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24 kids fall ill after eating wild seeds
Our Correspondent

Mohali, February 7
As many as 24 children from Parol village fell ill after they ate seeds from a tree growing near a brick-kiln in the area today.

Parents of the children who were admitted to the Civil Hospital here said they were shocked to see so many children vomiting. Some of them even suffered from diarrhoea. On questioning them, they learnt that the children had eaten seeds of “diesel plant”.

The children were immediately put on glucose at the hospital. They are out of danger and likely to be discharged tomorrow. They are in the age group of three to 13 years.

Their parents work at a brick-kiln near the village. A teacher from an NGO taught the children. The incident occurred when a child started eating the seeds when they had gathered for the class and found it to be sweet. Soon, the others joined in.

Usha, whose children Neha (7) and Roshni (3) were also hospitalised, said her daughter came to her and showed her the seeds which she had eaten. Later she started vomiting.

District health officer SP Surila said when officials of the health department came to know about the incident, two doctors from the Boothgarh area were sent to the spot. Two ambulances were also rushed to Parol village to get the children to hospital.

HS Sarang, SMO, said the children had been given treatment free of cost.



V-Day Now, moral policing by Asaram followers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
Taking a cue from the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and Shri Ram Sena in Mangalore to disrupt Valentine’s Day, followers of Asaram Bapu have donned the mantle of the moral police and raised the banner of anti-Valentine’s Day in the city.

They distributed handbills and pasted posters at Panjab University, colleges and schools today, urging students to shun western culture of celebrating love. They asked the youngsters to worship their parents on that day and seek their blessings.

A student of the university said she would take the blessings of her parents in the morning and then celebrate Valentine’s Day. She remarked that if these people were so concerned about safeguarding culture, why don’t they promote it during the whole year. It was a “stunt” by these people and whenever special days approach, they start opposing those in the name of cultural promotion.

Around 100 devotees of Asaram distributed handbills and interacted with youngsters to impress upon them not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Valentine’s Day is a western phenomenon, which has nothing to do with Indian culture. St Valentine talked of love, but that love can be towards parents, too. We are asking youngsters to worship their parents and seek their blessings on Valentine’s Day,” said Gyan, one of the followers.

Manoj, another follower, said: “The way Valentine’s Day is celebrated now, it is a big waste of money. St Valentine did not say that one has to give flowers and balloons. We are trying to spread the correct message of the spirit of love among the youth.”

Another student said: “We are least bothered about Asaram Bapu’s preachings regarding this day. It is strange that these religious groups never come forward during any mishap or calamity to help people. They have taken up this issue only to gain cheap publicity.”



Restoration of Properties
Graver cases overlooked
Former UT Advisers also passed “questionable” orders
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
While UT Administrator Gen SF Rodrigues (retd) has chosen to seek legal opinion on his Adviser Pradip Mehra’s decision to entertain a revision petition and restoring a residential property by fixing Rs 50 as the forfeiture amount, he seems to have turned a blind eye to the act of the former Adviser, Lalit Sharma, who had twice restored prime commercial property, valued between Rs 200 and Rs 250 crore, to the promoters of James Plaza in Sector 17.

While exception has been taken to Mehra’s move, which relates to a small property of merely 204 sq yard, the former Adviser had virtually “gifted” the over 2-acre plot in the heart of Sector 17 despite a contrary view of the estate office. The property was sold in 1985 for Rs 83.5 lakh and was resumed in 2001 due to non-payment/construction.

Mehra considered the revision petition six years after the resumption, but failed to take notice of the escalation in land prices.

The former Adviser, in his orders dated May 2, 2007, admitted that the ending of the resumption proceedings would add substantial value to the property, but justified it on the plea that in event of its alienation, the hotel project would be delayed.

He wrote: “The possibility of the property being alienated, there being further delay in the construction of the hotel needs to be guarded against.”

