of Satyam College of Education, Moga.

Craft (crochet, knitting, pakhi making): Sant Baba Bhag Singh College of Education, Moga; GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar; GHGH Khalsa College of Education, Sidhwan Khurd.

Mehndi design: Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Ludhiana; GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar; GHGH Khalsa College of Education, Sidhwan Khurd.

Rangoli: Nidhi of Babe Ke College of Education, Daudhar, Moga; Kavita of DM College of Education, Moga; Monika of Sant Baba Bhag Singh College of Education, Moga.

Ladies traditional & ritualistic songs: DM College of Education, Moga; SDS College of Education for Women, Lopon, Moga; Moga College of Education, Moga and for individual performance Hardeep Kaur of SDS College of Education for Women, Lopon, Moga; Beant Kaur of DM College of Education, Moga.

Folk dance Malwai Giddha: GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar; DM College of Education, Moga; Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial College of Education, Dhudike and for the individual performance Nitharak Singh of DM College of Education, Moga; Jagjit Singh of Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial College of Education, Dhudike; Manpreet Singh of GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar.



PAUTA Elections 
Holiday fails to dampen spirit 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
Though the state government had declared a holiday today on the occasion of celebrations of “Gurta Gaddi Diwas”, the campus at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) remained abuzz with activities with candidates planning strategies for Punjab Agricultural University Teachers' Association (PAUTA) elections to be held tomorrow. The candidates are trying hard to prove their majority and allegations and counter allegations become the order of the day.P

The smart voters (faculty members) extended a “whole-hearted” support to both the teams led by Dr M. S. Mahal and Dr M. L. Sharma. This time, the candidates from both the sides have targeted young faculty members from outstations like Bathinda, Abohar, Patiala, Kandi, etc.

Dr M. L. Sharma, contesting for the post of president told that the present PAUTA had failed to watch the interest of the faculty members.

“They also failed to protect the university land at Bathinda.

They handed the teachers' home to non-teaching employees for the staff club. They could not even present their case properly to the UGC but we are committed to remove the anomalies such as inclusion of associate professor scale in pay band IV and professor's scale equivalent to additional secretary and additional advance increments,” said Dr Sharma adding that they will make efforts to retain the present four-tier system i.e. assistant professor, assistant professor senior scale, associate professor and professor. He also said that teachers in the varsity were in favour of a change.

Meanwhile, Mukesh Siag, general secretary of the PAUTA told that despite being a holiday today, their team members and supporters were present in good numbers at the campus.

He said the team under the leadership of Dr M. S. Mahal had done a lot for the welfare of university, pensioners and the faculty members throughout the year and most of the teachers had extended the support this time, too. “We have already visited deans, directors and heads of the departments seeking their cooperation.

The team members have also distributed pamphlets about the achievements and the next agenda. We do not believe in levelling the allegations, we believe in doing work for the betterment of the varsity,” he said. 



Day 2: Dramatics dominate youth fest 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
It was a day of dramatics and creative writing at the PU Zonal Diamond Jubilee Youth and Heritage Festival for Educational Colleges (Zone - A) here today as the students competed in various events of these two categories.

The youth festival which is going on at GMT College of Education witnessed acting skills of students as they competed in skit, mime, mimicry, drama and histrionics.

The Dev Samaj College of Education, Chandigarh, clinched the title for best skit, while Gobindgarh College of Education, Alour, and Government College of Education, Chandigarh, stood second and third, respectively.

Similarly, the host GMT College of Education was adjudged first in mimicry and Bhutta College of Education was declared second.

As far as mime was concerned, it was the artistes of Dev Samaj College of Education, Chandigarh, who stole the show with their acts. GMT College of Education and BCM College of Education, both from Ludhiana, were announced second and third, respectively, in the same category.

The second day of the youth festival also saw the creative writing of students as everyone tried their best, but it was Meenakshi and Vinod Kumar who were declared first in essay writing and poetry writing, respectively, while Jatinder and Ram Krishan were declared second in the same category.



Seminar on learning disability
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
A seminar on learning disability was held at BVM Senior Secondary School, Udham Singh Nagar. Speaking on this occasion, Bharati Kapoor, a psychologist and educational consultant, highlighted the problems faced by children in coping up with the stress in the present day education system.

She said it was important to understand the behaviour of students and to encourage their skills in their area of excellence rather than pressuring them to perform better in academics. 



Philosophy of Bhagat Singh

We have recently celebrated the birthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Seminars, plays and other functions have been organised for celebrating his birthday. But are we really serious about the principles and philosophy of Bhagat Singh, who along with his other companions waged a war against slavery and laid down his life for the country’s liberation?

Justice, equality and prosperity is possible only in democratic system which was the ultimate goal of our martyrs. This can only be possible if our politicians and youth take a pledge to follow the principles of Bhagat Singh to see India of the martyr’s dreams and thus it would be a true tribute to him.

