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After 1,800 cases, fogging begins
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
After 1,800 cases of dengue already reported, the municipal corporation today woke up and chief parliamentary secretary, local bodies, Harish Rai Dhanda flagged off the fogging machines from the corporation's Zone B office here today evening.

The fogging operations were formally inaugurated today, two months after the city remained in the grip of fever. A lot of hue and cry was raised from all quarters that the corporation was not carrying out fogging operations so as to kill larvae of Aedes mosquitoes responsible for the spreading dengue.

Unfortunately, the operations was launched today when district health officer, S.S. Dhir had already declared end of epidemic due to unfavourable weather conditions for the larvae.

Only yesterday, Dhir had said the cases that most of the cases were reported after seven days incubation period. This would subside within a week.

He also said that the weather was no more favourable for the growth of larvae of Aedes mosquito to breed as the humidity had gone down and air was comparatively cooler.

‘‘It's really shocking that the authorities are so callous. So many people have already suffered due to the disease and nobody bothered. They had been sleeping over the problem and now they have been shaken out of their slumber. What is the fun of this fogging now when the dengue is already on the wane? ’’ asked S.S. Chana, a resident.

He said it was high time that the authorities were held accountable for such diseases. ‘‘Unless some heads roll for the spread of such epidemics, nobody is going to take preventive steps seriously. People will continue to suffer,’’ he added.

A senior doctor said," It has happened due administrative failure. It's impossible to educate masses on how to keep mosquitoes at bay or for that matter stop their breeding? Till we wake up to the causes, people will continue to suffer,’’ he added.


Ghanta Ghar loses sync
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Ghanta Ghar has become an identity for the city, but for the past few days, its clocks have been showing different time. It seems the MC is too busy to do something about it. One can see weed growing on crevices, which is contributing to cracks in the structure.

Constructed more than a century ago, the tower was inaugurated by Lt-Governor of Punjab and its dependencies, Sir Charles Montgomery. It was earlier known as Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.

When Giani Zail Singh was the Chief Minister of the state, he had rechristened Ghanta Ghar as Bhagwan Mahavir Clock Tower.

Being maintained by the MC, the tower has seen many ups and downs. Former commissioner Vikas Pratap had tried to maintain the structure.

M.K. Gupta, a businessman in his 70s, said he had been watching the clock since his childhood. “It was a centre of attraction before the construction of the flyover which joins the Jagraon bridge to the Jalandhar bypass,” he said, adding that it was not for the first time that the watches were showing wrong timings.

Harpreet, a housewife, said before the coming up of the mall culture, Chaura Bazaar used to be the central place and Ghanta Ghar its landmark. “I remember my grandfather used to set his watch to the tower whenever he used to take me out to the market,” she said.



Brick-kiln units face closure
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
The sudden hike in the coal prices has hit the brick-kiln industry badly. Over 300 brick-kilns in Ludhiana district are facing the threat of closure as there are no takers for bricks.

Coal is the basic raw material in the brick-kiln industry and amounts to over 60 per cent of the input costs and is priced between Rs 9,800 and Rs 11,000 per tonne whereas last year its cost was Rs 6,000 per tonne. As a result, the prices of bricks have also gone up considerably. Till last year, bricks were priced at Rs 1,700 per 1,000 and now it is Rs 2,500.

“There are about 300 brick-kilns in the district which are facing closure,” says Jagdeep Singh Sukhija, vice-president, Ludhiana Brick-kiln Owners Association. “The brick-kiln business picks up in March and October every year. However, this time most owners have postponed the operations to January as there has been no demand for bricks till now.”

He added that they were not being given coal at government prices as there was no provision for the same and they had to purchase it from the open market.

Ashwini Sood, member of the association, said: “We are not starting operations because the stock of the last season is still lying unsold. The situation is indeed bad and many of us have decided to wait and watch until March next year. If things do not improve, we will shut our units.”

Not only the cost of coal, but also the prices of most raw material required in the industry has gone up, resulting in the rising prices of bricks.

