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Free-for-all in Guru Nanak Stadium
Stampede-like situation occurs during Babbu Mann show;
Police resorts to cane charge to control fans
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Punjabi singer and actor Babbu Mann enthrals audience in Ludhiana on Sunday.A policeman tries to thwart a youth from entering the Guru Nanak Stadium during Canada Gold Kabaddi Cup in Ludhiana on Sunday.
Punjabi singer and actor Babbu Mann enthrals audience; and (right) a policeman tries to thwart a youth from entering the Guru Nanak Stadium during Canada Gold Kabaddi Cup in Ludhiana on Sunday. Photos: Rajesh Bhambi

Ludhiana, January 4
Heads hung in shame as the people, who danced in wild frenzy and distributed sweets among each other when the country did well in Olympics, damaged the very infrastructure that produced the Olympic players.

It was free for all at the Canada Gold Kabaddi Cup Tournament at Guru Nanak Stadium as the state-of-the-art stadium fell prey to the overenthusiastic mob as near stampede-like situation occurred when Punjabi pop singer Babbu Mann appeared on the stage after the kabaddi event was over.

Approximately 20,000 people entered the ground either by jumping the fence of damaging it.

The handful of cops deployed to control the situation felt helplessly miserable in front of the crowd.

Though, the police conducted a mild cane charge to disperse the fans, it proved futile as they poured in the stadium from all sides and created ruckus.

"It seems that the administration is least bothered about the sports infrastructure of the city. The stampede-like situation at Canada Gold Kabaddi Cup is the blatant example of departmental ignorance, who are allowing such events to take place in the stadium," said an athlete.

The saddest incident occurred during the evening when a personal vehicle of the singer was driven inside the stadium to pick up the singer from the stadium.

J S Bhandri, District Sports Officer (DSO), when informed about the incident, reached the ground and stopped the show.

"It is strictly prohibited to drive a vehicle inside the premises as it can cause damage to the costly synthetic tack. I will intimate the higher authorities about the incident, " said Bhandri.

Recently the synthetic track was bore the brunt of a miscreant motorcyclist who entered the ground and took two rounds on the expensive synthetic track. This damaged the costly synthetic track and also ruined the ground.

The incident has triggered sharp criticism from athletes as they worship this stadium and the entry of the vehicle is strictly prohibited inside the ground.

Menwhile, the Miri-Piri Club California emerged winner of the tournament as they beat Guru Nanak Club, Bassiya, by 38- 29.


Fog’s onslaught persists
Many trains cancelled, delayed by several hours
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 4
Dense blanket of fog engulfing the entire region for the past week continues to wreak havoc on train traffic with majority of the up trains and some of the important down trains running late by several hours.

To add to the misery of rail passengers, the railway authorities have announced cancellation of a number of trains on trunk routes and curtailment of journey for some other trains passing through the city.

As per information received from railway officials, 2497/2498 Amritsar-New Delhi Shane-Punjab and 4681/4682 Jalandhar-New Delhi Inter-city Express were cancelled today due to late running of trains.

In the wake of erratic movement of trains on these routes, the Railways has announced the cancellation of 5707/5708 Amritsar-Katihar Express and 3LF/8LF Ludhiana-Ferozpur Passenger trains from January 4 to 31, 2009.

Some other trains which will run on a truncated route till January 31, 2009, include 3049/3050 Duplicate Howrah (Howrah-Amritsar) which will terminate at Mughalsarai, along with 4673/4674 Shaheed Express and 4649/4650 Saryu-Yamuna Express, both running between Jaynagar-Amritsar, which will terminate at Ambala.

With no let up in the freezing cold weather and accompanying cover of fog, a majority of the up trains continued to run behind schedule with delay ranging between 2 and 10 hours with the result that down trains were also considerably delayed, putting the commuters to lot of inconvenience.