Documents with The Tribune reveal that the petitioner, James Hotels, through its then MD, Surjit Singh Gulati, in a review petition filed against the Adviser’s orders (dated December 8, 2004) pleaded delay in the payment of dues due to financial loss and sought fresh orders on the issue of delay in construction. However, Lalit Sharma dismissed the petition. Subsequently, the estate office resumed the property in 2007 for not completing the building in three years of the date of auction. An appeal against the resumption order of the estate was dismissed by the Chief Administrator (dated March 2007). The site was restored in May 2007, when the petitioner filed a review petition before Lalit Sharma.

Before restoring the site for the second time, the then Adviser had rejected a review petition of the petitioners on account of non-construction. The Adviser, after rejecting this review petition, entertained another review petition against the orders of the Chief Administrator (dated March 7, 2007) and restored the site, subject to payment of extension fee. Last year, the estate office resumed the site after the petitioner failed to complete the building within one year and the case is under litigation.

While Rodrigues has referred the entire record of Mehra’s decisions, pertaining to grant of relief to owners of resumed properties, to the UT standing counsel, the questionable orders passed by Lalit Sharma or others have been wittingly or unwittingly ignored. It would not be out of place to mention that entertaining petitions relating to certain resumed properties in the city and granting relief on them has been going on for several years.

While hackles are being raised on Mehra’s decision, all Advisers had condoned delay in the filing of revision petitions and extended deadlines for depositing paltry forfeiture amounts with the administration for the release of the resumed properties.



Getting away with fraud?
Decade gone, but Nabard society investors yet to get their money back
GS Paul
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
Hundreds of members of the Thrift and Credit Society of Nabard have been left in the lurch as no headway has been made in the arbitration cases against some former office-bearers of the society who were at the wrong side of the law.

The issue pertains to 695 investors, a majority are retired employees and senior citizens, who had deposited their money amounting to over Rs 2.8 crore with the society in the form of FDRs.

However, they are still moving from pillar to post to get their money back even though a criminal breach of trust by some office-bearers of the society has been proved.

It took the Office of Registrar, Cooperative Societies (RCS), a decade to smell the stink in the society. “This was detected in 2004, only when investors started coming to encash their FDs,” 82- year-old ML Kumra, former DGM, Nabard, who had suffered a loss of over Rs 6 lakh, said.

“It was the failure of the RCS office, which governs such societies, to take action in time. It did not bother to conduct the statutory annual audit for over a decade. Gross mismatch of assets and liabilities was revealed later,” AK Ahir, a retired employee who had invested over Rs 1 lakh with the society, said.

Questions are being raised why regular annual elections were allowed to be held when the accounts had not been audited for 10 years. The maximum credit limit (MCL), which was Rs 23,250, was allowed to extend to Rs 1 crore by the office-bearers. Their modus operandi was that they used to issue fake receipts to investors for FDs, but never credited the amount in their accounts.

The record of this period was reportedly misplaced in the RCS office. NPS Randhawa, Additional Registrar, RCS, admitted that this practice prevailed for a decade and when he took charge, he found that the papers of that period were missing in office records. “I cannot comment on the lost records since I took over the charge later, but gross negligence and omission in maintenance of accounts had been detected against 13 members,” he said.

In 2005, the Estate Office and the police raided the houses of the office-bearers of the society. Cases were registered against them with the RCS. The RCS had ordered that the amount could be realised from the office-bearers by attaching their terminal dues and property, but nothing came of it.

When asked about it, Randhawa said the depositors would get back their money within three months. “Legal implications had delayed the process of attaching the property of the guilty. A sum of Rs 40 lakh has been recovered from them. We are working on the modalities to schedule the hearing of the investors on a weekly basis,” he added.



Fire threat real at GMSH
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
When it comes to fire safety, one would expect hospital managements to be cautious and even over prepared to deal with such an eventuality since most of those housed there are incapacitated patients.

Imagine how patients -- some sedated, some recuperating from major surgeries, some lying in the ICU and even newborns in neonatal wards -- would react in case of a fire. The mere thought of it makes one shudder.