Darshan Singh Jwanda, president of the association, said: “We have been hit hard by the costs of raw materials used in kilns. Besides coal, even the cost of clay has gone up two fold. Earlier, it was available for Rs 8-9 lakh per acre, but now it comes for Rs 25 lakh. Paddy husk is also costlier now. We have to pay even for things like clay. The government has failed to help us and save the industry in spite of repeated representations and memorandums.”

He added that as the units were not able to sustain business in the wake of the rising prices and inflation, they would be forced to shut shop and look for alternative occupation.

Another problem plaguing the industry was labour. The government had increased the cost of labour by 25 per cent last year, which was an added burden on the industry, added Jwanda.

Labour was not easily available as the labour required in the kilns was highly skilled. There was no government policy to save the industry from closure, he said.



Councillors’ husbands run the show
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Reservation in the MC was done with an aim to giving representation to women, besides giving them an opportunity to show skills. But the irony is that despite having such an opportunity, women councillors have confined themselves to their houses.

In the 75-member municipal house here, 26 councillors are women who had been elected by residents with a hope to bring around an era of development. Out of these, eight belong to the BJP and five each to the SAD and the Congress.

Most of these councillors function just in “records” and their husbands are the “real” councillors. Whenever someone calls them, it's either their husband or a male family member who speaks to the media on their behalf.

Also, the much-hyped sangat darshan witnessed almost negligible participation of women councillors which indicates how effective they are in the MC.

A senior politician said on the condition of anonymity that the reason why women had been able to come in the municipal house was just because of reservation. “Had there been no quota for them, you would not have seen a woman’s face,” he said.

Deputy mayor Sunita Aggarwal of the BJP had been elected councillor for the third time. She said the major problem with women candidates was that they were hesitant and lacked confidence.

“One has to learn things while working in the field,” she said, adding that she had been motivating women councillors to come forward and be active. She admitted that even she took around eight months to adapt to the political scenario.

Councillor of Ward No. 49, Mamta Ashu, who won as an Independent, said the problem was that these women were not willing to work. She admitted that most women councillors were eyewash and their husbands had allowed their wives or mothers to contest only because of the reservation.

Deputy leader of opposition Amrit Varsha Rampal, a Congress councillor from Ward No. 56, said: “Male domination is the prime reason why woman are not able to prove their capabilities. The male chauvinistic society does not want women to come forward.”

Women themselves should wake up and show that they were capable enough to tackle development in their wards, she added.



Poorvanchal activists scare away MNNS leader?
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 2
Reacting to unofficial information that an office-bearer of the Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena (MNNS) was arriving here by the New Delhi-Ludhiana Shatabdi Express and that he was scheduled to hold a news conference later in the day, hundreds of activists of social and political bodies representing migrant workers from Bihar, UP and Uttaranchal assembled at the railway station to stage a peaceful protest against him.

The railway station witnessed a flurry of activities as functionaries of the Poorvanchal Vikas party, Akhil Bhartiya Poorvanchal Vikas Parishad, Bhartiya Janjagran Sangathan, SAD, Rashtriya Lok Dal and Lok Janshakti Party kept waiting for the train.

When the train arrived, migrants kept a watch to find out if the MNNS leader was travelling by the train. However, he could not be traced.

To ensure that he had not slipped away quietly in the face of the protest, they later went to the Circuit House to confirm his arrival.

Prem Pandey, president of the Poorvanchal Vikas Party, and Wakil Choudhry, secretary general of the SAD labour wing, said they had received a report that a general secretary of the MNNS was visiting the city today.

“We had gone to hold a peaceful protest against the atrocities being perpetrated against North Indians in Maharashtra at the instance of MNNS chief Raj Thackeray. We also wanted to make sure that no one is allowed to vitiate the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in Punjab, or for that matter anywhere else in Northern India,” they added.

It could not be ascertained if any MNNS functionary was visiting the city.



Ban on child labour only in name
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Children's Day on November 14 would again lead to a debate on child labour, with the media and NGOs blaming the government for failing to implement law in this regard.

The government would once again announce some schemes for children targeting economically weaker sections and the real beneficiaries would be left out.

A large number of child labourers can be seen working on roads, factories, schools and around government offices in the city.

Various government projects (like the building of roads and flats) which are being undertaken by private contractors employ child labourers below the age of 14 years.