Information gathered from railway officials revealed that 2355 Archana Express arrived 10 hours behind schedule, 8601 Tata-Muri Express was late by 9 hours, 2331 Himgiri Express by 5 hours, 2413 Puja Express by 4 hours, 3307 Kisan Express and 3049 Duplicate Howrah Express both by 3 hours, 0413 Varanasi Special, 2471 Jammu-Mumbai Superfast and 2919 Malwa Express by 2 hours each while 1057 Dadar Express was delayed by one and a half hour.



Truckers on strike from today
Industrialists urge govt to intervene
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
The All-India Motor Transport Congress’ call for a "chakka jam" and nationwide strike from tomorrow in protest against the inadequate reduction in diesel prices is giving the local industry sleepless nights.

Entrepreneurs fear that the entire industry will come to a standstill if the transport unions go on strike.

Satinder Singh, vice-president, Ludhiana Industrial Area ‘C’ Manufacturers’ Association, said: “The industry will suffer losses worth crores if the truckers go on strike. There will be absolutely no business in case of "chakka jam" by transporters."

He added that the industry, which was already reeling under severe economic crisis, would be shattered completely. "The government should immediately take remedial steps," he added.

Charanjit Singh Vishivkarma, president, United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers’ Association, said: "The entire domestic industry will be paralysed due to the transporters' strike and we will suffer huge losses. But the demand of the transporters is very genuine. The industry, however, is with the transporters and will support them in their protest because the government has been unfair to them."

"Ninety per cent of the goods produced by Ludhiana industry are exported outside Punjab. Thus, in the wake if the transporters' strike, business will be hit hard in the coming days," remarked Vishivkarma. "It will be a big blow for the industry," he rued.

Voicing similar concerns, Joginder Kumar, president, Federation of Tiny and Small Industries of India, said, "Due to the "chakka jam" by the transporters all over India the industry will suffer massive losses. The government should take a serious note of the issue and try to solve it as early as possible because the demands of the transporters are legitimate and genuine."

Justifying the strike, Prithvi Raj Sharma, chairperson, Ludhiana Transport Welfare Association, said, "We understand that in the prevailing times of global economic slowdown, the strike by transporter unions will only worsen things for the industry. But we are helpless and to make ourselves heard by the government, we have been forced to call for a nationwide strike."

"Whenever the fuel prices are hiked in the international market, the Government of India increases the prices in accordance. But now when the fuel prices in the global market have fallen, the Indian government has not cut the same in accordance with the international prices. Thus, the protest is justified," Sharma remarked.

He added, "Following the call of a strike, the government has immediately swung into action and invited our national representatives for talks. Hopefully, things will be sorted out by Tuesday. However, earlier, on two occasions, our demands were accepted by the Centre but when we called off the strike, the same were not implemented by the government. So this time, we have decided that the strike will not be lifted till a written assurance is given by the government."

He said their main demands included reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 10, cut of at least 35 per cent in rubber prices, exemption from service tax and abolition of toll tax as promised.

The transporters’ strike will begin at around midnight. Thousands of truck operators affiliated to the various state and regional unions will cease operations during this period. Various local transporter unions will also burn the effigy of petroleum minister Murli Devra tomorrow in the city to register their protest.



Encroachers’ Bazaar
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

A vendor sells goods on the road in Chaura Bazaar in Ludhiana.
A vendor sells goods on the road in Chaura Bazaar in Ludhiana. Photo: Rajesh Bhambi

Ludhiana, January 4
The Municipal Corporation's focus on removing encroachments has always been on the posh and easy accessible areas, while the biggest example, Chaura Bazaar, has been ignored.

Municipal Commissioner GS Ghuman, who had conducted a two-day anti-encroachment drive last week because his subordinates had failed to curtail the problem, needs to give an attention to this area too.

Being one of the most important commercial areas in the city, Chaura Bazaar is buzzing with both people and vehicles. The civic body has failed to do anything substantiate that it can be appreciated for.

Though the tehbazari wing of the zone -A of the Municipal Corporation claims that they take regular drives, it seems either the efforts have proved futile or the officials don't take their work seriously.

