C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


CHB Housing Project in Sec 63
Admn clears layout plan
Now it’s 6-storeyed complex, not 4
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The Chandigarh Administration has finally cleared the layout plan for the mega housing project of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) in Sector 63 here. However, land dispute with Punjab has forced the CHB to increase the floors to six (ground floor plus five storeys) instead of the advertised four.


n Provision of lifts in each block

n Stilt parking as per amended bylaws

n More space for greenbelts

In an apparent bid to mollify the allottees, who had applied for the four-storeyed dwelling units, the board has decided to provide lifts in the flats at its own cost. In fact, stilt parkings conforming to the recent amendments in the building bylaws and more space for the greenbelts would be the other highlights of the new layout plan.

Official sources said the large-scale modifications were necessitated given the "faulty design" and area available with the CHB for the housing scheme.The additional two floors would leave extra space in the housing project for more spacious greenbelts, the sources said, adding that the new design was best in the present circumstances. However, the 320 flats in the economically weaker sections(EWS) category would only have four storeys. Sanjay Kumar, UT's secretary(housing), claimed that the new design would do away with the "claustrophobic" look of the earlier layout plan.

In July last year, UT's department of urban planning had objected to certain serious technical flaws in the scheme and asked the CHB to submit a fresh layout plan. These included more coverage of the floor area ratio (FAR) to construct more than the required flats, leaving less space between different blocks and absence of the greenbelt. Besides, several openings on the V-3 road were another irritant, as only one opening was allowed under the rules.

In the meanwhile, the board held the draw of lots for scheme on July 30 for the 1976 dwelling units.

After struggling for the revised layout plan for months, the board apparently came out with the innovative plan for additional floor, which could earn the ire of the allottees, who had mentally prepared themselves for the four-storeyed flats. The floor-wise draw for the allottees is yet to be held.

Now with the project's layout plan getting approval, decks have been cleared for the actual construction work the project site.



Passports’ theft from Chandigarh RPO
Cops arrest Gujarat resident from Mumbai airport
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The Chandigarh police today arrested Gujarat resident Parveen Ishwar Lal Patel, who was allegedly deported from the USA for travelling on a stolen passport, from Mumbai airport.

Sources in the police said Patel had remained behind bars during his six-month stay in the USA, as he was caught there travelling on a stolen passport just after he landed.

It is learnt that Patel reached the USA on June 16 last year and was caught with an “invalid” passport on June 19. He was sentenced for two months and remained in jail. He was also sent to jail for another four months later by the immigration department.

The immigration department informed the Indian consulate in the USA about the illegal stay of Patel on January 13. The Indian consulate in process conducted the formalities and sent a ticket for Patel to bring him back to India.

The Chandigarh police had already flashed information to Interpol regarding the 48 passports stolen from Regional Passport Office, Chandigarh, in 2006. The police had issued a look-out circular (LOC) regarding the stolen passports, which helped in tracking him down.

A team of the Chandigarh police was in Mumbai since yesterday and will move from Mumbai on Friday, and is expected to reach city on Saturday. He would be produced before a local court for police remand to find out from where he procured the stolen passports and who were the persons involved in the scam other than the accused already arrested by the police.

A senior police officer said they were hopeful of getting some vital information from Patel regarding others persons who might be using the stolen passports to reach foreign shores.

The Chandigarh police had termed the busting of the passport scam as one of its major achievements in 2008, in which over a dozen persons have been arrested so far.



Satish Kaushik urges admn to save Film City 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
Actor-director Satish Kaushik, technical director with the Parshvnath Developers for the controversial Film City project, today made a fervent appeal to the UT top brass to save Chandigarh's film city dream.

Kaushik, who met the senior officials, including the Adviser, Home Secretary and Finance Secretary, put forth his side of the story on the Film City project before the administration. “Parshvnath or no Parsvnath, Chandigarh must have a film city,” Kaushik reportedly told the officials.

Parsvnath Developers, in partnership with Kaushik, had bagged the Film City project coming up on 30 acres of land at Sarangpur with the highest bid of Rs 191 crore in January 2006.

“It may be a real estate project for Parsvnath, but for me, it is a dream creative venture aimed at turning the city into a cinematic tourism destination and bringing the best cinematic facilities to the city,” Kaushik reportedly told the administration officials.