The government is hardly bothered about the sort of work force being employed by these contractors.

A government official said on the condition of anonymity that once the work was given to a contractor, “we are responsible for quality and not the quantity of labour employed.”

Government officials cannot go to every site to check if children have been employed. Ten-year-old Raju, who is working with a road contractor, said: “My parents also work for the contractor and since I don't go to school, they used to bring me here.”

The owner told his parents to employ him, too, to get more money.

Even at the mini secretariat, small children can be seen working on rehris right in front of the authorities.

Raghu (11), who has been working on a rehri and serving tea to government officers, said they call him Chottu. He said no one told him about the ban.

“My younger sister is 9-years-old and she works at a home and looks after children,” he said, adding that he wanted to go to school.



Flesh Trade
Woman from Mohali detained
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
The police detained a Mohali-based woman for allegedly luring a woman employed at a mall into the flesh trade here last evening.

The accused entered the mall in Sarabha Nagar and tried to lure a woman employed there into flesh trade. The woman objected to it and called other employees, who nabbed her.

No FIR was registered against the woman until the filing of this report. Police sources said the woman used to visit the city twice a week and herself indulged in flesh trade.



Cinema halls lose out to multiplexes
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Thanks to the multiplex culture due to which all major cinema halls in the city these days wear a deserted look. However, this was not as always. People used to flock these cinema halls during their days of glory. However, today, only migrants could be seen lined up for viewing Bhojpuri films most of which are screened in these cinema halls. The oldest theatre in the city exists from the pre-Independence days. Reiki, being the oldest cinema hall, dates back to 1933 while the second one was, Naulakha Theatre, was constructed in 1938.

The city boasts of hosting the premiers of the famous films, and even legendary stars like Raj Kapoor and Mala Sinha used to visit the city for the promoting their movies.

Nowadays, Bhojpuri stars visit the cinema halls for the premiers and promotion of their movies.

While today, the movie runs for only two-three weeks but there were the days of silver and diamond jubilees. Society theatre has maximum number of silver jubilees to its credit. Sharing the nostalgic moment, Bhupinder Singh, owner of Society Theatre, said 10-year-ago the cinema halls used to bustle with people. "During those days, movies were the only source of entertainment, but now things have undergone a sea change, and now people have more avenues of entertainment,” he added.

Going down the memory lane, he added that it was during the premier of “Bobby” that Raj Kapoor visited the cinema hall. "The announcement was made public one day in advance, and the people thronged the cinema hall not only to watch the movie, but also to catch the glimpse of their favourite stars," he said.

Lalit, owner of Swarn Theatre, said today cinemas were dying. He added that most of the people in the city preferred going to malls and multiplexes, and cinemas are in the terminal stage of their existence. "The audience coming to the cinema halls has changed today, and now, they cater only to the migrant class. In the yesteryears, big names in the Bollywood used to visit the city cinema halls, but today Bhojpuri stars have taken their place. Last month, Bhojpuri star Ashutosh Khere visited the cinema hall and proved to be a major crowd-puller. Next month, the star cast of another film will visit our cinema hall," he added.



Badal’s kin to contest LS seat
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 2
Speculation regarding the likely candidates of the various political parties for the local parliamentary constituency has started gaining strength with the Lok Sabha general elections nearing.

Akali Dal nominee Sharanjit Singh Dhillon is holding the local parliamentary seat at present.

With the delimitation of the Parliament and Vidhan Sabha seats, Ludhiana parliamentary seats has become urban dominated. Out of the nine Vidhan Sabha segments which form the parliamentary seat six is purely urban and the other three semi-urban.

Ludhiana parliamentary constituency consists of Ludhiana (East), Ludhiana (South), Atamnagar, Ludhiana (Central), Ludhiana (West), Ludhiana (North), Gill (SC) Dakha and Jagraon (SC). Ludhiana (Central), Ludhiana (South), Atamnagar and Gill are newly-carved Vidhan Sabha segments.

