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Foreign powers should not dictate to India

The news report “Don't roll back ties with Pakistan: Boucher” (Jan 16) by Ashish Kumar Sen proves that our politicians and their foreign policies have made us look like nincompoops in the eyes of the world. The world now thinks that they can dictate to us. It seems as if India is a nation of primary school children.

Actually, our political leaders have brought about this situation. We do not have the gumption to solve our own problems and hence we always run to others.

Western powers have long wanted to interfere in the affairs of the Asian region. Kashmir is the ideal handle for them to arm-twist and manipulate India and Pakistan, and exercise surrogate control over the entire Asian region.

They have already wreaked havoc by meddling in the internal affairs of various Middle Eastern countries. India, in its own interest must make it amply explicit to the US, the UK and their cronies that they better keep their hands off our affairs.


Charge Israel

In a just world Israel would have been charged with crimes against humanity for its massive genocide of a trapped Palestinian civilian population. But as things stand, Israel will never face any such charge. It seems as if it is the sole “untouchable” nation on earth.

It has always used the U.N.S.C. to its advantage, with the US help, whenever it deems it appropriate. But when the same Security Council passed a resolution to demand a ceasefire in Gaza, it stood defiant.

Faced with the Israel’s intransigence, the UN could not to do anything about it. It is also a fact that the US has used its veto power many times to stop the UN from drafting any resolution that would incriminate Israel.


Satyam fraud

The Satyam fraud has sent wrong signals across the world about Indian IT sector, which is already suffering because of international financial crisis. On the other hand, it has also exposed the failure of Indian financial system that failed to notice the financial fraud.

I appreciate that the government is handling the situation very carefully and has kept the interest of 52,000 employees in mind. At the same time, the institutions involved in monitoring the account of Satyam should be dealt with very severely. 

HARISH K MONGA, Ferozepur City

“Erring” women

The middle “To err is woman” (Jan 8) by Chetana Vaishnavi was excellent. I also ponder over this issue and often wonder aloud as to why a woman is held responsible for every faux pas?

Take the example of an average home. When a child makes some mistake, say breaks a toy or a showpiece, the mother is held responsible. When a child gets good marks in the school the credit goes to the father. But a mother is held accountable for a child’s failure.

The government and the NGOs must take serious measures to eliminate deep-seated prejudices against the fairer sex.

SUSHMA DOGRA, Advocate, Jalandhar

Fighting casteism!

I want to ask the government, whether by offering cash incentives for inter-caste marriage, the issue of casteism can be tackled. Is it the right way to counter caste-based discriminations? I think the government and the NGOs should evolve better methods to deal with the problem. If the government does not endorse discrimination based on castes then why does it reserve seats for some castes?


Ludhiana’s curse

I appreciate the report “Budda Nullah curse lives on”(Jan 15) by Kanchan Vasdev and Jyotika Sood. But I feel that the administration in Ludhiana is unlikely to take any corrective action. The deplorable condition of city roads, sewerage and sanitation points out that the administration has completely collapsed.

I feel pained when I see that very little has been done to improve the condition of the Budda Nullah, which was once a sacred river. Even the High Court notices have had no impact. Actually the whole city has become un-governable.


Love animals

A J Philip’s middle “Puppy love” (Jan 16) was very touching. The heart-rending tale continued to find yet another sobbing heart in me. I bet that every reader of the article must have been moved.

In this world of fake and deceitful humans, the utmost faithfulness of a dog helps in strengthening our belief in the presence of God. I am a dog lover and I too own a pet. The tale of cruelty towards the hapless animal has made me even more concerned about my pet.


The ailing hospital

The government hospital at Gagret in Una district in Himachal Pradesh is in bad shape these days.

Besides woefully inadequate infrastructure, the hospital has been reeling under an acute shortage of medicines for a long time. The helpless patients are forced to purchase the prescribed medicines from the local chemists at exorbitant rates.

Pertinently, the hospital caters to about 40,000 people of the area. Since it is strategically located on the traffic-heavy Jalandhar-Chintpurni highway, victims of numerous road accidents also receive emergency treatment here. Would it be too much to appeal to the state government to kindly spare a thought for the “ailing” hospital and take action to improve and restore its health?

TARA CHAND, Ambota (Una)



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