L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


4,000 trucks go off road
Transporters adamant; Petroleum
Minister’s effigy burnt

Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
The All-India Motor Transport Congress’ call for a "chakka jam" and nationwide strike to protest against the inadequate reduction in diesel prices drew huge response here today with 6,000 transporters from the city participating in the strike and 4,000 vehicles remaining off the road in response to the strike call. The vehicles could be seen stationed at Transport Nagar throughout the day.
The supply of essential commodities, fruits and vegetables may get disrupted in the coming days following the indefinite nationwide strike by the All-India Motor Transport Congress. In the wake of the strike, prices of these commodities are expected to rise. AIMTC spokesperson NL Gupta said if the strike call continued for the next four to five days, prices of essential commodities would shoot up. The strike would affect the supply of daily goods and estimates were that there could be a revenue loss of crores of rupees

Members of various transport unions, including the Ludhiana Transport Welfare Association and the Ludhiana Goods Transport Association, among others, burnt an effigy of Petroleum Minister Murli Deora to mark their protest against the government's "apathetic attitude".

"We are on strike from today and will continue our strike until our demands are met by the government," president, All-India Motor Transport Congress, Charan Singh Lohra, said while talking on the phone to Ludhiana Tribune.

He further said the Centre had invited All-India Motor Transport Congress representatives for talks on Sunday. However, the talks failed and no talks were held today. “It remains to be seen when the government relents and accepts our legitimate demands," he said.

Manohar Lal Kaushal, president, Ludhiana Transporters' Welfare Association, said, "We have shut operations and are sitting on a dharna in Transport Nagar. The dharna will continue till our demands our met. All local transporters are participating in the protest and have closed operations."

He added that the unions had organised a langar at the site of protest.

The transporters could be seen playing cards to while away time even as they camped at the site of the protest.

"We will not budge till the government accepts our long-pending demands," Darshan Singh, a local transporter, said.

The transporters are demanding that the government introduce a bailout package for the sector to address issues such as high price of diesel, tyres, and permits, besides other demands.

They have also demanded reduction of diesel price by Rs 10 per litre since crude oil prices in the international market have declined drastically.

The list also includes levying uniform 4 percentage point VAT on diesel, scrapping registration and return filing requirements in the new Carriers Act, reducing tyre prices by 30-35 per cent and rolling back national permit fee from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1,500.

The transporters also want a moratorium on all installments and waiver of interest on truck finance for at least six months.

The transporters’ unions have decided to hold a "matka phod" protest in the city tomorrow as part of the protest.


Gates on streets, MC sleeps
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Roads and public streets of the Municipal Corporation these days have become a property of residents.

Reason: The residents have installed gates on both ends of public streets or roads, restricting the entry to their areas at night. Above all, some of them also claim that they have taken permission from the civic body.

For the past few years, the residents of the city have come up with this new idea of installing gates in their streets so that they could park their vehicles on the roads at night. Moreover, they cite security as the reason for their action and have even employed a gatekeeper for it who is being paid by the residents by collecting money from all houses on the street.

One could find these gates installed in streets of various areas like Model Town, Civil Lines, BRS. Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Model House, Model Town Extension, Sarabha Nagar and a list which goes on.

Talking to The Tribune, a resident Vandana said, "When the local police cannot protect us, then we have to find out a resort to save ourselves. Thefts have become a routine of the day and it's not safe to leave old and kids at home during night." After these gates, at least there is a peace of mind that no stranger will be allowed to enter the street, they added.

Similarly, Sonica a resident of Sarabha Nagar, said, "Parking vehicles on roads is not safe as you heard about stereo and tyre thefts daily. Besides, people have more than one car and don't have enough space to park them in their homes." So gates are a good resort to park vehicle on roads, she asserted.

Interestingly, area councillors who always raise the issue of removal of encroachments in their areas have never raised the issue nor the Municipal Corporation has been able to put a halt on this illegal development in the city.

When municipal officials were asked about the installation of gates, they termed it illegal. No one could block a passage unless and until it is a private property. They said the department of town planning had to curtail it.



Hookah culture spoiling youth
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Most students of local professional colleges are taking drugs. They do not consider it an addiction but feel that this gives them a "psychological satisfaction", whenever they face tough times.