But it is obvious that the management of Government Multi-Speciality Hospital, Sector 16, hasn’t given it a thought. The hospital lacks basic fire safety measures and despite being sounded by the fire department, the authorities have done nothing to improve the situation.

“It’s Ram bharose here,” a doctor said, pointing out that the hospital didn’t even have a fire officer on its roll and the post was being looked after by the security officer.

The basement where dental and physiotherapy OPDs are held, and which also houses laundry and medical stores, does not even have sprinklers. Besides there are no response indicators, manual call points or a public address system to alert patients and their kin in case of a fire.

All that the hospital has is fire extinguishers and overhead static water tanks.

Hospital sources claimed that accessories like hose heads are not available. The water pump, required to maintain requisite pressure in the system, was also faulty. The hospital also did not have automatic fire detection and alarm system.

The hospital emergency and the OPD have only one access and can cause a huge hindrance during emergency evacuation. The building also lacks illuminated exit ways and there are no signs. It also does not have an alternative backup for electricity supply and a fire-lift with fireman switch.

ML Sharma, sub fire station officer, said: “We had informed the hospital authorities regarding the deficiencies in the system last year after an inspection. What can we expect from the hospital authorities if they are not concerned about fire safety.”

Training of staff for operation, evacuation plans and drills, besides periodical fire safety audits, are a far cry.

A senior health official said they had sent a proposal to the UT engineering department as only the department could do something about it. Joint medical superintendent SK Bhandari, when contacted, refrained to comment.



School bus drivers flout rules with impunity
Refuse to ferry kids till naka lifted

GS Paul
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
A team of the State Transport Authority (STA) has discovered a unique modus operandi of the school bus operators, who are on the wrong side of law, to escape from getting their vehicles challaned.

The STA team observed this yesterday during the drive conducted at Sector-27 to crack a whip on the school bus and auto-rickshaw drivers who blatantly violate the Motor Vehicle Act.

Well versed with the fact that the challaning squad cannot enter the school premises for arresting them, some of the Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector-27, drivers did not come out of the gate till 3.30 pm, yesterday, leaving the schoolchildren high and dry. They were not able to board the bus till the bus operators ensured that the challaning squad had lifted the barricade.

School principal Vineeta Arora, when contacted, said she was not aware of the incident. “I will get it checked with my transport staff and let you know”, she said but did not get back.

On the other hand, Vandana Disodia, Secretary, State Transport Authority, confirmed that the buses did not come out of the school for about one-and- a-half hour.

“Our team had put up a picket near the school gate. We started checking the papers of the buses parked in the open space adjacent to the school boundary. Then we spotted a few buses parked inside the school, ready to board the schoolchildren, with visible offences. But to our surprise these buses did not come out of the gate till we lifted the “naka” at about 3.30 pm. I wonder how come the school authorities allowed the transporter to take shelter and let the children suffer,” she said.

Disodia said the buses seem to be of a private tour operator and they flout norms by not possessing the valid permit for ferrying the children, as their vehicles don’t comply with the safety standards prescribed by the High Court. “The norms like mandatory horizontal grills on the windows, having school’s name and logos, to be displayed prominently, were missing from these buses and some were having dark tinted glasses, but they had to be let off when the vehicles did not come out for long”, she added.

Vandana viewed that checking drives could not be successful until unless the school authorities cooperate with them. “This is a novel idea founded by the bus operators. This practice should be curbed as it is ultimately the safety of the schoolchildren which is our prime concern”.

The school authorities, generally, refrain from shouldering any responsibility for any mismanagement on the part of the transport. "We have nothing to do with the transporting part of the schoolchildren. It is between the transporter and the parents to settle every issue", would be their general one-liner justification.

The question arises that when the schools virtually dictate parents to go according to their terms, then why do they become softer when it comes to dealing with transport contractors?

The parents complained that the Administration, too, except conducting challan or awareness drive, is helpless to deal with this situation. In the absence of any stringent clause, the schoolchildren are left at the mercy of susceptible conductors, untrained drivers in the shaky over-aged overloaded buses flouting all norms.