Call it a result of indolent attitude of MC officials or weakness not to be strict with the encroachers that the encroachers have been defying the orders of the civic body.

The encroachments in Chaura Bazaar are either by the vendors or shopkeepers. The shopkeepers have encroached most of the existing roads by placing tables or dummies to display their articles.

Similarly, food vendors, who are often thronged by people, place their carts wherever they find space resulting in regular traffic chaos.

These encroachers alleged that the police and tehbaazari officials often took money from them and allowed outdoor display. They also added that they had informers in the department who informed them before the start of anti-encroachment drive.

The shopkeeper rued that the size of their shops were small and it didn't attract much customers.

Talking to The Tribune, Deepak, who commutes from the area regularly, said, "The MC should fix a particular time for loading and unloading of articles in Chaura Bazaar. During the day time, no vehicle, be it rickshaw, cycle or two-wheeler, should be allowed to ply."

If the shopkeepers complain about it, the MC and area councillors should try to convince them, he added.



More take to organic farming
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
To minimise the ill-effects of chemicals and fertilizers, about 268 farmers in the district have started growing organic vegetables/wheat in their farms at different villages here.

Realising their moral duty to provide the best to the consumers, these farmers have taken an initiative to grow fruits and vegetables without using chemicals and fertilizers.

As it has been more than a year that these farmers are using bio-fertilisers and bio-chemicals, they have also found that their soil fertility had also been revived. Talking to The Tribune, Amarjit Singh, a farmer from Jarg village (65 kms from here) said he had grown organic vegetables, fodder, wheat, maize etc in five acres of land and the cost of production was much less as compared to ordinary farming.

"With the advice of experts from International Traceability Systems, a Delhi based company which is motivating farmers for e-organic culture, we have started this project. Though it has been just a year but we are getting very good results", said Amarjit Singh.

Another farmer Arvinder Singh from the village said he had got better grain quality (of PBW 502 wheat) after using bio-fertilisers in his 2.5 acre farm.

Starting his own net-house production of capsicum and cauliflower at Jaspal Bangar village, Jatinder Pal Singh said he had started selling organic vegetables at his village and the taste was definitely different and better.

General secretary of the PAU Kisan Club here Jatinder Singh said not many farmers were aware about the organic farming, there were others who did not want to experiment with their ongoing farming. He said with the help from company representatives, he was preparing his own bio-fertilizers/bio-pesticides.

Owing 16 acres of land at Beniwal near Hambran, Sant Singh, another farmer, said organic farming demanded more labour but the cost of production was less. "It is better to spend little more on organic vegetables than to spend lakhs on doctors. Insecticides/pesticides are playing havoc with the lives of human beings and they must be avoided. We need to understand that our consumers get the best", he said.

Dr J.S.Kanwar, former head of the department of vegetable crops at PAU, and Rajinder Singh, district in charge, International Traceability System, said it was unfortunate that even street vendors had started duping consumers by selling ordinary vegetables as "organic" vegetables.

"Being health conscious and knowing about health hazards posed by fertilizers, consumers start buying ordinary vegetables as organic. But they must be cautioned to buy organic vegetables/fruits from dealers recommended by certified companies only", stressed Dr Kanwar.



Refund of Fee
Parents seek VC’s intervention
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 4
Accusing the authorities at the Nightingale Nursing Institute, Narangwal, of insulting and threatening them, parents of a former student have sought intervention of higher authorities in return of certificates of their ward and refund of Rs 40,500 that had been deposited in advance with the college authorities.

The parents claimed that their ward had left the college as the authorities had failed to provide proper environment and adequate staff required for ideal training in the field.

Refuting the charges, Dr Sarabjit Singh, Director of the institute, claimed that the student was yet to deposit the fee, and she had been admitted provisionally on the recommendation of the Kilaraipur legislator.