Kaushik had earlier warned that he would be forced to move court if the administration and the Parshvnath went ahead with the termination of agreement.

Responding to Parsvnath Developer’s move to withdraw from the project, UT Adviser Pradip Mehra had raised questions on the evaluation of the land for the same and said the benchmark figure of Rs 175 crore was grossly “undervalued”. 



Travel agent held for duping three of Rs 15 lakh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The Chandigarh Police today arrested a Sector 22-based travel agent on the charges of duping several persons to the tune of Rs 15 lakh on the pretext of sending them abroad.

Sources in the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Chandigarh Police said the accused, Vivek Grover, of Sector 20, Panchkula, and Rita Sharma of Sector 21, Panchkula, were booked on the chares of cheating and criminal conspiracy. Grover is running his travel agency - Wings Consultants, Sector 22.

DSP (EOW) Baljit Singh Chadha told TNS that a case was registered on a compliant lodged by Kuldeep Singh of Bathinda. He alleged that he along with Hardev Singh of Sirsa and Gurdeep Singh of Mansa had given Rs 15 lakh in instalments to Grover who promised to send them to the UK.

Kuldeep further alleged that they came in contact with the accused in 2007. The accused kept on taking money from them and even took Hardev and Gurdeep to Singapore. However, both Hardev and Gurdeep came back after sometime as the accused failed to get them a visa for the UK.

Fed up with his dilly-dallying tactics of the accused, the victims lodged a complaint with the police. Following this, the accused even reached a compromise with the trio and also returned around Rs 5 lakh. He also got a compromise deed signed, but later refused to return the remaining amount forcing the victims to file a complaint against him. 



German Rape Case
Victim reaches city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The 20-year-old German tourist, who was allegedly raped after being kidnapped by five youths from outside Hotel Taj in Sector 17 on September 28, today arrived at the same hotel to personally depose before a local court for trial tomorrow.

The victim, along with her father and the German Embassy officials, reached Hotel Taj amidst tight security cover at around 7.45 pm. She was travelling in an official German Embassy vehicle, Land Cruiser Prado (27-CD 6), having black films, which was accompanied by another vehicle, Toyota Innova (DL-4CAE-6342).

The police had cordoned off the hotel due to which the visitors to the hotel faced problems when the vehicles carrying victim arrived. The police did not allow anyone entry into the hotel till the time the victim alighted from her vehicle and went to her room. The police also stopped the mediapersons outside the hotel.

The police said they would pay her air travel charges as per the orders of the court. However, the police would not foot the bill for the hotel lodging and other charges. The police would escort her to the district courts tomorrow and provide her security during her stray in the city. 



Need for separate Administrator

In 1966, under the Re-organization of Punjab Act, the city was declared to be a UT to be administered directly under Union Ministry of Home Affairs by appointing the Chief Commissioner. It continued till the change took place in 1980s during the days of terrorism in Punjab. Over a period of two decades, there has not been any hue and cry as is now to bring the city’s governance in its original status of the Chief Commissioner.

It is because of the fact that there has been a major spat on one side between the Administrator and the local MP who is also a Union Minister for Finance and on the other his Adviser when he has pointed out several infirmities in the mega projects, which is the brainchild of the Administrator. Had there been a transparency in the over-all functioning of the Administrator and there has been coordination between various organs of governance no body would have taken the issue to enquire into the mega projects or to replace the Administrator.

In the new scenario of the state, there is a greater need to re-look the governance of Chandigarh. The major political parties, which have been advocating the transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab or Haryana, used to observe silence despite the fact, several times these parties came into power. More than a decade back, the same outfits advocated the formation of the Municipal Corporation. Over the years, since nobody remained serious to transfer the city to the either state, Chandigarh became a permanent UT. In this background, there is a greater need to see how the city is to be best governed. Besides, it largely depends upon a person who heads the set up. In the long-term interest of the city, political parties should clear their stand whether they are in agreement to have a permanent status of the city or still they have the ambiguous stand, which they have since 1966.

Under the present set up, neither the Administrator being Governor of Punjab has accountability nor accessibility. In the absence of any political set up, there is a one-man show to govern the city, which is against the democratic norms.