An intern of a local medical college disclosed that his was the most difficult profession. "I started living in stress to see so much miseries. A friend of mine gave me a cigarette a few years back, once I took the puff, I felt much relieved. Later I came to know that it was filled with hashish. Now, I cannot live without it. I feel more energetic but calm", he said, further adding that a small five gram pack of this drug costs around Rs 400-500. If the claims of this intern are any indication then almost half of his friends (day scholars and hostellers both) are hooked on to hashish in the college.

Parents as well as teachers in the city have expressed concern over the increasing menace of drugs among the youth in the city. Kajal Beri of Ambition Tutorials here said this "hookah" culture had spoilt the youth very much. She said many students of 10+1, 10+2 classes belonging to leading schools in the city had started paying visits to the joints, which served hookah.

"Though all these joints claim to serve it without tobacco, once the students take a puff, they feel like experiencing it again. They bunk the classes and taste it at these joints by paying a meagre amount of Rs 50-Rs 100 for an hour. And then they try their hands on smoking. I teach them accounts, which needs total attention and hardwork but I have started noticing that some of them give a dumb look even while solving an easy problem. We all are to be blamed for bringing such westernized culture here. The parents, teachers, governments, owners of these joints are responsible for this ongoing drug menace among the youth", added Kajal.

Sumer Singh Gurjar, deputy commissioner, said he had no idea about it but would have to look into the matter. He said the administration would get it stopped if these were being illegally served by the joints. "Since the youth is involved in it, I will definitely look into the matter at the earliest", he assured.

The serious issue of increasing drug addiction in society was highlighted during the Surgeon's conference- ASICON held in the city recently. A special stall was put up during an exhibition at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) here warning people not to get hooked on to any such kind of drug addiction. The doctors from all over the country appealed to the masses not to get carried away by lucrative trends. 



City businessman hits a century in blood donation
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Continuing with his mission, a city businessman today created a record by donating blood for the 100th time in 25 years of his life.

Sudhir Mudgal, 46, hit a century of blood donation on the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh's birth anniversary here today.

The brand ambassador of the Salaam Zindagi, an NGO active in collecting blood through donations, Sudhir motivated several others by his act. Partly due to his efforts, he made the NGO motivate and collect 343 units on blood coinciding with the 342nd birth anniversary of the tenth Sikh guru.

Sudhir was 21 when he vowed that he would donate blood to save the life of others who were in need of it. A man with zeal to do something for the world, he found blood to be the noblest gift and started moving in this direction.

Over the years, he succeeded in making 100 donations. ‘‘I am too happy that on the day when we remember the tenth guru for his supreme sacrifice of his family for his people, I have fulfilled my mission. There could not have been a greater occasion that this, ’’ he said after being honoured for having donating the blood so many times.

Listening to his story, several people got motivated and made the donation. ‘‘It gave me immense satisfaction. If some more people are also motivated, we will not let anybody die for dearth of blood,’’ he added.

Sudhir was an angry young man in 1981 when he lost his young brother-in-law to the bullets of terrorists. His sister became a widow and this left him shattered. He felt immense hatred for the terrorism and wanted to avenge the death of so many innocents.

‘‘I was fighting a battle of sorts with myself when thoughts of avenging the deaths of innocents was striking my mind. Finally, good sense prevailed and I thought I will not spill blood and instead donate it. A camp was organised at college and I donated the first unit at that time. Since then there is no looking back,’’ he added.

He called upon the people to shed all inhibitions and urged upon doctors to allay fears of people by encouraging them to donate blood. ‘‘They can do a research on me that nothing happens if we give blood for four times in a year, ’’ he added.



City emerging as medical tourism hub
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 5
The common trend of affluent Indians going to Europe, the USA and other developed countries for medical and surgical treatment of complicated diseases might soon become a thing of the past if the inflow of foreign nationals from Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Pakistan and many other parts of the world at a local hospital here is any indication.

Most of these patients are here to seek treatment through "Cytotron" therapy which claims to regenerate cartilage for osteoarthritis patients and arrest tumor cell growth in cancer patients.

In a function organised at the medical centre here yesterday, the Punjab Minister for Tourism Hira Singh Gabria interacted with the patients from overseas and expressed high hopes that the city would emerge as a major centre of medical tourism in the days to come.