"Moreover, all students, including Paramjit Kaur, have given an undertaking that they would not seek refund of any fee paid once," said Sarabjit.

According to the records, the student had proceeded on leave for two days and the authorities had issued her a notice for unauthorised absence for over a week.

In a communiqué addressed to higher authorities, including ex-officio Chancellor of state universities and Vice-Chancellor, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Makhan Singh Mander of the local Chhanna Road area, has sought intervention in return of certificates of his daughter, Paramjit Kaur, and refund of the fee amount that was deposited as advance with the college authorities on September 12.

Referring to the information received from his daughter, Mander alleged that the college authorities had failed to provide adequate staff and proper environment required for studies at the institute. Lighting arrangement was so insufficient that intruders used to create nuisance in the hostel after trespassing a small boundary wall.

"Finding future and life of our daughter unsafe, we decided to get her admission at a better institute. The authorities did not refund the fee. Instead of listening to our grievances, they insulted us and threatened us of dire consequences in case we proceeded against them," said Mander.



Mini sectt new haven for drug addicts
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
While the police tends to be on the toes to curb the menace of drugs, the mini secretariat, which has the offices of all top brass police officials, has become the den of narcotics and drugs.

Piles of empty bottles of corex, a cough syrup, and the empty pack of other medical tablets, used by drug addicts, were found along the wall of the CIA-I office.

The police, which claims to be tough on drug addicts and drug peddlers, needs to put their own house in order if it intends to curb the menace.

A food stall owner, who runs his business near mini- secretariat, said the premises was considered as a safe haven for drug addicts as the cops were always busy in other official works. There seemed to be no check on the drug addicts.

A wall along side the CIA-I office had become a perfect place for drug users who sat here and drink the cough syrup and threw the empty bottle.

"It is really embarrassing that the CIA staff office is being used by the drug addicts. It is an indication that drug addicts pay scent regards to the police department,"said Bachiter Singh, who is a regular visitor at the mini- secretariat.

The police found themselves completely off guard to tackle this situation. A police officer expressed his inability to tackle the situation.

"How much time it takes for some one to drink a bottle of cough syrup or to take a capsule? Addicts use and throw such bottles and fled the spot," said police officers.

Whatever be the reason, the presence of drugs raised a serious concerns and needed immediate attention of the authorities.



Graft Case
MC official’s arrest set to blow lid off racket
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Arrest of a building inspector in a corruption case yesterday is all set to blow the lid off a major racket that was going on in the building branch of the municipal corporation with the Vigilance Bureau officials today claiming that the money was being shared by a few officials.

The Vigilance Bureau had yesterday nabbed inspector Joginder Kapoor and booked Ramesh Chhabra, Area Town Planner, in a graft case. Though Chhabra is absconding, the bureau officials said some important information had been revealed by the accused.

The Vigilance today raided many places for arresting Chhabra but he could not be nabbed. Kapoor's house was also raided today but nothing substantial could be found.

Kapoor was today remanded in the Vigilance Bureau’s custody by a local court till January 6. He was produced in the court of Duty Magistrate Amit Thind today. Both defence and prosecution lawyers argued over the prayer for remand. He was finally remanded in Vigilance custody for two days.

DSP, Vigilance Bureau, Gurcharan Singh, said they were investigating the matter further and collecting vital information to reach at the roots of the racket.

The arrest has also realised scores of allegations of the residents, who were always claiming that demolition drives were mostly aimed at people who did not grease the palms of officials.

The fact that the officials had demanded Rs 1 lakh from a dhaba owner has thrown light on the amount of money these officials were making from encroachments. It was also evident that most of the encroachments were not touched.

On numerous occasions, people whose building bore the brunt of demolition squads used to allege that the axe was falling on them, as they did not fulfil the demands of a few officials, who wanted money from them.

It’s a fact that several buildings that were clearly encroached upon were still standing tall. Initial action was taken also but officials finally fell silent over the issue of encroachments.



