Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rhyme Time

Times of terror

With hearts full of fear, we hide in darkness

Surrounded by clouds of terror

Can’t say if we’ll live the next moment

With shadows of death playing with our emotions

Uneasy silence and deadly explosions are taking turns

They kill us every moment

Terror detains our hearts urging us to move out of this inhuman world

But for how long shall we tolerate this merciless destruction

We need to bring this wait to an end

Before terrorism kills us all, let us all kill terrorism

To bring the light of hope in this dreary darkness

To swing the tide in our favour

We have to act now to ensure a future happy and secure

Surabhi Sethi, X,
D. N. Model Senior Secondary School, Moga


My birthday

At last the day has come, for which I waited so long

When friends will give gifts and sing me the birthday song

It is my best day

Because today is my birthday

I planned a party for tonight

With my parents I had a terrible fight

Dad said, "To the party, only relatives will come",

Mom said, "Celebrations with relatives are much more fun"

"Such a`A0boring birthday," I thought

At about quarter past ten

Came a call from uncle Ben

He said the party he couldn’t attend

As`A0he had met with an accident

Hearing this, I was overjoyed

But my dad was annoyed

Then, I called all my friends

In the party list, I made some amends

All night long, we had lot of fun

We stopped only with the rising sun

It`A0was a fabulous day

It was my best birthday

Navraj Singh Kalra, VIII,
DAV Public School,