In my view, since the status of the UT being almost permanent and altogether different from Punjab, there should be a separate and permanent Administrator, which should be restored to its original post known as Chief Commissioner. Holding of two important posts does not give justification as a man himself cannot shoulder the responsibility of two very important offices on permanent basis. Consequent of holding two different posts, there is a serious set back to the functioning in the city beautiful and ultimately it is the people who are the sufferers.

S.K. Khosla, # 2870, Sector 40C, Chandigarh

Haryana Guv should be UT Administrator

Now that the Central government has stepped in and the CVC has called for all records of projects for checking, this process will take some time to reach to a logical end. Till then, the projects and development of Chandigarh will be at hold. Sometime back when an enquiry was ordered against the Adviser, certain powers of the Adviser were withdrawn to avoid any undue influence on the probe. The saying goes that law should be allowed to take its own course. Naturally, the post of UT Administrator should be withdrawn from Punjab so that probe is not influenced. The post of Administrator should be given the Haryana Governor till the probe is completed. A demand has been made to send the present chief on leave. For the past 23 years, Punjab Governor has been the Administrator. Now, the Haryana Governor should take over till a regular arrangement is made for Chandigarh.

R K Garg, Convener, RTI, Chandigarh

Guv favouring Oppn

The tenure of the present Administrator of Chandigarh has been one of the most controversial. Appointed by the UPA government at the Centre, he thought that he could take the Congress and its allies for granted. Therefore, he tried to devise a system of governance wherein he openly favoured opposition parties and some selected citizens of Chandigarh so that he could have his way in whatever he wanted to do in Chandigarh without any opposition whatsoever.

The Result: Open interference of the present Akali Dal/ BJP government in the affairs of Chandigarh. Some prominent citizens of Chandigarh, including some nominated councillors, became part of this distorted system. Many such persons selected by the Administrator to be the part of his bandwagon were unethical and valueless individuals being more interested in pursuing their personal benefits.

The most vivid example of this open interference was the Mayoral elections of 2007 wherein a non-Congress candidate was openly supported by the Administrator and Governor of Punjab as he was expecting the victory of the Akali Dal-BJP combine and, therefore, wanted to secure and consolidate his position.

At that time, the Administrator also wanted to settle his personal score with the Congress MP from Chandigarh who was opposing his programmes, methods and way of working. In the whole operation, the Administrator became fully in tune with the Akali Dal election campaign in charge of that time Sukhbir Badal.

It is hardly surprising that the people of Chandigarh today want this (political, biased and controversial) Administrator to go.

Anu Chatrath, Municipal Councillor-Ward 2, Chandigarh

Rotate it between Punjab and Haryana

There is no question to choose between the two evils. The names will not make any difference, it the working which is important. What difference it will make if we have a Chief Commissioner. How he will be responsible to people. If, at all, we want to have a system which is answerable to people, than the present elected representatives of the MC should be made powerful and more departments should be handed over to the MC and the Commissioner should be made responsible. As far as the UT Administration is concerned, it should be handed over to an Adviser who should represent the Central Government and he should work on the advice of the Mayor and that will be a step towards statehood.

This arrangement is in vogue in one of the UTs. Since both Punjab and Haryana make claim on Chandigarh, the power sharing should be discussed and post of the Administrator should be rotated between Punjab and Haryana as in that case only accessibility to governance will be easy and accountability will be fixed. Merely calling views of public will not serve any purpose.

Keshav, Chandigarh

Reduce powers of Administrator

How do a mega projects turn into a mega scam? By appointing an autocratic individual as the UT Administrator. That, along with a team of pliant bureaucrats, just makes the going easy. In the previous Administration setup, consisting of the Administrator, Adviser, HS, FS, and DC, the system of checks and balances has failed as those pliant bureaucrats towed the Administrator's line without a murmur of dissent. It remains to be seen what were the considerations that forced them to comply silently. Was it financial gain? Was it fear? (the Administrator enjoys a reputation of being harsh and vindictive). Were it not for the courage of the current Adviser Pradip Mehra who stood up to the Administrator by fearlessly writing dissenting notings on file, the mega scams would have not surfaced. It is clear that the time has come to divest the Governor, Punjab, of the UT Administrator's post and revert to the Chief Commissioner system. Only such a system in tandem with aware and vigilant citizens will safeguard the ethos of Chandigarh.