Braving chill in open
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Underprivileged depend upon bonfire to beat the chill.
Underprivileged depend upon bonfire to beat the chill. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, January 4
The temperature has been coming down drastically with each passing day, forcing city residents to relieve themselves with the help of heaters, blowers, warm clothes etc. But the worst affected are the under-privileged who have to brave the chill without these luxuries.

Thousands, or perhaps lakh, of population in the city bear the severe weather conditions without roofs on their heads.

For getting respite in this chilly weather, the downtrodden have nothing but to burn the dry leaves and wooden sticks. A rickshaw-puller Jeewan Ram, who hails from Jharkhand, said the winters remained the worst time for him.

Without any shelter, he spends his nights outside Durga Mata Temple near Jagraon Bridge. The only respite from this cold wave is his shanty, made of rags.

"Thank God, nobody has uprooted me from here. There are less number of commuters in this severe weather and it has become difficult for me to get my daily bread. I have got just one woollen sweater and it has already been seven days since I have washed it. I am waiting for the bright sunny-day when I can wash my clothes," he added.

Hundreds of persons, like Jeewan Ram, have to spend sleepless nights during such biting cold in the absence of any shelter.

They continue to spend their nights in this severe cold under the open sky. Moreover, they hardly have any additional warm clothes or sheets, which can shield them from the severe cold.

Most of the pavement-dwellers said usually they got blankets from people ahead of the winters. But may be due to the "overall recession", the samaritans also are preferring not to spend too much on charity this time, said Radhey Narain, a daily wager.

A survey of the Club Road, bus stand and the railway station revealed that a majority of the beggars here were drug addicts. To face this biting cold, they were hooked on to drugs.

Whatever they earned in day, was spent on opium, tobacco, poppy husk and alcohol at night. Some of these underprivileged were so hooked on to drugs that they even sold their "belongings" to get a kick.

Madhav, a 22-year-old boy at the railway station said he had never imagined that life in this industrial hub would be too tough.

"Though one of my friend, a daily wager, cautioned me that I would have to bear harsh conditions in the city, but I never imagined that the struggle would be so harsh," he said while tears rolled-down his cheeks.



Lok Sabha Poll
Traders decide to field Ralhan
KS Chawla

Ludhiana, January 4
With the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, yet another development has taken place in this industrial capital of Punjab. Industrialists, traders and professionals have decided to put up their candidate in the elections from this constituency in protest against government’s failure to bail the industry and trade out of the crisis.

Restatement prevails among the industrialists, traders and professionals against the ruling Akali Dal, BJP and the Congress for being indifferent towards the problems faced by the small and medium-scale industries.

So far as the parties are concerned Munish Tiwari of the Congress has already launched his campaign although his candidature has not been officially announced as yet. Tiwari had unsuccessfully contested in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. Being the ATCC spokesman, he is confident of getting the ticket from this Lok Sabha seat.

During the last Lok Sabha elections, Tiwari was labeled as an outsider. Now, to remove this stigma he has rented out a house and is busy meeting people from all walks of life.

Gurcharan Singh Ghalib, a senior Congress leader, who has won the Lok Sabha seat twice, is also in the race for the Congress ticket.

The ruling Akali Dal, which won this seat in 2004, has not taken any decision with regards to its nominee so far. Sitting MP Sharanjeet Singh Dhillon is not willing to contest election this time. The Akali Dal is on a look out for a suitable candidate for this seat. Maheshinder Singh Grewal, a former Akali Dal minister and general secretary, is a front-runner presently.

He had won the Vidhan Sabha elections in 1997 from Ludhiana (West) segment as an Akali candidate. This seat was earlier won by the Congress and the BJP. At present this segment is being held by the Akali Dal nominee Harish Dhandha.

Jagdish Singh Garcha, a former minister in the Akali government, is another aspirant for the Akali ticket. Gurcharan Singh Ghalib, who has represented this local seat as the Congress nominee, is also trying to get the Akali ticket in view of the remote possibility of getting the Congress ticket in the presence of Munish Tiwari.