At present Ludhiana (East) and Ludhiana (North) are held by the BJP while Ludhiana (Rural) and Ludhiana (West) are represented by the Akali Dal, respectively, Jagraon Vidhan Sabha seat is with the Congress and the Akali Dal holds the Dakha. The other three Vidhan Sabha seats are yet to elect their representatives being newly carved.

Ludhiana parliamentary seat has been witnessing a close contest between the two principal parties the Congress and the Akali Dal since Independence. With the change in the demography of the seat, the Congress can have little edge, as most of the Vidhan Sabha seats are now urban dominated.

For the Congress ticket, the main aspirants are Manish Tiwari, AICC secretary, and official spokesman of the AICC, Harmohinder Singh Pradhan (MLA) from Raikot, Gurcharan Singh Galib, former MP, and Jagpal Singh Khangoora, father of Jassi Khangura, Congress MLA from Kila Raipur.

There are rumours that a member of the Badal’s family could also contest from the Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat.



Forced to take tuitions, students lodge complaint
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Another controversy surrounds Arya College with the recent complaint lodged by 29 students of BCA final year to the vice-chancellor Panjab University, Chandigarh, about a Computer lecturer, who was "compelling" them to take tuitions. The lecturer allegedly threatened students regarding marks in the internal assessment.

Though the vice-chancellor asked the principal to immediately look into the matter with latter constituting a three-member committee but Arya College Teachers' Union (ACTU) feels that nothing will come out from the committee report as principal, himself, was "shielding" the lecturer Ambrish Aggarwal.

Talking to The Tribune, a senior member of the union said the three-member committee, including S.C. Sood, V.K. Bhardwaj and R.L. Behl would speak the language of principal only. But the other teachers were perturbed. The principal did not take any of us into confidence before constituting the committee. Even the senior most teachers were unaware. Nothing would come out from the committee's report, as this was just an eye-wash. The committee had to be constituted because of the pressure by the vice-chancellor ", said one of the members of ACTU.

Another teacher told that Aggarwal was a blue-eyed boy of principal. Being an ad-hoc lecturer, he was paid a handsome salary of Rs 18,000 a month. Besides, he took tuitions. "There are about other 40 ad-hoc lecturers in the college but not a single teacher was paid as much as Aggarwal.



PAU training course on apiculture
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
According to Dr N.S. Malhi, director of extension education, PAU will be organising training courses on different allied agricultural ventures.

An integrated refresher training course in apiculture will be organised from November 3-7 for extension personnel wherein district extension specialists (Entomology) at the Farm Advisory Service Scheme (FASS) headquarters, assistant/associate professors (plant protection) at KVKs, agricultural development officers (bee-keeping) and horticultural development officers will be participating, said Dr Malhi.

Programme is organised under ICAR scheme, "All India Coordinated Project on Honey Bee Research and Training,” he added.

A monthly state level training-cum-workshop for the members of progressive beekeepers association will be held on November 5 at training centre in the Kairon Kisan Ghar. In this course, Dr Ramandeep Singh will deliberate on understanding consumer behaviour to tap honey markets and Yashpal Singh will discuss commercial methods of mass queen bee rearing, said Dr Malhi.

Another training course on mushroom cultivation and processing will be organised on December 10-12 for district extension specialists and KVK teachers. Dr P.K. Khanna, department head of Microbiology will be the technical coordinator.

Dr Malhi said the resource persons connected with the training programmes would impart practical hand-on-training as well as theoretical knowledge on the subject to the participants.



Padho Punjab scheme from today
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
"Padho Punjab scheme under Sarav Sikhsha Abhiyan Programme will be implemented from November 3 in the primary classes of government schools," said Amarjit Kaur, district education officer (primary).

She said under this scheme, the students would be made to study Punjabi and Mathematics for two hours daily in the morning from 9 am to 11 am in all the government primary schools of the district.

'Padho Punjab' is meant for the students from Class I to V. From November 3, students of these classes will be examined verbally under the supervision of the Block Master Trainer (BMT) committee, especially formed for this purpose. These tests will form the baseline of this scheme. Performance of the students in Punjabi and Maths will be the yardstick for the improvement. Groups of students will be constituted according to their abilities in these two subjects, added Amarjit.