According to Dr S.S. Sibia, medical director at the centre, Giovanni, a musician from Italy, is here for treatment of kidney cancer while Dr Inovay, a gynaecologist from Hungary has come for melanoma treatment. Joining them are Rubina from Pakistan, who is suffering from brain tumour, Erdil Huseiyn from Turkey and Irshad Ali from Pakistan afflicted with knee arthritis. In addition, Sumitar Singh from Birmingham (the UK) and Malhi from Canada are undergoing treatment for heart ailments.

"All cancer victims have had surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy without much improvement and they were here for Cytotron treatment. The innovative therapy holds promise for cancer patients and the preliminary clinical trials conducted at IAM on some 40 terminally ill cancer patients, who had exhausted all surgical and oncological means, have been quite encouraging. Reports indicate that 60 per cent lived beyond their predicted life span, 90 per cent have got at least symptomatic relief and 30 per cent of those alive were able to go back to normal life," Dr Sibia added.

Not only the patients are flocking from all over the world, even some medical professionals have evinced keen interest in the therapy. Dr Laura Andretta, a radiologist from Italy, is here to study the techniques of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments practised in the centre.

Felicitating the foreign patients, Gabria noted with satisfaction that the medical centre was getting patients from abroad on a regular basis and till now patients from more than 30 nations had been treated with Cytotron therapy for cancer, arthritis along with other modes of treatment like "Artery clearance therapy", Chelation therapy and External Counter Pulsation as an alternative to cardiac bypass surgery.

The minister said on its part, the state government was making all out efforts to make Ludhiana a better city to live in and provide better infrastructure along with air connectivity with the national capital in order to further promote medical tourism.



Sutlej Club House Tax Row
Bir to convene DC, Municipal  Commissioner meeting today
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
With just 48 hours left for the auction of the Sutlej Club, it seems the intervention by Patiala Divisional Commissioner Jasbir Singh Bir is going to provide a way out in the house tax row between the district administration and the municipal corporation.

According to information, Bir has convened a meeting of Deputy Commissioner Sumer Singh Gurjar and municipal commissioner G.S. Ghuman in Patiala at 12.30 pm on Tuesday with him to solve the row.

Interestingly, on January 1 while Bir was in Ludhiana, he had held a meeting with both Ghuman and Gurjar and had asked them to chalk out a plan to resolve the issue.

Till date, the municipal corporation has published neither corrigendum nor a notice deferring the auction or cancelling it.

During the meeting, while Gurjar had expressed his dissatisfaction over the house tax assessment of the club, the Municipal Commissioner had told Bir that he was just doing his duty sincerely.

The Sutlej Club, which is one of the elite clubs in the city, has to pay a house tax of Rs 1.5 crore to the municipal corporation. From the total amount of around Rs 33 lakh that has been paid by the club, a cheque for Rs 23,21,989 was handed over to the MC on December 31 after the club came to know that the civic body was going to publish an auction notice of the club on January 1.

Apart from it, the club had also moved a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court that it would deposit 50 per cent of the principal amount within three weeks. Following this, the court had given a notice of motion for February 6. 



PWD fails to provide surface  markings on roads
This is proving to be a death trap for vehicle  drivers during foggy mornings and nights
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 5
While the foggy weather is taking its toll on the lives of several persons in road accidents, the Public Works Department, Roads and Bridges (PWD B and R) has failed to accomplish surface marking on roads.

This is proving to be a death trap for vehicle drivers during foggy days and nights.

What to talk of undertaking construction work for safeguarding accident-prone passovers and bridges, the department did not even bother to do the minimum that could have saved many lives.

Investigations by Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the road surface marking had not been done ideally on most of the link roads and country roads in this part of Malwa.

While it is mandatory for the maintenance staff to ensure that the centerline and sidelines were marked prominently on all roads falling under their jurisdiction, a majority of them seemed to have ignored the guidelines, leaving the travellers at the mercy of nature.

With the onset of foggy season, the authorities should have started adopting preventive measures to avoid fog-related incidents and accidents. But they have not bothered to clear even the passages.

With fog becoming thicker everyday, drivers find it difficult to steer their vehicles safely, and overturning and collision with stranded vehicles and dividers is a common scene on the Malerkotla-Ludhiana, Ahmedgarh- Raekot, Pakhowal road, Jagera road and Pohir roads.

Driving on roads along banks of canals becomes more hazardous during fog, as both sides of the passages are unsafe. Many lives were lost in accidents in which vehicles carrying passengers fell in the Bathinda branch of Sirhind Canal during past years. Similar is the case with the road passing over Sidhwan Branch and Abohar Branch.