Meanwhile, the STA, challaned as many as 35 school buses and 14 auto-rickshaws for not complying norms of the Motor Vehicle Act. Most of these buses used to operate from outside the government schools at Sectors 16, 35 and Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector-27.



Traffic cop ‘manhandles’ girl
Tribune News Service

Vaibhav, victim’s friend
Vaibhav, victim’s friend

Panchkula, February 7
Learning little from the criticism in the past for its attitude towards women, the Haryana police is again in the news for wrong reasons. For, a policeman deputed at the Mansa Devi complex T-point to regulate traffic allegedly misbehaved and manhandled a girl here today.

However, before the victim along with her friend, Vaibhav, could seek help, the policeman allegedly tore his uniform to pass it off as a case of manhandling by the two.

According to Saurabh, a student of DAV College, Sector 10, the incident happened around 11.30 am when his friend Vaibhav, who was riding a motor cycle with the girl, jumped red light. At this, the traffic policeman hurled abuses at the two.

When Vaibhav raised objection to the policeman’s misbehaviour, the latter thrashed the two. Seeing passersby gather at the scene, the policeman tore his uniform and warned the two of teaching a lesson. Vaibhav was taken to the police post in Sector 7.

“When I intervened to save Vaibhav from the attack, the policeman manhandled me and pushed me back while hurling abuses at me,” alleged the girl.

Corroborating the incident, an eyewitness working at the Mata Mansa Devi gate said he saw the policeman tear his shirt as both the boy and the girl stood near him.

Stating that both sides had decided not to pursue the matter further, the police had a different story to tell. It claimed that the two had assaulted the policeman who objected to their jumping the red light.

SP Sandip Khirwar said while the boy had confessed to his mistake, an inquiry into the alleged misbehaviour by the policeman with the girl would be conducted.

However, the two sides had reached a compromise, he added.



Land Acquisition
Mani Majra farmers meet Mehra
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
Delegation city farmers, today, submitted a detailed representation with UT Adviser Pradip Mehra, regarding the misappropriation committed by UT officials during acquisition of 272 acres for the IT Park, Phase III.

Members of the Mani Majra farmers welfare association brought to the adviser’s notice certain critical facts, duly supported by relevant documents, that how UT Administration was misleading the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) and the High Court regarding the land acquisition for Phase III of RGCTP, which amounts to a scam worth Rs 20,000 crore.

Despite clear instruction from the Ministry of Rural Development to the administration for implementing the National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 (NRRP 2007), the UT administration had continued to violate the instructions.

The members further highlighted that administration had subverted the NRRP 2007 saying that the land acquired in the name of IT for RGCTP Phase I and II, by citing it as public purpose, is purely commercial enterprise with a dominant non-IT component.

HS Johal, president, Manimajra farmers welfare association said: “Around 123 acres have been allotted to ‘Pride Asia’, a real estate elite housing project comprising flats, villas etc., in the name of IT Habitat is already under probe by CVC. Surprisingly till date no IT professional has been allotted any flat or villa in this project. Besides ‘Pride Asia, ’ five star hotel, malls, multiplexes, commercial offices are dominating the ecologically-fragile RGCTP Phase I and II.”

“In the wake of worldwide economic recession and with sufficient vacant land already available in Phase I and II, what was the hurry in pushing for fresh acquisition of 272 acres for the proposed Phase III of the project, which involves displacement of about 1000 families and also cutting of more than 50,000 fully grown trees”, the members questioned.

The members highlighted relevant point regarding RGCTP Phase I and II, which were basically sanctioned, as Special Economic Zones (SEZs) by Ministry of Commerce.

“The administration is trying to push through another compensation award for remaining 167 acres of land for their own ulterior designs in nexus with the real estate mafia”, Johal said.



Detention at Resort
Issue resolved, claim models
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, February 7
The last night drama at Bristol resort here that saw alleged detention of five Delhi-based models was today amicably solved.