New Zealand, Australia favourite destinations among students
Sheetal Chawla
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
New Zealand and Australia are the highly sought after destinations by the youth in search of greener pastures. Hundreds of youngsters are now fleeing to these two countries, after completing their senior secondary certificate.

Their main area of education in these two countries is to achieve proficiency in computer education, IT and business management.

The youngsters find it easy to get visa to New Zealand and Australia, where they can earn their livelihood while learning.

Can-abl immigration consultants have been granted Aerie (Australia) and Nizer (New Zealand) membership and are authorised to guide the youth who seek to go abroad. Gurpreet claims, "We are the only one authorised consultants for New Zealand in Punjab."

"At present, majority of the students are going to New Zealand. Australia has lot of Punjabis and one finds 'Desi Mahaul' in cities like Melbourne, Aldelaid and Sydney," disclosed Gurpreet.

Enquiries made by The Tribune reveal that the financial background of the parents of the students aspiring to go abroad must be very sound. For going to Australia, the youth must have Rs 18 lakhs and for New Zealand Rs 9 lakhs respectively as bank balance.

Some students said they were going to foreign land for better academic qualification and prosperous future.

Inderpal Singh, whose parents own 150 acres of land at Kashipur, Uttrakhand, is going to New Zealand for higher studies and would be back after completing his education. "I just want to broaden my horizon and would later settle in India only,” he added.

Nitin Ghai and Khanpuri, both from Ludhiana have plans to go to New Zeaand.

Khanpuri would be pursuing National Diploma of Computing from Aronui International College, New Zealand, and Nitin would be joining National Diploma in Computing and IT at New Zealand School of Education.

The tuition fee for these courses in New Zealand is Rs 4.8 lakh, whereas, in India the tuition fee is quite high.



Schools for slum kids
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
New schools based on minimum 20 children are being set up in the slum areas/jhugi dwelling units in the state under Sarav Sikhsha Abhiyan programme for the children of 6 to 14 years, stated Harish Rai Dhanda, chief parliamentary secretary for the local government, Punjab.

Inaugurating a school in Chand colony, Haibowal Khurd, here today, Dhanda addressed the gathering and distributed kits consisting of books, notebooks and pencils to the students.

Dhanda said under this program, the schools were being set up for the deprived. One student with 10+2 or BA pass from the same locality was being deputed for a group of 20 students each to teach them in these schools, which would be run for an hour daily. The student would be given basic education for one or two years and later they would be shifted to the regular government schools.

Dhanda announced that uniforms would be given to the students before starting of winter season. He appealed to the parents to keep a watch on their children to ensure regular attendance in the schools.

Among others who were present on this occasion were Balkar Singh Sandhu, councilor, P.C. Garg, advocate, Balbir Singh and Randhir Singh.



Doctors' meet on sports injuries
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 2
Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) Department of Anatomy hosted its 3rd annual academic feast of the Anatomical Society of India (ASI) here today.

Main was focus was laid on different kinds of orthopaedic problems, especially sports injuries. Delegates from all over India presented their research papers.

Jaspal Sandhu, head, sports medicine and physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, discussed the anatomical aspect of causes of the lower back pain and the importance of segmental stability. Mohammed Yamin, professor and head, department of orthopaedics, DMCH, spoke on the injuries related to the knee joint.

Sanjay Wadhwa, professor and head, rehabilitation medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh, discussed the anatomical aspects of rehabilitation of sports injury.

Panel discussions on “know your body limits" were also organised in which delegates discussed the importance of exercise and anatomical sites frequently injured during exercise.

Earlier, professor and head, department of anatomy, DMCH,Poonam Singh, welcomed the delegates. Secretary of the managing society Prem Kumar Gupta was the chief guest.



Dry days may be ahead for dry cleaners
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Dry cleaners and dyers of the city are a harassed lot with no respite in sight from the high prices of raw material used in the trade, especially MTO (mineral turpentine oil), a petroleum product used for cleaning woollen and silky clothes.

Though due to the global economic meltdown, prices of petrol and its products have gone down,dry-cleaning business continues to suffer as compared to the last year, the prices of raw materials used in the trade have doubled. “As a result, there is a lot of resentment among the clients who often crib when asked to shell out around 25 to 30 per cent more than what was charged last year," said Sunil, manager, Quick Dry Cleaners.