Kultar Singh

Strengthen MC

To make Chandigarh a dynamic, vibrant, beautiful, self-reliant and sustainable city with all basic amenities in order to provide a better quality of life, the need of the hour is to strengthen the Municipal Corporation. Give more powers to the corporation to prepare plan for economic development and social justice in the city, for implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice in relation to 29 subjects given in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution and to levy, collect and appropriate taxes, duties, tolls and fees.

To bridge this fast-growing divide with common man and his masters in the Administration, the Centre should focus on piping governance at the grassroots and empowering local-level institutions to further the development agenda.

Parmod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta (an NGO)

Revive CC

The control in improving the Administration of the city will be better with the revival of post of the Chief Commissioner as he will look after it whole heartedly. The Governor is not easily accessible to public being heading the state of Punjab.

O. P. Garg, 478, Phase-II, Urban Estate, Patiala

(To be continued)


UT to get tough with officials ‘overstaying’ on sensitive posts
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
There is bad news for the UT officials overstaying at the sensitive posts for more than the stipulated period of three years prescribed by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

In a bid to ensure transparency in the working of its departments, the Chandigarh Administration has decided to reshuffle the “overstaying”. The process had already been set in motion in the Education Department where scores of employees had been working on crucial posts for several years, allegedly developing vested interests.

"The administration has decided to strictly implement the CVC guidelines on the posting of the employees on sensitive posts to discourage the employees from developing vested interests,” Home-cum-Personnel Secretary Ram Niwas said.

Since senior officials come on deputation to the Chandigarh Administration either Punjab or Haryana for a fixed tenure, the middle and lower level officials continue to man the sensitive posts in a majority of departments for years together.

With strong vested interests, these officials allegedly manipulated the working of the departments according to their whims and fancies. With little knowledge about the working of the departments by the senior officials in the beginning of their tenures, these employees were virtually considered to be “indispensable” for the "smooth" functioning of the departments.

However, that is going to be a thing of the past, said Ram Niwas, promising that the three-year rule would be implemented in all the UT departments. It is alleged that the policies of these departments were formulated keeping in mind the "vested interests" of these employees or their associates. As the UT has limited departments frequent reshuffling of the employees posed certain practical problems, officials said. However, the administration was committed to strictly enforce the CVC guidelines as new set of officials brings in new ideas and thoughts in working of the departments. 



Rare heart surgery on 3-month-old at PGI 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
Parents of a three-month-old baby from Hisar heaved a sigh of relief when the newborn got a new lease of life after the successful operation for a congenital heart disorder “Transposition of great arteries” (TGA) at PGI here.

According to doctors, this is a rare condition among children. Over 90 per cent of patients with this disease will not live to see their first birthday, if not operated on time. Prof Shyam T Singh, a cardiac surgeon, who successfully operated on the baby for the first time in PGI said it was 15 days since the operation and the baby was alright.

The baby boy, Rajat from Hisar weighing just 2.7 kg underwent an artificial switch surgery successfully and was doing fine at the cardio thoracic intensive care unit of the hospital. The baby was taken for the surgery two months back and operated on December 30 and the operation lasted for about four hours, said Dr Shyam.

Explaining the condition of the baby, Dr Rohit Manoj, associate professor, the department of cardiology, said the baby would turn blue, had difficulty in breathing and frequently pant while moving.

Initially, his parents were clueless about the disease, said the doctor.

"Due to developmental malformation of arteries in heart, deoxygenated blood would flow into the aorta, making the baby turn blue," said Dr Shyam. The open-heart surgery in congenital heart disorder (TFA) was not just a challenge for the surgeon but for the anaesthetist as well as the whole team who looked after the baby.

The team, including Prof Shyam T Singh, head of the cardiovascular and thoracic surgery department, Dr VK Arya, additional professor, the department of anaesthesia, Dr Rohit Manoj, associate professor, the department of cardiology and Dr Sachin Kuthe, assistant professor, the department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery successfully operated on the low weight baby. 



Youth dies at GMSH
Family accuses docs of negligence

Chandigarh, January 15
The family of a Home Guard volunteer, who died at the Sector 16 Government-Multi Specialty Hospital (GMSH) today during treatment, accused the doctors of negligence.

The deceased, identified as Shakti Singh (23), was admitted to the GMSH on Wednesday after the PGI diagnosed him of kidney failure. His family alleged that the doctors treating on him did not give him proper medical treatment which resulted in his death.