The models, who had till about 4 am today blamed the organisers for non-payment of their dues, left the city after stating that the controversy stood resolved. Sources revealed the due amount was eventually paid to them.

The drama also kept senior functionaries, including SDM Dera Bassi Puneet Goyal and DSP Dera Bassi JS Khaira, on their toes till wee hours. However, before leaving the city, the models issued an appeal to all the budding models to scrutinise the contracts before signing.

Last night the models had alleged that the organiser could not clear their payments and misbehaved with them.

The models said they had reached the city on Thursday night for a fashion show organised by a Sector 17-based private event management company. “The organiser informed us that the show was cancelled and asked us to leave,” said one of the models.

However, the models did a turn around this afternoon and claimed that the matter had been resolved and they did not want to complain against anybody.

While talking to The Tribune, Sunil Bansal claimed that he had neither signed any contract with these Delhi-based models nor had he communicated with them for a fashion show.

He stated that “A Delhi-based coordinator had come to me with these models for audition and I told the coordinator that I was busy in my show.” He alleged that he could not understand what kind of payment the models were demanding. “I had never seen these models and never contacted them for any kind of show,” he claimed. He was arrested in the case of spreading nuisance, but was bailed out this afternoon.

According to sources, the long drama had come to a conclusion after the organiser paid the amount to the models.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet Singh, owner of the Bristol resort, today denied that Bansal was an employee of the resort. He further stated that the resort had nothing to do with the event management company. “The event organiser called up the manager of the resort in the afternoon for booking the venue for the show, but later it was cancelled in the evening.”



Spreading awareness on organ donation
Amit Khanna

Chandigarh, February 7
Heart, Kidney or Eyes? If you have to part with one of these which one would it be? But let’s just think for a while how the life would be without any of these organs. There are millions of people who live like this with malfunctioning of organs and die a slow death. And the only hope for such people is organ transplantation and organ donation. “An average deceased organ donor provides 30 additional life years distributed on average 2.9 different solid organ transplant recipients. The organs are a community resource and people must be encouraged to donate,” said Luc Noel, coordinator World Health Organisation (WHO).

He was speaking on the two-day symposium on ‘Promotion of deceased organ donation’ organised by the department of Renal Transplant Surgery, PGI.

His Excellency Dr AR Kidwai, inaugurated the conference and appreciated the efforts for taking up this social cause which requires urgent attention. Family members of seven donors were also honoured by the Governor.

Donation is a civic gesture and there is no religion in the world, which discourages altruism, and it is seen as an act that exemplifies a basic religious principle that the giving of life is the highest level of spiritual generosity and love one can offer. However, the growing menace of organ trade dissuades many from coming forward. “The commercialisation of organs of poor patients poses a serious threat. WHO has made a steering committee to highlight the issue of organ trade and help the developing countries to develop deceased organ donation so that organ trade is curbed and each nation has a self sufficiency in organs,” said Dr Francis Delmonico.

“Due to recent organ rackets there is a sense of apprehension among people. The media must help in spreading the message that deceased organ donation is a noble cause. The bad deeds of few should not be allowed to come in the way of those who are dying because of the lack of availability of organs,” said Dr Feroz Aziz from Institute of Kidney Diseases, Ahmedabad.



Despite power failure music maestro binds audience
SD Sharma

Chandigarh, February 7
The abrupt power failure at the Randhawa auditorium proved discordant while the classical music concert “Aai Basant Bahar” was at its zenith with the vocal wizard Pandit Laxman Krishna Rao casting a magical spell.

Submitting to the compelling charm of the melodic spell, the audience heard the maestro in rapt attention, in the absolute dark while saluting the audacity and dedication of the music legend of the Gwalior gharana. Chief guest Samir Mathur, lighted traditional lamp, and honoured the artists.

Pandit Rao opened the programme with a captivating raga Basant and created a spell while presenting “Nabi ke darbar”. The maestro delineated the romantic fervour and festive mood in “Piya Sang Khelo Holi”.