Adds Vijay Gandhi, a local dry cleaner, "The big traders are the worst hit as the smaller ones are exempt from service tax that is charged at the rate of 12.5 per cent. They can afford not to raise their service costs. If we increase our dry-cleaning charges, our clients go to the smaller shops."

The representatives of the various dry cleaners' associations of Ludhiana and surrounding areas have urged the authorities on many occasions to review the hike in the prices of the mineral turpentine oil, which according to them, have doubled in the last one year, but to no avail.

Gandhi rued that all their appeals to save their establishments from collapsing had fallen on deaf ears, even as oil prices were hiked from Rs 37 per litre last year to Rs 80 per litre this year. “Though the prices have now come down to Rs 67 per litre, it is still almost double of what it was last year and this has adversely affected our business,” he said.

Adds Rajiv Kanaujia, general secretary of the Punjab Dry Cleaners' and Dyers Association, “As petrol is being sold for Rs 55 per litre in the state, our customers think that the mineral turpentine oil used by us is also available at similar price. We have to put up banners in our shops explaining the difference between petrol and MTO and their prices.”

Kanaujia said every time fuel prices are hiked, traders do not raise their service charges immediately. “In fact, we analyse the market and increase the costs accordingly. However, this year, we had to increase our rates as there was no alternative."

He added that there was no concession or subsidy provided by the government to dry cleaners. "Moreover, we also bear the extra burden of commercial power tariffs," he said.

He said, unlike petroleum products on which VAT is charged at the rate of 4 per cent, the tax on MTO is 12.5 per cent. "We had given representations to the Punjab finance minister many times in this regard but our efforts failed to bear fruit," he remarked.

Accusing successive governments of indifference, Kanaujia maintained that a large number of shops had to be closed due to the hike in prices of the solvent. Kanaujia further added that the state government should exempt the solvent industry from taxes.



Starry, starry eyes
Tribune News Service

Jannat Ludhiana, November 2
City girl Jannat will be seen in the serial “Meet Mila De Rabba” on Sony TV. After making her presence felt in movies and serials on Star Plus, Jannat is keeping her fingers crossed for the new serial in which she is playing younger sister of the main lead.

Jannat, a student of Class V at Sargodha National Public Senior Secondary School, is back in the city after a one-month shooting at Chandigarh. “We had fun during the shooting. Everyone was very helpful,” she says.

She has also done some plays, including “Dukhde Kalire” and “Maa Maine Mari Naa”. She has also done few music videos.

Her aim is to become an actor. “Earlier Aishwarya was my favourite, but now it is Katrina. My choice changes with time. Nobody stays at number one for long and choices also change,” she says.



Time for a coffee break!
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
Ludhianvis are becoming coffee guzzlers. Cafes in the city are usually crowded, indicating the new fashion trend.

College students chill and catch up with friends at cafes, read a book, sip on a beverage and sometimes even complete homework there.

With the opening of malls, the coffee culture has further got a kick. The Indian Coffee House at Bhadaur House, the first of its kind in the city, is still working on its own languid pace while trendier and chic cafes like Barista, Café Coffee Day, Costa Coffee and Bakes and Beans are pulling the youth.

It is habit forming, says Ankit Walia, who had come to a cafe with his friends.

“If you're looking for somewhere to unwind, just lounge around here without being disturbed,” he adds. He and his friends play chess or even guitar there.

International coffees like Columbian Juan Valdez, Kenyan Safari and Ethiopian Qawah are imported and blended according to Indian taste. There are also snazzy T-shirts, caps and cruise mugs on offer.

If one doesn’t feel like having coffee inside the cafe, one can always take it in a special takeaway cup. Or one can comfortably read a book on an easy chair while the order is being prepared.

Ambience is what draws Rohit Mehra and his wife to the cafes each time. “It reminds me of the cafes of Europe and the world class taste of coffee tempts us every weekend,” he adds.

There are few skeptics though. Referring to cafes of Paris and Louvre, Col Sekhon (retired) said it was all about going to the café, to see other people and feel the pulse of life — all things that a writer or an artist yearns for. “Do we have a culture of that kind here?” he asks.