For the first time the industrialists, traders and professionals have decided to put up SC Ralhan, President, Northern Region Engineering Export Promotion Council, from this Lok Sabha seat as their representative.

Nearly 24 industrial, traders and professional organisations have extended their support to Ralhan and a candle light procession was also taken out about two days ago in the town to demonstrate their solidarity with him.

While talking to The Tribune Ralhan said today that the Congress, BJP and the Akali Dal had no agenda for developing industries in Punjab.

Avtar Singh, general secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, and PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce, Punjab, were also present on the occasion.

Ralhan said the industrial associations of Jalandhar and Amritsar were also planning to put up their nominees for the polls from these two constituencies.



Kirtan by women at Darbar Sahib
Let SGPC decide: Surinder Badal
Our Correspondent

Samrala, January 4
Advocating the rights for women in lending langar and other services at Darbar Sahib, Surinder Kaur Badal, wife of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, said the matter of women performing kirtan at Darbar Sahib was sensitive and should be decided by the SGPC.

“It should be decided in keeping with the old traditions. Principles and ‘maryada’ laid down by Sikh Gurus and scholars should be followed,” added Surinder Kaur while talking to mediapersons at Madpur village, near here.

She was here to mobilise people of the area to take part in langar services at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.

She said she would conclude her tour to all areas of the state by March 10. She would also tour Delhi, Haryana and other states to mobilise people to take part in langar activities at Darbar Sahib.

On criticism of her langar mission by some leaders of the Akali Dal, she said she was performing the sewa of langar on her own religious will and according to the voice of her soul.

She said she was touring all constituencies of the state to mobilise people to offer services at Darbar Sahib. People could offer services at langar, clean shoes or clean utensils, she added.



Makkar for religion-promotion centre
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) president Avtar Singh Makkar said the SGPC would open centres for the promotion of religion so that the youngsters could be preached about the cultural heritage of the Sikhism.

Makkar expressed these views while attending a samagam at the Model Town Extension Gurdwara, where he handed over a cheque of around Rs 11 lakh to late singer Ishmeet's father.

Terming Ishmeet a role model for the youngsters, he said: "Ishmeet is an example how one can get name and fame even following the religion. He proved his mettle of singing throughout the world." He urged the Sikh youngsters to follow in the footsteps of Ishmeet.



238 screened for diabetes
Our Correspondent

Doctors examine patients at the 68th diabetes detection camp organised by the NIMA in Ludhiana on Sunday.
Doctors examine patients at the 68th diabetes detection camp organised by the NIMA in Ludhiana on Sunday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, January 4
The National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) organised its 68th diabetes detection camp at Shivpuri here today.

At least 238 people were screened for diabetes and hypertension-related diseases. Those found suffering from these two disorders were advised dietary and lifestyle modification and to follow a regimen of physical exercise.

According to NIMA secretary Surendra Gupta, Ramanbir Singh, senior endocrinologist, SPS Apollo Hospital, examined the patients and rendered follow up advice.

He said “ankle-brachial index" (ABI), and HbA1c (Glycilated Haemoglobin) tests, which were otherwise costlier and unaffordable for the poor diabetic patients,was given free of cost.

"ABI is indicator of peripheral vascular disease (PVD), or the reduced blood carrying capacity of vessels of legs and arms due to vessel-wall inflammation, obstruction by fats or blood clots. This is a complication of diabetes due to risk factors like smoking, obesity, hypertension, coronary artery disease, sedentary lifestyle, family history, high lipids. Similarly, HbA1c is the indicator of average blood glucose level in the past three months. Both these tests can guide the physician to manage the patient in a better way by preventing life-threatening complications."

Interacting with the patients, Ramanbir Singh said Asians had genetic tendency towards central abdominal obesity which was a a major factor for incidence of diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery blockage or stroke.