Meanjit Singh Mehram, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "[email protected]" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Gang of truck thieves busted, 1held
Punjabi singer Nishan Singh Gill kingpin
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 20
With the arrest of one person, identified as Fateh Jang Singh, the police claims to have busted a seven-member gang of truck thieves here today. The other six accused identified as Nishan Singh, Mandeep Singh Sandhu, Major Singh, Munna Pandit, Sucha Singh and Darshan Singh are absconding.

Talking to mediapersons, SP (city II) said gang used to steal loaded trucks on pistol point and then sold the products as well as the vehicle. The gang leader Nishan Singh happens to be a Punjabi singer who had numerous cassettes recorded in his name.

The police said on the intervening night of October 19 and 20; they had laid a naka at Profactor Marriage Palace and intercepted a truck (HR 38L 9992). As soon as the vehicle stopped, two men taking advantage of night fled away. However, Fateh Jang Singh, who was driving the vehicle, was nabbed. On inspecting the vehicle, the cops found two persons tied up in the truck cabin who revealed their identity as truck driver Devinder Singh and his Inderpal Singh.

Similarly, another truck trailer (HR 38L 9994), which was behind the sized truck, was stopped at a distance and four men fled away from it. On checking the trailer another person was found who revealed himself as Sunny Kumar. The truck was loaded with 24 tonnes of aluminum.

The cost of the material seized from the trucks was around Rs 60 lakh.

2 hit by trucks, dead

Two persons died after being hit by speeding trucks in different parts of the city. The first accident took place near Amaltas Hotel at GT Road when a rickshaw puller was hit the truck being driven at breakneck speed. The identity of the rickshaw puller was yet to be ascertained. Another speeding truck mowed down a pedestrian at the Ferozepur road yesterday evening. The accident took place when victim Labh Singh (45), a resident of Krishna Nagar, was returning home after meeting his relatives. In both cases the truck drivers managed to escape.

Two booked for cheating

Khanna: The Economic Offences Wing of the local police today booked two men for cheating a resident of Naulari Khurd on the pretext of sending him abroad.

In a complaint lodged with the police Ajit Singh alleged that Inderveer Singh and Jagtar Singh had taken Rs 5 lakh from him on the pretext of sending him abroad.

After a few months the accused neither sent him abroad nor returned the money. A case has been registered at the Sadar police station.

In another case, Harjeet Singh, a resident of Issru, was arrested with 3-gram smack from near his village today.

He was produced before the magistrate today and jailed.

Meanwhile, a resident of Mandiana Kalan village was booked for beating another resident of the village. Paramjit Singh, complainant, alleged that Bhajan Singh stopped him while he was returning home. He also broke the windowpanes of complainant’s car. A case has been registered.



Fraud accused nabbed in Delhi 
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, October 20
The Jagraon police succeeded in arresting an accused wanted in a case registered last year. The police team, led by Jagmohan Singh, in-charge EOW, Jagraon, nabbed him yesterday from his home at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.

The police obtained a three-day remand from the court of Judge Rajiv Kumar of Jagraon Courts. A case was registered against four accused, Inderjit Singh and Jaswant Singh Sodhi of New Delhi, Karnail Singh of Ludhiana and Satnam Singh of Akalgarh (Sudhar), on the complaint of Hakam Singh of Hans Kalan, Jagraon, in October last year under Sections 420 and 120B of the IPC at Sudhar police station.

The accused lured the complainant of sending his son Narinder Pal Singh to England in 2003. The deal was struck at Rs 5.5 lakh of which half of the amount was paid in cash to the accused. Sodhi, one of the accused, took Narinder along with him and proceeded towards the UK. He managed to get a VISA to Ethopia but failed to procure further visa to the UK.

Both of them returned to India and the accused tried to convince the complainant that they will send Narinder to the UK by any means.

The complainant complained about the accused in 2003, but no action was taken against them. Last year the accused refused to refund the money received from the complainant. Hakam Singh again approached the Sudhar police and got the case registered against the accused.

Two of the accused, Satnam Singh and Karnail Singh, were arrested earlier and are presently on bail now. Inderjit Singh is still at large and the Jagraon police has obtained the arrest warrant to against him and is raiding his suspected hideouts.



Misleading Ad
Institutes told to pay Rs 1 lakh compensation
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, October 20
In a judgment that could pave the way for compensation seekers on account of unauthorised certificates issued by an electropathy institute, Kuldeep Singh, a local resident, has been provided with a relief worth Rs 1 lakh by the Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission at the hands of Punjab Medical Institute and Hospital of Electropathy, Jalandhar, and Naturo-Electro Homeo Medicines of India (NEHM) for providing him with an fake certificate.

