Saturday, February 14, 2009

Karuna Goswamy


1. A bludgeon; something to hit with

3. Parched; extremely dry

5. A rower knows what this is

6. If you are exactly right, you have hit it on the head

8. Image, generally meant for worship

10. Monetary unit much used in the Islamic world

12. A canton in central Switzerland

13. Abbr. used for "and other", "so forth"

14. New President of the U.S.

17. __ la Douce, famous Billy Wilder film

18. Army’s abbreviation for ‘ammunition’

19. "__ and Peace", Tolstoy’s master work

20. Dickens’ character in the Old Curiosity Shop. "Little —"

21. Peak, summit


1. One making a century in cricket

2. Our festival of colour

3. An air or melody

4. Famous 19th century painter

7. Distinct style or character in art

9. What concerned Freud so much

11. Vajpayee-led coalition (inits.)

15 Cry or wail lustily

        16. The one who threatened the Buddha