He advised the people to live healthy with low fat, high fiber and nutritive diet. At the same time, moderate exercise in the form of walking for more than 30 minutes daily, jogging, swimming, yoga could also help in keeping the accumulation of fats (obesity) away.

Discussing diabetes prevention with patients, Gupta said simply by taking 1 bowl of salad before meal and 1 bowl with meals led to delayed carbohydrates absorption in gut. High fiber content of salad also helped in trapping cholesterol or fats present in the meal.

Regular habit of eating "chapatis" made from flour kneaded with grated onions, carrot, radish or cauliflower could prevent and delay incidence of hyperglycemia for many years even in high risk people.



MC acts tough, serves notices on 26,000 defaulters
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Getting tough on the house tax defaulters, the house-tax department of the municipal corporation has served more than 26,000 notices on defaulters for paying their arrears on time.

Out of these about 10,000 notices have only been served on those residing in the zone C. Similarly, zones B, D and A, too, have been served 8,800, 5,000 and 3,000 notices, respectively.

The corporation has fixed a target of collecting Rs 75 crore as the house-tax and the officials of the department have pulled up their socks since the reigns were given to joint commissioner Davinder Singh.

The sources in various zones revealed that after the preliminary notices, the civic body served notices under Section 137 where the defaulter is warned that if he fails to pay the requisite amount, his property would be attached.

After it notices under Section 138 were given where the property was attached and the attachment is put to auction. They added that the defaulters were given time to pay their dues till the auction.

Starting from zone D about 2,200 notices was issued under 137 and 51 property has been attached and auction notices published in various newspapers. The sources added that this property would be put to auction on January 7, which is the date of auction of the Sutlej Club.

As far as zone B is concerned about 1,500 notices were issued under 137, while 80 property have been attached.

Similarly, in zone C about 60 property have been attached. However, zone A is still lacking behind as attachment notices are still to be served on about 200 defaulters in this week.

The sources also told that the joint commissioner had asked them to make a special list of highest defaulters so that he could deal them.

Meanwhile, Apollo hospital that had to pay a house-tax worth Rs 1.15 crore paid Rs 60 lakh yesterday and has assured the municipal corporation that the balance would be paid within 15 days.



Schools & Colleges
Akal Sahai holds art exhibition
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
An art, craft and science exhibition was organised at Akal Sahai Convent Senior Secondary School, New Janta Nagar.

Karamjit Singh Aujla, President, Sirjandhara, inaugurated the exhibition. He gave away the prizes to the winners.

NSS camp

A 10-day NSS camp concluded at Shanti Tara College recently in which 50 students participated. The camp was inaugurated by Prof Arvind Malhotra.

Dr SK Uppal, Prinicipal of the college, exhorted the students to adopt a right path. Raghubir Singh Saharanmajra, member, SGPC, and Gurjit Singh, sarpanch, Pandher Kheri, were also present.

Charge taken

Dr Kamaljit Kaur Virdi took over the charge as Principal of Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan campus, recently. Her appointment was hailed by the management, staff and students of the college.



City Concerns

More than 30,000 autorickshaws on city roads are not only emitting smoke, but are also a major cause of traffic jam.

A classic display of the raw power of pollution and the harassment faced by daily commuters can be seen at the Jagraon bridge.

The worst-affected areas include roads leading to Clock Tower, railway station, Chaura Bazaar and Christian Medical College.

Ludhiana Tribune seeks your opinion on the way out of this problem. What could be the best possible way for a mass transport system in the congested corridors of the city?

Do you think there is confusion in the district administration and the municipal corporation with regard to their role?

Responses, in not more than 200 words, can be emailed to ludhianaconcerns@ tribunemail.com or sent to our city office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana.

— City Editor



Dravid will return: Rajput
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, January 4
Belief in self and resolve to achieve greater heights has completely transformed the Team India as cricketers have registered historic victories in Test matches as well as the shorter version of the game in the recent past.