But the younger brigade does not want to compare Ludhiana to Paris and the ambience is enough to get them to the cafes each time.



Sangat Darshan
MC panel passes estimate
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
The finance and contracts committee of the municipal corporation yesterday passed the estimates that had been prepared during the sangat darshan and had received nod from Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

According to sources, with the approval of estimates, now the municipal corporation could invite tenders for various works, including construction of roads and sewerage.

Among other projects which were sanctioned by the committee are sewer system at Ferozepore road and purchase of a few machinery.

However, some of the agendas, including the flyover at the Gill Chowk,were left for discussion.

The most debated topic was illegal advertisements which had been incurring huge losses to the municipal corporation. While a few members said the advertising rights should be given to a private party, others didn't agree to it. The topic would again be discussed where F & CC would form its own terms and conditions for advertising rights.



Is this a street or cowshed?
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, November 2
More than half a portion of the street leading to one of the established schools here is covered with cow dung, which the residents have been openly disposing off without any check or inhibition, for years together. Also, throwing all sanitary norms to the winds, these people have literally turned the street into a cowshed.

The residents complain that the employees of the council temporarily evacuate the place and issue verbal warning without providing any permanent solution to the problem. The neighbour's rue that repeated reminders and regular pleas to the offenders has fallen on deaf ears and they have further stiffened their attitude.

The residents complain that the cow dung and that, too, on the main street, is nuisance for all. It has proved to be congenial breeding ground for the mosquitoes. This has not only made the life of the passers by's and the residents a hell but has also posed to be a serious health hazard, exposing the residents to a vulnerable number of diseases.



Three booked for dowry death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 2
In a gruesome incident, a four-month expectant woman was reportedly beaten up by her in-laws. At first she suffered a miscarriage. Later, she succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital on Friday evening.

The division No.7 police after conducting an autopsy has booked her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law in a dowry death case yesterday evening.

According to the complaint lodged by victim's uncle Rajinder Kumar, Poonam (23) succumbed to injuries received at the hands of her in-laws.

The victim's uncle further said Poonam got married to accused Lovneet Verma, a resident of the Chruhrdpur road, three years ago but soon after the marriage her in-laws demanded more dowry. When her parents failed to meet the demands of her in-laws they started beating her up.

He further alleged that on October 22 Poonam was beaten by her mother-in-law Prem Lata, husband Lovneet Verma and brother-in-law Rakesh Juneja. The accused after beating her, abandoned her on the road outside her parent's house at Sanjay Colony near the Tajpur Road.

The victim suffered injuries in her stomach, due to which she suffered a miscarriage.

The accused did not stop here and on Friday they again beat up the victim after which she died at a local hospital.

The division No 7 police took the body in its possession and yesterday. A team of paramedics from civil hospitals conducted an autopsy and sent the viscera of the victim at the special laboratory in Patiala.

The police has registered an FIR against the accused under Section 304-B and 313 of the IPC. All three accused are absconding.



Bank Heist
Cops detain youth on suspicion
Our Correspondent

Khamano, November 2
The local police has on suspicion arrested a youth in connection with a robbery at the State Bank of India local branch about a year ago.

Police sources confirmed that Anurag, a resident of Samrala, was arrested for questioning and remanded in a judicial custody at Fatehgarh Sahib for a day. But, the sources added, he would be released if found innocent.



Equestrian C’ship
Satnam emerges winner
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 2
Satnam Singh of KSA, Rahon, riding Sea Biscuit emerged champion in the junior section in tent pegging event on the penultimate day of the 4th Punjab Horse Show and Equestrian Championship being held at the Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, near here yesterday.

Aneet Singh, student of PPS, Nabha, on his fires dew finished runners up while the third position was shared by Vikramjit Singh of PPS, Nabha and Rahul Singh of Police DAV School, Patiala, respectively.

Competition in tent pegging, individual as well as open, show jumping (normal and flat race), hacks for children, hacks for ladies, baton race for sub-juniors and horse dance were held.