The father of the deceased, Dhan Raj Singh, a head constable in the Chandigarh Police, lodged a complaint against the doctors at the Sector 17 police station.

However, the GMSH authorities claimed that the PGI had already diagnosed the deceased with kidney failure. The family was informed that the hospital authorities were helpless as they had no nephrologist and advised them to take the patient to the PGI. However, the family refused to take him to the PGI and insisted that he should be admitted there, said the GMSH authorities. 



‘Save oil, save life’
Our Correspondent

Mohali, January 15
Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight, 2009, was inaugurated by Principal Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies, R.P.S.Pawar, at NIPER here today.

Addressing a gathering, Pawar said 70 per cent of oil had to be imported to meet the growing demand and this cost the nation Rs 2,72,699 crore. The prices of oil had touched an all-time high in July last year which raised inflation all over the world causing serious concern to economic planners. He said uneconomic consumption of oil had to be avoided till an alternative source of energy was made available. Bio-diesel was an alternate source of energy which was at present only at a nascent stage, he added.

Earlier, HS Bedi, state level coordinator and General Manager of the Punjab wing of the Indian Oil Corporation, said the hike in the prices of crude oil last year had resulted in crippling not only the Indian economy but also had adversely affected the world at large. The demand of petroleum products had gone down all over the world after the price hike. Even though the prices had come down recently, people should take the shortage of petroleum products seriously and avoid wastage.

Bedi said production of crude oil had remained unstable over the past five years even when the demand was increasing. In the next about 10 years the dependence on import of crude oil was likely to reach 90 per cent. The Central government was working on various methods to increase crude oil production. Oil companies were asked to acquire assets abroad and equity had been purchased in 22 countries.

In Brazil, 90 per of the cars were running on flexifuel. Bio-fuels were less injurious to environment and auto gas was cleaner and cheaper. Oil companies were setting up 383 auto-gas dispensing units in the country, added Bedi.

The aim of the fortnight was to spread awareness among all sections of the society about the shortage of petroleum products and urge people to save fuel. 



Suvidha camp draws huge crowd 
Tribune News Service

Mohali, January 15
The “unwilling” ‘sarkari babus’ were today eager to address the queries of the visitors and help them in getting a ration card, driving licence, affidavit attested, copies of mutation and a number of other sub-divisional-level works.

It was the routine office hour functioning at the district administrative complex here but the daylong suvidha camp organised by the district administration at the Dusshera grounds in Phase VIII here.

Though many went satisfied, some could not find their way to the inquiry counters at the camp. Even as the officials from all the departments concerned were in attendance, some of the elected representatives like sarpanches and municipal councillors were missing despite repeated announcements being made to reach their respective counters.

Around 15,000 persons from the rural and urban areas thronged the cramped venue of the camp against lesser number of persons expected by the officials. On being asked that the camp could have been organised in a better manner, Punjab Cooperation Minister Capt Kanwaljit Singh, who was also present at the camp, said: “Best efforts have been put to hold the camp. Such more camps would be held at the sub-divisional and teshil level.”

A visit to the camp revealed that there were adequate number of counters to fill, attest and submit the forms, but the arrangements were not organised. “There should have been demarcation of different areas, tehsil or block-wise. But it is a good initiative,” said Sohan Singh, a resident of Sohana.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Bhandari said that catering to 15,000 persons in a day was a challenge. More such camps would be held to address problems of the residents.

As many as 450 learner driving licences, 4,000 affidavits, attestation of 10,500 certificates and pension forms, 165 copies of mutation, 1,250 forms of food and supplies forms, handicap certificate, and various documents were issued by the officials during the camp. 



Raising day celebrated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The TBRL, one of the armament laboratories of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), celebrated its 42nd Raising day at its range at Ramgarh near here today.

Dr Sunil Kumar Gupta, Vice-Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University, was the chief guest on the occasion. He stressed the need for closer interaction between the national research and development laboratories, universities and academic institutions for the development of state-of-the-art technologies relevant to the defence forces. He ensured full support and cooperation from HP University in achieving the goals and objectives of the laboratory for the 11th Five Year Plan.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Satish Kumar, director, the TBRL, highlighted the achievements of the lab in the year 2008. He briefed audience about the development of various new technologies and systems like multi-P charge-based warhead for air defence missile, electro magnetic flux compression generators, hybrid spherical explosive wave lens, laser initiation of high explosives and bunker busters.



