Choppy waters

George Clooney stars in The Perfect Storm
George Clooney stars in
The Perfect Storm

FOR those who enjoy thrillers, this George Clooney-starrer is a must-see. Based on Sebestian Jungerís best-selling book, The Perfect Storm on Tuesday at 9 pm on HBO is an action adventure set on the tumultuous seas. The film revolves around the captain of a ship, Billy Tyne, who, days after returning from a gruelling and a disappointing fishing trip, decides to take his boat out one last time before the season ends. The crewmembers are angry but he tells them the trip is necessary to minimise the huge losses. The ship and its crew sail out into the sea but they havenít anticipated the terrifying storm that will rock the North Atlantic. Will they be able to weather the perfect storm and return home? Watch the nail-biting movie for the answers.

Supernatural love

Itís a romantic tale with a difference. There is an element of supernatural in the story. Shree (Monday to Thursday) at 10.30 pm on Zee TV is a love story between a village belle and a city boy. But this love story has an eerie edge to it. Produced by Hats Off Production, Shree has two new promising artists in the lead ó Pankaj Tiwari and Wasna Ahmed. Pankaj plays Hari, an eligible Gujarati bachelor. But bad fortune strikes him whenever he approves of a prospective bride for himself. This continues till he meets Shree played by Wasna. Has she the supernatural power to ward off all evils? Will she be able to foil the design of the paranormal force? Find out in this engaging serial ó NF