Second day's results

Children's boot and hay race: Jaskaran Singh and Nishant Kumar of KSA, Rahon 1, Damandeep Singh Khaira and Dhanuj Bakshi of PPA Phillaur 2, Sukhpreet Singh and Shiv Partap Singh of PPS, Nabha 3

Show jumping (normal): Abjot Singh of KSA, Rahon 1, Karandeep Singh of PPS, Nabha 2 and Navdeep Singh, Sukhpreet Singh of PPS, Nabha, Prabhjot Singh of KSA, Rahon, Gursobha Singh of HESA, Mohali 3

Show jumping normal (sub jr): Gagandeep Singh 1, Birpal Singh 2, Sukhmanpreet Singh, Pukhraj Singh and Birpal 3

Show jumping normal (junior): Sukhjinder Singh 1, Darshan Singh Dhillon 2, Vatandeep Singh and Kiran Kumar 3

Ferrier test: CT Nasrudin 1, Rajinder Pal Singh 2 and Varinder Kumar 3 Syce test: Raj Kumar 1, Suresh Kumar 2 and Urnav 3.



Sikander’s hat-trick steers Faridkot to victory
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, November 2
Sikander Singh scored a hat-trick as Faridkot managed to squeeze past its spirited rivals, Khaira 3-2 in a group B match in the u-14 years section in the ongoing Punjab State Inter-District Weekend Hockey League for Boys being organised by the Punjab sports department at Prithipal Singh Memorial AstroTurf Stadium on the PAU campus here today.

The encounter was a ding-dong battle in which Faridkot and Khaira lads struggled hard to overcome one another and eventually, the former managed to scrape past with a wafer-thin margin.

Faridkot drew the first blood in the 7th minute when Sikander Singh opened the account. However, their joy was shortlived as Khaira players restored parity in the 16th minute through Gurpreet Singh and then gained lead through Gurtej Singh in the 29th minute (2-1).

Stung at this reverse, Faridkot went all out and made repeated attacks into the rival's citadel. These pressure tactics yielded results instantly as Sikander Singh, after dodging past Khaira's defence in the 31st minute to neutarlise the lead (2-2).

Three minutes later, he again struck to complete his hat-trick which helped Faridkot to romp home victorious 3-2.

The second match of the day, played between Kurali and Bathinda in group B in the u-16 year's section turned out to be a one-sided affair in which the former came out triumphant without being challenged 8-1. The winners were leading by six goals to nil at the breather.

Harinder Singh converted a penalty corner into a goal in the 14th minute to put his side ahead. Two minutes later, he scored a field goal to make it 2-0 while Gurpreet Singh increased the lead in the 20th minute.

Vishal Kumar (28th minute), Harinder Singh (32nd minute) and Manjinder Singh (35th minute) found the target to further cement the lead 6-0.

The lone goal for Bathinda came off Bunty Raj's stick in the 46th minute. Gurpreet Singh and Harinder Singh of Kurali sounded the board in the 53rd and 59th minute, respectively, to complete the rout 8-1.

In the third match (u-14) in group C, Fatehgarh Sahib defeated Nanaksar Hockey Academy of Pattran 4-0.

Dilpreet Singh scored three goals (10th, 32nd and 34th minute) while the fourth goal was scored by Jagdeep Singh in the 15th minute .

In the last match of the day, Sangrur 'B' quelled a strong resistance put by Nanaksar Hockey Academy of Pattran before emerging victors 2-1 in a group B encounter in the u-16 year’s section.

Nanaksar Academy lads surged ahead in the 5th minute through a field goal scored by Lovepreet Singh. The equaliser for Sangrur came in the 22nd minute through Kulwinder Singh and match winner came off Damandeep Singh's stick in the 25th minute.



Gobindgarh college excel in boxing
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 2
Students of Gobindgarh Public College, Khanna, excelled and won three medals, including one silver in the Panjab University Inter-College Boxing Championship held on the Panjab University campus, Chandigarh, recently.

In the Bantam Weight category, Ravi Kumar Nuri, student of BA II secured silver medal and bagged a bronze medal in the Feather Weight category. Another student of the college, Ravi Singh won a bronze medal in the Fly Weight category.



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