Army Day celebrated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
Paying tributes to the valiant soldiers of the Army who laid down their lives for the country, Lt Gen AN Aul, Chief of Staff, HQ Western Command, laid a wreath at Veer Smriti, the Command War Memorial, at Chandimandir today to commemorate the Army Day. Many senior officers, JCOs and other ranks were present to pay homage on the occasion.

Every year, the Army celebrates January 15 as Army Day, which commemorates the day on which Field Marshal KM Cariappa assumed command of the Indian Army 61 years ago.

On this day, the Army re-dedicates itself to be a part of the “War Winning Team” with resolve to attain resounding victory in the true spirit of the motto to “fight to win”, according to a statement issued here today.



Office-bearers elected
Tribune News Service

Mohali, January 15
The Residents Welfare Association, Phase 3-A, SAS Nagar, elected its office-bearers at a general body meeting held here. Bachan Singh Bal was elected chairman of the association while Kulwant Singh and Gurmukh Singh were chosen president and general secretary, respectively.

Other office-bearers are: Senior vice-president — KL Sharma; vice-presidents — Balwinder Singh and Gurpreet Singh; joint secretary — Ranjit Singh Chahal; finance secretary — Harcharan Singh; organising secretary — AS Sehgal; press secretary — CS Grewal; and legal adviser — Harnek Singh. Besides them, 11 executive members were also elected.

Many members of the association contributed money to the association funds, which included Rs 11,000 given by AS Sehgal.

Meanwhile, residents of the area celebrated Lohri at the Freedom Fighters Park. General secretary of the association Gurmukh Singh said more such gatherings would be organised in the future to encourage brotherhood among the residents.



Winter school workshop opens 
Tribune News Service

Mohali, January 15
To promote excellence in technical education, NITTTR conducted a five-day winter school workshop at SSIET, Dera Bassi, Mohali. Chairman of Sukhmani Group Prof Avtar Singh welcomed experts, namely Dr SC Laroiya and Dr Gupta from NITTTR, here today.

The function was inaugurated by Prof SC Laroiya, Director, NITTTR, Chandigarh. The five-day schedule includes lectures on employment opportunities and competency profile of engineering graduates, effective leadership skills, phonetics, planning and implementation of evaluating project work, teaching effectiveness industry interaction, student evaluation, academic planning, entrepreneur skills in students, developing healthy work culture in institutions, group discussions, etc.

Dr Laroiya encouraged young participants to foster and promote research in classroom techniques, laboratory techniques, teaching implementation, curriculum development and testing. He also informed that NITTTR strives continuously and vigorously to enhance organisation, evaluation, learning methodology, curriculum development, etc.

Founder’s day

Sri Sukhmani Group of Institutions celebrated the Founder’s day and New Year on Tuesday. Members from all institutions came together to tie the knot of camaraderie, unity and team spirit. The members of the group also celebrated the much-awaited “New Year bash”. Chief guests of the function Prof Avtar Singh, Chairman, Sukhmani Group, and Kanwaljit Kaur, Director, were welcomed by respective principals of all institutions. Prof Avtar Singh urged the faculty members and staff to help young students in building their future and in preparing tomorrows’ techno navigators. 



PU to register student bodies
100 members mandatory to contest polls
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
To streamline the electoral process on the Panjab University campus, the authorities have decided to register the student bodies.

In a meeting between student's unions and authorities convened here today, a decision was taken that all the parties would now be registered with the university to contest the student elections.

Sources at the university said only those parties would be registered which had a support of more than 100 students.

It was also decided that only the registered parties of the campus would be authorised to submit any kind of memorandum pertaining to the demands of the students to the authorities, and without registration, parties’ demands would not be entertained.

Sources said another issue, which the officials took up, was that after submitting the demand of any developmental work by the student bodies, a deadline would be fixed for its implementation so that students might not raise issues again and again.

It was also decided to make video of the agitations, being taken place on the campus. The panel decided that if any outsider would be traced in any dharna, an action would be taken against the individual and the student body, in which he would participate.

One of the senior officials stated that in last two years, number of little-known parties mushroomed on the campus, which had increased the violence. After the implementation of the decision, the authorities would be able to manage the student bodies in a proper manner.



