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Streets or doorstep, drugs on high in city
Neha Miglani

Chandigarh, March 23
If you thought procuring addictive drugs (Schedule H) like buprenorphine and pheniramine maleate, the former being a substitute of morphine, which gives a high similar to that of heroin, in the city was difficult, you will be shocked to read on. Believe it or not, these drugs are being peddled openly on the streets of Ram Darbar and Industrial Area and can even be home delivered.

Both buprenorphine and pheniramine maleate, the former being morphine like painkiller and the latter a sedative, are available in vials and cannot be sold without doctor’s prescription. However, in Ram Darbar and Industrial Area, scores of “agents” (as they are popularly known) are selling them to anyone - from students to oldies- on motorcycles.

Though the MRP of buprenorphine is Rs 14, it is available for anything between Rs. 70 and Rs. 90, depending on the quantity required. For pheniramine maleate, which costs about Rs 8, the price is Rs 10 to Rs 20.

“Buprenorphine has addictive nature and pheniramine maleate has relaxing properties and is a sedative. Both these are schedule-H drugs and it is dangerous to use them without medical prescription,” says Dr Savita Malhotra, Head of Psychiatry Department, PGI.

Adds Vijay Anand, general secretary of the Chandigarh Chemists Association, “We have not sold these drugs for the past 10 years at our shop and buprenorphine is one drug which is rarely prescribed, that too only in emergency. Pheniramine maleate injection is an anti-allergic and we do not sell it over our counters owing to the ill-effects in case of an overdose.”

Meanwhile, a local resident revealed, “These agents buy these drugs from Ambala at Rs 25 and sell them here at Rs 70. They are spoiling the atmosphere here.” Sources also revealed that these agents were local residents and one could just walk up to their home, which was in common knowledge, and buy these drugs.

Said another witness who was waiting for his bus at the bus stop, “These men roam here the whole day. I have seen them coming on a black scooter and they sell these injections.”

Meanwhile, the police seemed absolutely clueless about the whole situation. UT SSP S.S. Srivastva replied, “We had no information about it. If such an incident comes to my notice, I will take an action.”



First Person
About the drugs

Buprenorphine injection, which has addictive properties and is used as substitute of heroin, and pheniramine maleate injection, which has relaxing properties and is a sedative, are widely used by drug addicts.

How these were procured

I, along with my driver, reached Ram Darbar at around 2pm. The driver went up to one of an agents sitting close to a bus stop and asked for an injection for a high. “ Kitne chahiyen?”(How many do you want?), queried the agent. On the pretext of getting money the driver came back to brief about the deal to me.

I then enquired from nearby shopkeepers about these agents. In the meantime, we happened to bump into another agent named Prem Pal. My driver did most of the conversation with this agent. The driver asked him for an injection again. Prem Pal replied, “Goli kha le ” (Eat a tablet). Incidentally, the agent inquired about the driver’s whereabouts in details. When the driver insisted on an injection only and not a tablet, the agent took out one from his bag. Shockingly, he was carrying a bagful of these drugs. “Jahan bologe wahan bhej denge jitne marzi lo, hum delivery bhi karte hain.” (We shall deliver these wherever you say, you ask for as many injections as you want). The agent gave his residence telephone number for any home delivery orders!

We then went to the inner market and inquired further. One of the boys told my driver that he would arrange injection for him. He finally called two agents who came on a black motorbike and told the driver to come near the petrol pump as it was not safe for them to hand over injection there owing to police patrolling. During this time, I was hiding along with Tribune photographer to catch them delivering the drugs. Shifting base, we went to the petrol pump and there finally the delivery was made for three buprenorphine injections and three pheniramine maleate injections for Rs. 240.

It’s dangerous

It is dangerous to use these drugs without medical prescription.

Dr Savita Malhotra, Head of Psychiatry Department, PGI



UT puts brakes on food-serving two-wheelers
GS Paul
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The State Transport Authority (STA) is all set to tighten the noose on the food joints of the city that are operating their business through two-wheelers. These two-wheelers which include scooters and motorcycles, fitted with “heat entrapping” boxes, are being used illegally for delivering the prepared food at doorsteps.

On the instance of the Administrator, Gen SF Rodrigues (retd), the STA today served notices to all food joints of the city to stop commercial activity on two-wheelers instantly.