With an ably support from Dr Arvind Sharma on vocals, he bared the melody of raga Bahar in “Phulwa Vaale”.

The power-failure spoiled the mood, but not the spirit of artist and the audience. The rendition of shabad “Nanak tina basant” was another master piece.

Ustad Faiyaz Khan on tabla, BB Gowsami on sarangi and Priyanaka Sharma on tanpura accompanied the maestro.

Earlier, talking to The Tribune, Pandit Rao lamented the poor proliferation of classical music in India. He recalled the initiatives taken by the then minister BV Keskar in this regard.



Global Warming
‘Extensive use of fossil fuels showing impact’
Our Correspondent

Mohali, February 7
Global warming can only be delayed and not avoided, but environment degradation can surely be managed by human beings, said Dr AD Ahluwalia, chairman and head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Geology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, at a regional seminar on “Climate Change”. The seminar was organised by Government College in collaboration with the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology here yesterday.

The topic of Ahluwalia, who gave the keynote address, was “My experiment in earth and environment outreach: a sacred duty to humanity”. He said one should understand the resources of mother earth which fed, nurtured and protected us.

Jasjit Singh, chairman of the Punjab State Cooperative Bank, was the chief guest while Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, who inaugurated the seminar, was the guest of honour.

Dr B Prasad from the department of electronic science, Kurukshetra University, said that most of the disposed items contained toxic and carcinogenic substances which were a threat to the environment. Principal JS Sodhi from Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Yamunanagar, said extensive use of fossil fuels for a variety of activities had started to show its impact on global climate. Kanwarbir Singh Kang and Hamina Kang from Ranthambore, Rajasthan, emphasised that organic farming was an effort to reduce chemical inputs into foods while maintaining the yield.

Dr Jagbir Singh from the department of zoology, Punjabi University, Patiala, said that alarming and continuing increase in human population precipitated the vicious cycle of environment degradation.



Labourer refused compensation
Meant for Haryana domicile: Admn

Tribune News Service

Shravan, who lost his wife and a daughter in the wall collapse during rains in July last, at mini secretariat in Panchkula
Shravan, who lost his wife and a daughter in the wall collapse during rains in July last, at mini secretariat in Panchkula. A Tribune photograph

Panchkula, February 7
The district administration refused to disburse the amount of compensation to a handicapped labourer, who lost two members of his family after they were buried under the debris of a wall collapsed in Sector 20 in July last year.

The incident left victim Shravan’s right leg amputated after being rescued by other labourers present on the spot.

Shravan now had to approach Panchkula Deputy Commissioner Rajender Kataria, who announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh for the bereaved family, said the compensation could be disbursed to the domicile of Haryana only.

Shravan said he was visiting the authorities, including tehsildar, sub-divisional magistrate, city magistrate since last week for the compensation announced by the deputy commissioner.

It was on July 12 when rain lashed the region and a wall collapsed near the grain market in Sector 20, killing wife Shanti and daughter of Shravan Anshu on the spot.

“While my wife and child were killed, I was hospitalised for my treatment. I had to sell 2 bigha land at my village in Uttar Pradesh to meet the expenses at the hospital,” Shravan said.

Kataria said the compensation announced at the time of incident was meant for the domicile of Haryana only. Shravan was provided with help during his hospitalisation at PGI, Chandigarh.



Panchayat decries patwari’s posting
Tribune News Service

Mohali, February 7
Gram panchayat of Mullanpur Garibdass village warned to resort to protest against a reported move of the revenue department to post back a tainted patwari, Harvinder Singh Kohli.

Passing a resolution against the move to post the patwari, the sarpanch of Mullanpur, Diwan Singh, said the official had badly tampered with the village record before being transferred out on a complaint basis. “Now, he is trying to get himself posted back in the village. This will not be tolerated as the tainted official was involved with land mafia in tampering with the revenue record,” the sarpanch said.

The villagers unanimously decided that the patwar khanna would be locked and Mullanpur road would be blocked if the tainted official was posted back.