Kuldeep Singh had carried out his classes at the institute in a course, which they mentioned as a four-year degree course in the prospectus. He was instead handed out a certificate at the end of the course. The commission has termed as “false and misleading” the version of the institutes that they were duly authorised by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The commission also observed that the institute also wrongly mentioned in its document that it was having technical collaboration with Dr Y.S. P. University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, as it failed to produce on record any such document.

The commission has also ordered that a copy of the judgment be also sent to the Delhi High Court for initiating contempt proceedings against the respondents. The judgment was being sent to the Delhi High court as it had held in one of its decision, “the respondents shall not award any degree for the course conducted by them.”

It was further observed by the Delhi High Court that the respondent should forthwith delete the misleading statements in the prospectus and not make misleading claims with regards to its having been recognised by the Medical Council of India”.

The medical institute has been fined Rs 50,000 and the NEHM asked to pay Rs 100,000 as the compensation. Out of the total awarded compensation, Kuldeep Singh will get Rs 1 lakh and the remaining amount shall go to the Consumer Legal Aid account of the commission.

The order will have to be complied within two months, from the receipt of the order, failing which the institutes will have to pay 9 per cent interest per annum to the complainant.

In its complaint filed before the state consumer commission, the complainant had submitted that he was allured and misled by the Punjab Technical Institute, Jalandhar, for taking admission in their course known as the bachelor of electropathy medicine and surgery. He took admission in 1997 and spent lakhs as tuition fee, hostel charges, mess charges, for getting tuitions.

On the other hand, the institute contended that it had done nothing wrong. It refuted all allegations leveled by the complainant. It was averred that as per court orders, they could not issue the degrees. It was also claimed that the complainant was successfully doing the practise in the electro homeopathy. They also produced certain letter pads mentioning the complainant to be the press secretary of Electro Homeopathic doctors association.



Sangrur emerge champion
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 20
Sangrur Academy outnumbered Jarkhar Academy 3-1 to emerge champions in the 9th All-India Mata Surjit Kaur Hockey League that concluded at the Mata Sahib Kaur stadium, Jarkhar, about 15 km from here, today. This was Sangrur Academy's second title win.

Sangrur Academy lads started the proceedings on the sound note and made forays into the rival's territory from the word go.

After initiating a number of moves, they opened their account in the seventh minute through a penalty corner conversion by Narinder Singh.

They pumped in two more goals, through Sukhdeep Singh (52nd minute) and Amarpreet Singh (58th minute) to consolidate the lead 3-0. The lone goal for the losers came off Prabhpreet Singh's stick.

The winners pocketed a cash prize of Rs 16,000, besides the trophy. Sukhbir Singh of Jarkhar Academy was named the man of the tournament while Narinder Singh of Sangrur Academy was declared the best goalkeeper.

Ishmeet Singh and Harminder Singh, both of Jarkhar Academy were adjudged the best full back and the best half, respectively. Sukhdeep Singh of Sangrur Academy won the best forward award and Singhu Academy from Delhi clinched the fair play trophy.

Hira Singh Gabria, cabinet minister, Punjab, gave away prizes to the winners. He announced a grant of Rs 50,000 for the Jarkhar Academy and also assured the organisers to provide all sorts of modern facilities at the village stadium. 



SKSS defeat Eastwood 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 20
Girls of SKSS International Public School, Sarabha, defeated those of Eastwood Public School, Mullanpur, in the concluding match on the inaugural day of the CBSE Schools Kho-Kho Tournament that commenced at SKSS International Public School in Sarabha village, near here today.

According to Dr Kuldip Singh, principal of the host school, over 250 players from 20 schools affiliated to CBSE had reported for the tournament. In the opening match the host school boys’ team defeated Alpine International School, Ludhiana. Boys of DAV, Phillaur, defeated Shamrock Public School, Ludhiana.



Annual athletics meet begins
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 20
The 23rd annual athletics meet of Gujarnwala Guru Nanak Public School began today in which a large number of students are taking part. Hardeep Singh Greal, a former hockey Olympian, inaugurated the meet.

In his address, the chief guest motivated the students to explore and harness their talent and work with devotion to carve a niche for themselves in the field of sports. A cultural programme was also presented by the students at the inaugural function.

Principal of the school, Karnail Singh, Prof Prihipal Singh Kapur, president of the Gujarnwala Khalsa Educational Council and former vice-chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Harmohinder Singh and Kuljeet Singh, secretary and joint secretary, respectively, of the council were also present on the occasion.

Today's results:

400m race- Harpreet Kaur 1, Dilpreet Kaur 2 and Amanpreet Kaur 3;

Long jump- Suraj 1, Gurinder Pal Singh 2 and Amrinderpal Singh 3;

Shot put- Jagriti Kaur Garcha 1, Harprabhjot Kaur 2 and Amandeep Kaur 3; 400m race - Harpreet Singh 1, Gagandeep Singh 2 and Manpreet Singh 3. 



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