These views were expressed by Lal Chand Rajput, former cricketer and manager of the Indian team, which won Twenty20 World Cup, One-Day series against Australia and then romped home victorious against Pakistan.

Lal Chand was in the city to supervise the trials for selecting the Ludhiana teams for the forthcoming T-10 Cricket Tournament to be held in eight cities across the country.

"As the current team is a blend of experience and youth, it is poised to achieve more heights in the days to come. The combination of seniors like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman and the young brigade, including Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Piyush Chawla, Ishant Sharma and Munaf Patel is a fine 'stuff' to nail any side in the world," Lal Chand opined.

When asked about the fate of the dependable, Rahul Dravid whose recent form has caused a concern, Rajput said Rahul is a great player, who had anchored his team to victory on a number of occasions and he would make a come back to silence his critics.

Commenting on the sliding of the Australian team, Lal Chand said the Kangaroos had dominated the scene for one and half decade.

And now, there are others who could upset their calculations. Australians are thorough professionals and have all abilities to make a come back, hurriedly added Rajput.

Speaking about the concept of T-10 Cricket, he said the idea of organising this tournament was to give an opportunity to the talented cricketers who otherwise missed it to play first class cricket.

This event would be expanded from the next session slated to begin from September during which matches would be organised in at least 16 cities, he added.



T-10 Cricket
Ludhiana teams announced
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 4
At the end of the two-day trials, conducted at the Punjab Agricultural University campus here today, four Ludhiana teams namely Gully 1, Gully 2, Gully 3 and Gully 4 were announced for the forthcoming T-10 Gully Cricket Tournament scheduled to be held on January 28 at Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ludhiana.

At least 200 aspirants had turned up yesterday out of which the selection panel of Chaman Lal Malhotra of Ludhiana, Arun Sharma from Chandigarh and Ram Murti Sood of Moga shortlisted 104 boys for the second session of the trials held today.

The organisers allowed registration of over 100 aspirants today who could not make it due to bad weather or any other reasons.

Today, the selection panel was further strengthened with the arrival of Lal Chand Rajput, former cricketer and manager of the Indian cricket team.

The names of the four teams are: Gully I- Gagandeep Dhand, Bharat Malhotra, Shakun Jindal, Varun Chitkara, Yogesh Sharma, Chinton Sehgal, Sanjay Kumar, Sunny Kumar, Manpreet Singh, Varun Verma, Karan Puri, Jayant Batra, Vivian, Manish, Gurinder Singh, Rahul and Karan Loai.

Gully II- Sanchit Gosain, Sahil Arora, Shivam Passi, Sahil Wassan, Munish Sanwal, Harvinder Singh, Kuldeep Kumar, Subodh Mishra, Robin Deep, Naveen Verma, Gurjit Walia, Arjun Puri, Varun Narindra, Rohit Kumar, Tarun Dhiman, Himanshu Bector and Sarabjeet Singh.

Gully III- Geetansh Khera, Gaurav Sharma, Shahzada, Lovish, Kanwalpreet Singh, Rahil Nanda, Lalit Malhotra, Kanishk Jain, Sandeep Kumar, Ranjit Singh, Jagarpreet Singh, Shakun Verma, Jagat Verma, Jaspreet Singh, Amit Kumar, Chetan Sharma and Nitish Kumar.

Gully IV- Akhil Aggarwal, Ashish Kumar, Vikas Bhandari, Tarsem Singh, Amar Saini, Mohit Malhotra, Ricky Hans, Fariyad, Sunny John, Arun Sharma, Manish, Suraj Dadwal, Sikander, Gurvinder Singh Happy, Ramit Malik, Karan Kumar and Harjeet Singh.

According to Ashok Wadhwa, spokesperson for this tournament, selected players have been advised to report to Charanjit Singh Bhangu at the PAU ground on January 5 at 4 pm.

These boys will attend a coaching camp at the same venue which will last till January 27 when the final teams (14 members) will be announced.

This tournament will be played in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Lucknow, Thane, Pune, Nasik and Surat.



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