The panchayat also met the revenue minister, financial commissioner, revenue and the deputy commissioner, Mohali, on the issue.



Anti-encroachment campaign
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
Cracking a whip on violators of building bylaws, the enforcement wing of the Office of Sub-Divisional Officer (Building), Chandigarh, today carried out a demolition drive in different parts of the city.

According to officials, most of the violators have encroached upon the government land. The enforcement wing demolished illegal constructions in Sector 11, SCO No 35, booth No 41, at Sector 10 two booth Nos. 13 and 15.

Similar drive was carried out at SCOs 24 and 14 at Sector 16. Besides this, illegal structure raised at a kerosene oil pump was also razed by the enforcement staff.



1,600 students attend job fest at GGDSD
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
GGDSD College- Sector 32, Chandigarh, in association with Vision Unlimited organised a two-day job fest in the college today.

Vivek Arora, chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Chandigarh Chapter, inaugurated the fest.

This fest which brought under the roof about 15 leading companies, got an overwhelming response with as many as 1,600 students of the Tricity and the nearby regions of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh participating enthusiastically.

Arora stated that such fest provides a perfect platform to the students of various colleges in finding a job that is befitting and suits their profile. He even added that despite the meltdown, competent and employable people would find a suitable employment in the market.

On first day, after a series of written test and personal interviews, as many as 170 students got appointment letters.



PU to set up consortium of libraries
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
As a sequel to initiative of setting up a consortium of scientific libraries of Chandigarh taken by Panjab University, Vice-Chancellor Prof RC Sobti said, seven libraries, including Panjab University library, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Central Scientific Instrument Organisation (CSIO), National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, (GMCH), would participate.

According to Dr VK Anand, university librarian, the consortium would be taking care of the objectives of preparation of union catalogue of all participating libraries, facilitate Intel library loan services, providing consultancy services to other libraries in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh and would jointly organise workshops, seminars and consortium-based subscription of e-resources.



Hardeep wins National Child Award
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
Exceptional performance of Hardeep Singh Dhull in a wide range of sports events has earned him the National Child Award, 2008.

Hardeep, a Class VIII student of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, received the award from Sonia Gandhi on February 5, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, organised by the Government of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development. Hardeep has received a cash prize of Rs 10,000, a silver medal, a certificate and a citation.

Interactive session

An interaction session with the parents of students to facilitate efficient teaching and learning environment with a focus on enhancement of quality education in colleges through value based learning and teaching, was held today in Government College, Sector-11.

Senior faculty members acted as conveners of interaction team supported by other faculty members.

The college principal Dr A L Gauba said the suggestions made by the parents would be considered seriously.


Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School saw a befitting farewell for Class XII organised by the students of Class XI. Tapping to the famous dance tunes and ramp walk were the main attractions. Jismanjeet and Milan were crowned with the title of Mr and Miss Personality. Richa Chopra and Dhruv Avtar Singh were declared runners-up.

Annual day

The annual function of JPA Toddlers' World Preparatory School- Sector 10, Panchkula, was held today at the Tagore Theatre. Toddlers in the age group of 2-6 years enthralled the audience with their colourful musical items. Prof BN Goswamy, Prof Emeritus, PU, was the chief guest.

Elocution day

An elocution day ‘Rhymes and Recitation’ was held by the junior wing of The Banyan Tree School with the aim of developing speech skills. Students of classes 3-5 recited poems with a moral. According to principal V Tiwana, students were taught correct pronunciation, voice modulation, intonation and accent.



Maths dept holds workshop
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 7
A workshop was organised by the mathematics department of MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, on ‘How to improve calculation and accuracy’. A presentation ‘life without maths’ was shown by Ravjot Singh of PT Institute and he gave tips on how to improve IQ.

A lecturer-cum-interactive session was also organised on codiy theory by Dr Madhuraka, chairperson of math department, PU, Chandigarh. She laid emphasis on the use of codiy in various fields.



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