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Arab-Israeli conflict should end amicably

The article “Crimes against humanity (Jan 24) by Punyapriya Dasgupta was interesting. The Israeli war machine has been hammering the Gaza Strip causing death and devastation upon Palestinian inhabitants. Since times immemorial, this land has seen the rise and fall of mighty empires. The followers of Judaism, the Jews, have for centuries been victims of untold atrocities, genocides, deportations: Expelled from Egypt by the Pharaoh, made captive and driven out by the Babylonian King, Nebuchadanezzer, they were killed in huge numbers by Hitler, the German dictator, during World War II.

Israel can, however, never be a policeman of the Middle-East. History has really been very cruel to the Jews. They have attained a sovereign state in the land of their ancestors after centuries of sufferings and sacrifices. They should consolidate it through ‘forget and forgive’ policy and not ‘an eye for an eye’ approach. The Palestinians and Arabs should end confrontation and create harmonious atmosphere in their own interest. Wanton bloodshed of humans can only be counter-productive and catastrophic for future generations.

S S BENIWAL, Chandigarh

Wiping out corruption

Recently many press statements of the Deputy Chief Minister, Punjab, Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal, have appeared in The Tribune in which he has boasted that he will eliminate corruption at all levels.

I need not debate whether corruption starts from the bottom or from the top, but it is prevailing in every department.

The Deputy CM must be aware that at the tehsil level nobody is spared. The deed writers charge one per cent extra on every registry and pay the tehsildars.

No birth certificate is issued without greasing the palms of officers. Whenever one approaches the tehsildar without money, the tehsildar throws away the file.

So, it would be a challenge for Mr Sukhbir Badal, to kick-off the anti corruption campaign from the tehsil level. It will be a litmus test for him. Let us see whether he can eradicate corruption or not.



I want to draw the attention of Mr Sukhbir Badal who must pay heed to the difficulties of the common man. How the common man suffers under the corrupt system is unimaginable. Go to any office in the state and you will know that the common man has to bribe his way through to get even the basic things done. In fact, to understand the pain of the common man, one has to become a common man. Otherwise, he should not talk of corruption. If he succeeds in weeding out corruption, he will truly become a hero.


Support elderly

The news report “Look after your parents and senior citizens in Punjab or go to jail” (Jan 20) by Prabhjot Singh highlighted the need to take care of one’s parents and grandparents. When the parents become old, they must be taken care of financially and emotionally by their progeny. It is sad that there are not enough welfare schemes for the elderly. Now, the Punjab Government has done well by sanctioning the implementation of the Maintenance of Parents and Senior Citizens Act. Along with the legal remedy, the younger generation should be made aware of their responsibility. One should always keep in mind that life is a full circle. The son of today shall be a father tomorrow. He shall reap what he sows.

RISHAM, Rajpura


Today children are forgetting their most invaluable assets, their parents. Children think that it was the duty of their parents to bring them up. But children have forgotten their duty. Just imagine what would have happened if our parents had not fulfilled their obligation. Though Punjab is the fifth state to sanction implementation of this Act, I would like to make an appeal to the other states to implement this law. I beseech the young generation to look after their parents.

VISHAL JASWAL, Bhaddal, Ropar

Punish rapists

The incidents of gang rape in Noida and recently in Dheradun are a blot on the face of a civilised society. The rapists remain on the prowl. The women are not safe anywhere and are soft targets.

The tightening of the noose around the rapists and stringent punishment alone can act as a deterrent.


Take steps to empower women 

Merely celebrating the Girl-Child Day is not enough. Even, the President, Ms Pratibha Patil, has expressed concern over the abominable practice of female foeticide. Successive governments have failed to take concrete steps, which can make the girl child an asset and not a burden.

Registration of properties in women’s names showed a remarkable rise in Delhi after the reduction of the stamp-duty on property for women. The Union and the state governments should take all possible measures for similar concessions. For instance, duties on vehicles registered in the name of women can be reduced. Interest rates for home and other loans may be subsidised for women.

In certain fields, like dentistry and gynaecology, extra seats can be reserved for women. Women should have an automatic and instant right in husband’s property. Presently, a girl child is treated as an unwanted burden primarily because of the increasing expenses on their marriages. Society must condemn such extravagance and marriage functions should be kept simple.




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