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More than aptitude, it’s The attitude
The countdown to the mother of all entrances has begun. Calm your nerves, prepare for the unexpected
WHAT will happen if there is a big strike on November 16? No buses, no autos and so on. Is anyone prepared for this? Nope. The mantra for CAT should also be the same — prepare for the unexpected. Maybe this example in the start is too far-fetched, but this is definitely a parameter for success. Last year, many a good aspirants were thrown off-balance as time limit for individual sections was removed and lots of reasoning crept into all the sections — more reasoning-based questions were present rather than fact-based ones. So, one may have to face sectional time limits, less straight questions, more of pure analytical reasoning questions or whatever the CAT test makers might dream of!

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After a prolonged night shift, I fail to get sound sleep even during day time.

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aim CAT
Sankar N Tips from those who have been there, done that
Will I,

WHEN there is less than a week left for D-Day, test takers are in different states of mind. While folks who have barely started `prep’ are tearing their hair in frustration when confronted with choice bits of vocabulary and indecipherable math problems that are helplessly beyond their ken, most are in a more advanced stage of prep — catching a bus to the nearest shrine to pray for that IIM seat or plucking petals off daisies chanting, ‘Will I, Won’t I?”

Sankar. N

Saying no, without saying so 
Turning down a request without causing hard feelings is an art form, writes 
AT the workplace, everyone has to say no at some time or the other. Team members asking for leave repeatedly, permission to come late or go early or be moved to a project of their choice... In many cases, no is the only answer but saying the word without earning the recipient’s displeasure requires an art. It may seem difficult to learn, but it is as simple as putting a thread into the eye of a needle. All it requires is observation, concentration and consolation, though not always consideration. During early 70’s I wrote a piece and sent it to a national daily. The editor rushed it back with comments in his own hand: “To publish such a worthless piece would mean bringing disgrace to our prestigious publication.

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Going Global
IFRS training will synchronise accounting standards the world over & aid better understanding
PIRON Education has announced the introduction of a training programme on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In partnership with ATC International, one of the biggest training centers of Europe, the group offers a wide range of courses to meet the training needs of companies.

  • What is IFRS


  • Music makes kids brighter

  • See the tiffin vanish!

Smart Skills
Usha Albuquerque

Guiding the Wave
Media management is all about developing effective media content, creating a comprehensive business plan & implementing a marketing plan. It is a good option for students who have a background in the media but are not necessarily planning media careers. New challenges, constant change & an adrenaline high guaranteed!
THIS past week, no one can talk about anything other than the amazing win of United States President-elect Barack Obama. The drama of the 2008 presidential election has electrified the world. What is not so well known is that it was the perfect example of media management at work.