There are no centerlines and sideline markings on these roads, which may help the drivers have idea about their position on the road.

Road surface markings are used on paved roadways to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. Uniformity of the markings is an important factor in minimising confusion and uncertainty about their meaning.

They are either mechanical, non-mechanical, or temporary. They can be used to delineate traffic lanes, inform motorists and pedestrians.

Some state governments, including Rajasthan Government, have installed red reflectors along sides and on dividers. This has reduced accidents due to poor visiblity during nights and fog days. But the PWD authorities seem to have learnt no lesson from fatal accidents caused during past years and ensuing season.

Residents have urged Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to impress upon the concerned authorities to undertake surface marking  immidiately and save valuable lives of those who have to travel during inclimate weather. 



Police clueless over  girl’s kidnapping
No headway in four months
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
It has been exactly four months since an eight-year-old daughter of a carpenter was allegedly kidnapped by his brother-in-law, but the police has still not made any headway in this case.

Lakhvir Singh is searching for his eight-year-old daughter Mandeep alias Nikki, who was allegedly kidnapped on the fitful evening of September 6, while she was playing outside her house at Fathe Singh Nagar near Shimla Puri.

Lakhvir is complaining about the police inaction in tracing his daughter. Singh alleged that his brother-in-law Avtar Singh and his wife Gurmeet Kaur have kidnapped her daughter, since the complainant had strained relations with the accused.

"It has been four months still nothing has been done by the police. My life has fallen into pieces since the time my daughter was kidnapped. I could not concentrate on my work. My wife kept sobbing the whole day and keep on staring at the door as if my daughter would come any moment," said Lakhvir Singh.

He further said he had knocked the door of every official concerned but nothing has been done so far and no police officer has taken the matter  seriously.

"Had it been a daughter of some high profile businessman or politician, the entire police department would have been pressed into service to find her," said Lakhvir.



Farmers harvest potato crop  early in panic
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 5
Alarmed by apprehensions of frost following constant fog during last week, growers of early varieties of table potato have started harvesting their crops in panic.

As the shelf life of the produce will be reduced significantly, farmers will not be able to realise full value of the commodity.

Those peasants, who have sown late varieties, have started taking preventive measures to safeguard their crops.

Judicial irrigation and dusting off frost from plants was the only resort to minimize loss due to the dipping temperature.

Investigations by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that a large number of potato growers of the area, apprehending massive damage due to frost during coming days, had started harvesting their crop without caring for quality and quantity of the produce.

Harpreet Singh of Latala village said he had decided to harvest the crop to save tubers from the degradation due to continuation of fogs.

“Though it will result in decreased shelf life of the produce, we will be able to realise partial value by selling it to vegetable vendors,” said Harpreet Singh, maintaining that the tubers would have turned brown and black by the effect of frost.

Aman Sharma of Sihar village said he had directed his employees to irrigate potato fields at regular intervals so that the effects of the apprehended frost was decreased.

According to farmers, the potato crop matures in about 100 days. In case, it is harvested after 60-70 days of sowing, shelf life of potato (known as kachaa aaloo) decreased significantly. Some farmers remove aerial parts of the plants to save the crop from winter and delay recovery of tubers for about a fortnight.

There are more than 1,000 families involved in potato cultivation in the area and the main villages where this crop is grown include Momnabad, Sihar, Jandali, Chhanna, Butahri, Kalarh, Jhammat, Barundi and Latala among others. 



Gurpurb celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
City people today celebrated the Parkash Utsav of Guru Gobind Singh with full religious fervour. People in large numbers went to gurdwaras to pay their obeisance. Raga jathas recited kirtan throughout the day. Devotees also relish langar from the community kitchen.

Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, also celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh at Gurdwara Shaheedan and on college campus in which NSS volunteers paid their services in langar sewa. Principal Karamjit Kaur Virdi also offered her services in the sewa.

Gurpurab was also celebrated at Malwa Central College of Education for Women. The staff and students of the college enthusiastically participated in the celebrations and prepared langar.

Gurpurab was also celebrated at GK Estates on the Chandigarh road. MD of GK Estates, Gulshan Kumar, donated 400 sq yards of land for the construction of a gurdwara at GK Estates. "We should always follow the path shown by Guru Gobind Singh," he said.