High drama by student body
Raises voice against challans that were never issued
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
The PUSU today staged dharna at PU, in which they demanded that the order of the authorities to wear helmets be revoked. The protesters said it was causing inconvenience to the students.

Recently, the Vice-Chancellor, RC Sobti had launched the awareness campaign on the campus to educate the student to wear helmets for safety purpose, but no written instructions had been issued by the authorities in this regard.

The protesting students said why the authorities were issuing challan for not wearing helmets. When the VC asked the name of the students to whom the challan had been issued, the students could not point out any name at that moment.

The leaders of the PUSU again sat on dharna in the afternoon put the demand of the functioning of the lift in the girls’ hostel no. 6. Whereas officials said the university had already placed an order with the Johson and Johson firm on December 31 last year for supply of the lift to be installed in the hostel. As per the agreement with the company, the lift would be installed and made operational March 31.



Annual function held at Shivalik
Tribune News Service

Mohali, January 15
The annual function of Shivalik Public School, Mohali, was inaugurated by Prof RC Sobti, Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, on the school premises here today.

Malwinder Kaur, the school coordinator, while reading the achievements of the school pointed out that this year, a student of class X, Rahul Vij did the school proud by standing first in Mohali by scoring 97.8 per cent marks in the board exams. Aditya Kumar of class IX was one of the 1,000 meritorious students across the country, who has won NTSE scholarship instituted by NCERT, New Delhi.

Setting the mood for the occasion, the students took over the stage and regaled audience with a variety of entertainment programmes. First to perform were the girls with the western dance followed by a short skit in English raising concerns about global warming

After the function, the chief guest gave away prizes to the meritorious students in the field of academics, sports, culture and co-curricular activities. The Canara Bank honoured the toppers of classes Xth and XIIth with cash prize of Rs 2,500 each. DS Bedi, director principal of the school, also spoke on the occasion. The function concluded with bhangra followed by solemn singing of the national anthem.



Annual function held
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
“Sankalp”, a social society of students of GC 11, held its annual function in the college hall today. Sankalp volunteers urged the students to join the social work group so that awareness on various issues can be spread. The volunteers motivated the students to come forward through a power point presentation in which they shared their yearlong fulfilling experience of the social work.


Four students, namely Aman Aggarwal, Inayat Chaudhary, Namita Rai and Abhishek Swarup of Pathways World School, have been selected to attend the swearing ceremony of the US President.

The students were in the first mailing list from the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference (PYIC). The students have been selected to attend the ceremony based on their leadership skills demonstrated at the Global Young Leaders’ Conference (GYLC) held at Washington and New York.

MoU signed

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for academic collaboration and students’ exchange has been signed between Punjab Engineering College (PEC) and University of Australia (UWA), Australia, by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and innovation) Dr Doug Mc Eachern from UWA and Director, Dr Manoj Datta from PEC. Dr Doug Mc Eachern was accompanied by Dr Hema Sharda, Director, South Asia relations from UWA, who along with Dr Vasundhara Singh, faculty in charge for academic collaboration and students’ exchange at PEC have done the ground work for this collaboration. The highlighting feature of the MoU includes exchange of academic materials and of staff, joint research activities, joint conferences and academic meetings, exchange of academic materials and information and exchange of the students.


Ujjal Dosanjh, a Canadian Member of Parliament, addressed students of GGDSD College, Sector 32-C, and University of the Fraser Valley in the college seminar hall today.

In a talk aimed to empower youth to demand values such as compassion, equality, justice and courage in order to build a new India, Dosanjh emphasised that India has natural and human resources to make it richer.



School to get EDEXCEL board affiliation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 15
St Stephen’s School, Sector 45, is all set to introduce classes XI and XII affiliated to EDEXCEL board from the coming academic session.

“The school will be introducing this qualification from the upcoming session. The selection of students would be on merit basis and the qualification will be available to 100 students in the initial phase and in the later phase will see expansion of the qualification standards to vocational courses. It was claimed that this course is equivalent to the well reputed CBSE and ICSE boards. It would focus more on vocational training, stress free education as compared to the regular Indian pattern that lays more emphasis on theoretical side and more importantly it would lay emphasis on objective studies,” informed Jaskaran Thiara, Chairman of St Stephen’s.



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