While the Salam Zindagi Foundation celebrated the 342nd birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh in a unique way by donating 375 units of blood to blood banks of DMCH, CMCH, Oswal and Apollo Hospitals, respectively. The camp was inaugurated by DIG Ishwar Singh. He appreciated the efforts of the foundation for motivating masses for voluntary blood donation. Sudhir Moudgil donated blood for the 100th time.



Painting exhibition by ‘Group Baroda’
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Coming from small towns is what binds them together. Six artists from different places from Baroda have put an exhibition at Artmosphere Art Gallery. "Group Baroda" comprising of six artists, namely Pranab Chakraborthy, Gajanan Poshatti Thakuwar, Anirban Nandi, Jitendra Kumar, Sachin Nimbalkar and Amit Kumar Lodh, has expressed their feelings and thoughts on the canvas.

Sachin has experimented with charcoal and all his works are made of charcoal. In one of his paintings he has shown a sack full to its capacity and tied from top. "This sack does not contain money or any valuables but my memories from a small town which I have bought along with me.”

Anirban while talking about his works said people around him inspired his works. "Sometimes even a small incident or thought in my mind compels me to paint the idea on canvas. My work is generally affected by my moods. The mood swings can be easily seen in my works," he adds.

Adding to it Amit said, "When one comes from a small town to a big city the total socio-political infrastructure changes. So in the same manner my work also changes with the random change of society and economic structure of the place. I have also tried to show the gap between the rich and poor in my paintings."

For all these artists, everyday experiences form a subject idea of their paintings. Sometimes even the current events are projected in their paintings.



Cultural performances mark ‘Josh-2009’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 5
Cyberstar Infotech, a learning centre of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, under the distance education programme, organised "Josh 2009", a cultural festival, here yesterday. The festival was inaugurated by chief guest DS Sekhon, president, the All-India PTU DEP Associates.

The function showcased talent of the students of Cyberstar Infotech in the form of many cultural and entertaining events. Group and solo performances in categories of folk dances like giddha, bhangra, etc. sizzled the stage and skits tickled audience to jump out of their seats.

On this occasion, Sekhon also gave away the prizes and trophies to the university toppers and zonal toppers and congratulated the students for giving brilliant performances in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities like Josh.

Director Umesh Sharma gave all credit for the success of the function to the students, who organised, managed and delivered a great function under the able supervision of their faculty members. The occasion was graced by the presence of other dignitaries who all collectively congratulated the students for the success of "Josh-2009".



Going gets tough for physically challenged at stations
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 5
Tall claims of almost all government departments, including railways, of providing special care and necessary facilities to old, infirm and physically challenged persons notwithstanding, the authorities at the railway station in the industrial hub of the state feel otherwise.

Even though a ramp does exist at the railway station to facilitate movement of luggage trollies and wheel chairs to the platform number one, the wheel chairs kept in the office of the deputy station superintendent have been non-functional for quite sometime now, causing great inconvenience to the critically ill, physically challenged or infirm railway passengers.

On Sunday afternoon, family members of a passenger Rajeev Kumar had a tough time while frantically searching for a functional wheel chair only to find that one front wheel each of the two wheel chairs available at the railway station were missing. Besides, one of these chairs did not have the footrests. The attendants of the passenger faced anxious moments before they were able to carry the physically challenged passenger on the faulty wheel chair to the platform and helped him board the train.

One of the venders at the railway station, requesting anonymity, told that such incidents were not uncommon. "We have come across such passengers almost every day who have to be literally carried up to the railway compartments with much difficulty in the absence of a functional wheel chair. The attendants of such infirm railway passengers have no choice other than seeking assistance of fellow passengers or paying hefty amount to the porters to make it to their reserved seats or berths."

Senior railway officials confirmed that they had received a complaint about the faulty wheel chair from a passenger on Sunday.

Ashok Singh Salaria, station superintendent, told The Tribune that even though the staff kept a constant watch on the condition of the wheel chairs but these often got damaged due to gross irresponsibility on the part of those using this facility.

"Most of the times, the attendants of physically challenged or other infirm passengers do not take the trouble of returning the wheel chairs to the place where these are kept, and these are left lying at platforms."

He, however, added that one wheel chair was repaired today while the other would also be made functional by tomorrow as the missing footrests had been procured locally and were being fitted to it.



Students work towards making environment eco-friendly
Our Correspondent

Doraha, January 5
Students of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, worked towards creating an eco-friendly environment by clearing surroundings and planting saplings at Begowal village during a NSS camp, which concluded here today.

A total of 70 students, who volunteered ensured their active participation during the course of the camp, chose their spotted place at Government High School of Begowal village where the congress grass and wild weeds were cleared at a grand scale. Apart from this the blocked drainage system of the school was also cleared by the volunteers.

Apart from this, the volunteers also tried to create pollution free environment by educating the students as well as villagers, how to keep their surroundings dirt free.

The farmers were also educated regarding the optimum use of insecticides and pesticides for their fields and crops and the different ways and means, which can be deployed for increasing the crop yield and in a way give their economic status a boost.

As the motto of the camp was “Healthy youth for healthy India”, the volunteers were asked to attend yoga classes and also lectured by various resource persons over the importance of social and moral values in their day-to-day life and activities.

A rally was taken out in the town by the students creating awareness about various social issues like female foeticide, drug addiction, dowry menace, environmental degradation, degrading values, communal disharmony, turbulence and disruption in political scenario.



Undertrial dead

Ludhiana, January 5
An undertrial succumbed to ailment at the civil hospital here this evening.

The deceased Ranbir Singh was booked for drug peddling, along with his wife Paramjit Kaur, recently.

According to jail sources, the condition of the undertrial deteriorated this morning and he was immediately shifted to the civil hospital where he died this evening.

The post-mortem of  the deceased was  conducted. — TNS



Erroneous report

I wish to draw attention to an erroneous report “Test to check scientists’ potential fails to click” in Ludhiana Tribune ( Dec 23) by Shivani Bhakoo.

In the report, she calls SWOT analysis a “test”, when, in fact, it is a strategic planning tool. The SWOT “analysis” was carried out at Punjab Agricultural University more than a year ago. The exercise was immensely successful and was taken seriously by the faculty and administration. It formed the basis of determining the relevance of our ongoing programmes and developing a roadmap for future research, teaching, and extension.

The report erroneously referred to it as my brainchild, thus taking credit away from Albert S. Humphrey (1926-2005) of Stanford University, who developed the SWOT analysis.

Dr Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor, PAU,

I stand by my story, which has been culled from professional feedback from a cross section of the campus faculty.

Shivani Bhakoo, Staff Correspondent,

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Doctor kidnapped, rescued; one held
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, January 5
The Sudhar police arrested a man for kidnapping a woman dentist and rescued her from his captivity.

Simratpal Singh of Khasi Kalan Road, Ludhiana, had complained at Jodhan police post that the accused Gurpreet Singh of Smalsar village (Moga) and now a resident of Mohalla Guru Nanak Pura, Jalandhar, with Balbir Singh and two persons had kidnapped his sister Dr Paramdeep (25) (name changed) Friday afternoon from Sarabha village when she was going to Sarabha hospital where she was employed.

The accused intercepted her car near the hospital, beaten her and forcibly took her on his car (CH 03 Y 4595). The docter was recovered from the captivity of Gurpreet Singh from the house of Balbir Singh at Phase 9, Mohali, and handed her over to her family on Saturday.

She claimed that she was kidnapped but Gurpreet Singh asserted that she went with him on her own and was giving this statement under pressure of her family.

He said both had an affair since long but now she had started seeing another man and refused to marry her. He said he somehow persuaded her to continue the relation and marry him and both had gone to Mohali to solemnise the marriage there as her parents were against this marriage.

The Sudhar police has booked the accused under Sections 365, 120 B IPC.



Youth dies in accident
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, January 5
A youth was killed while another got seriously injured when a tanker and a car collided on the Moga road, Jagraon yesterday. Identified as Varun Kalra (27) and Shiv Chawla, both were going to Moga from Ludhiana in their Maruti Swift car (PB 29 J 1002) being driven by driver Pardeep Singh. Near Gurusar Kaunke village on the Moga road, their car collided with the Ludhiana bound oil tanker (PB 12 B 1382) killing Varun on the spot while Shiv was admitted to the civil hospital, Moga, in a serious condition.

The Jagraon police registered a case under Sections 304 (a), 279, 337, 338, 427 of the IPC on the statement of Pardeep against Gurjant Singh, driver of the tanker.



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