Secretary STA Vandana Disodia admitted that the Administrator had sternly asked the department that when the rules of the government did not permit to operate the modified two-wheelers commercially, then on what grounds these vehicles should be exempted from abiding by the statutory provisions of the Motor vehicles Act.

“It has been decided that all commercial activities through the two-wheelers should be stopped immediately. We are in the process of serving notices on the defaulting fastfood joints. Meanwhile, we are also persuading the matter with the department for further discussion over the issue, “ told Disodia.

A food joint has submitted a written representation with the UT Administrator to seek permission for plying the two-wheelers for serving steamy food at the door steps of the customers and exemption for not being challaned by the STA for this purpose.

The STA is also forwarding the official communication to the office of the RLA, with whom these vehicles have been registered, seeking information about the number of such two-wheelers registered, either in the food joints name or in the individual’s names and call back the vehicles to get them inspected for “physical verification” through the STA.

RLA officials revealed the catch point. They said these vehicles had been registered as private vehicles before making modifications. Question does not arise that these vehicles could clear the “passing test” after mounting the hot box in place of pillion seat as motor vehicle act do not permit to do so.”

The Motor Vehicle Act Section 52 says “No change of the identity of vehicle from one type to another by either enhancing or reducing the number of seats. Before mass production, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) submits a blueprint of the vehicle to be bulk produced along with reports of safety tests. Any alteration or modification to the original design, not only violates the security assured by the OEM, but violates the law of the land.



Kidnap Case
6 Akali leaders acquitted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
Six leaders of the Akali Dal were here today acquitted on charges of forcibly taking away Akali Dal leader and murder accused Kiranbir Singh Kang from the Punjab Police custody from the PGI in July 2004.

Kang escaped from the police custody on July 2, 2004, from the Emergency parking of the PGI even as Sub-Inspector Gurdeep fired and burst tyres of his Toyota Qualis (CH 03 H 9891) vehicle that was to be used for his escape.

The court acquitted Surinder Singh, alias Lucky, resident of Kharar, Gurvinder Singh, resident of Khuda Ali Sher, Ashok Kumar, resident of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, Parvinder Singh, resident of Mohali, Tanvir Singh, resident of Ludhiana and Kiranbir Singh Kang.

The Punjab Police had arrested Kang on the same day in connection with the killing of Harbir Singh and Paramjit Singh at an SGPC election rally at Kharar.

Kang had suffered a bullet injury in his leg in Kharar and was referred to the PGI. He was brought to the hospital by a team of CIA (Kharar) led by Sub-Inspector Gurdeep Singh along with seven police personnel. But when the Punjab Police team reached the PGI, it found that the prescription slip was left behind with one of the friends of Kang. Meanwhile, a large number of supporters of Kang gathered at the PGI. When Kang reached the Emergency parking of the PGI, it was decided that the prescription slip should be brought back. At this time, the supporters of Kang told the policemen that he should be allowed to sit in his Qualis, as it was air-conditioned, to which SI Gurdeep Singh objected. Following the refusal, supporters of Kang attacked the policemen and Kang’s supporters forcibly pushed Kang into the Qualis.

The police officer in charge fired two shots to burst the tyres of the vehicle. However, in the melee a Zen came and Kang boarded it before fleeing from the hospital.



Manbir goes down memory lane
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
From a cheeky young boy whose picture adorns the walls of St. John’s till date, to the Indian Ambassador to Iran, life has come a long way for Manbir Singh. However, one thing that stayed with him throughout were the memories of his alma mater.

“It’s like homecoming for me. The moment I stepped inside the gates, I could feel the school-time excitement and fervour seeping into me. That old life of crossing this gate with my bag flashed in front of me along with many cherished memories,” said Manbir, an alumnus of St John’s, who was in the city to felicitate winners of the SJOBA rally.

One of the oldest students of the school, Manbir was in the very first batch and joined St John’s in 1960. Though it was in its nascent stage then, the school, according to him, was way ahead than others in imparting education.

“St John’s was not an institution but an experience altogether. We shared a unique bond amongst ourselves and with the teachers who not only imparted literacy but true education. It’s the result of their efforts that though we all have got separated but till day its the school spirit that binds us together,” he added.

Mesmerised by the expansion in the school premises, Manbir seemed to shed away his reserved poise and one could clearly see the schoolboy in him surfacing as he chuckled.

“The moments that I cherish till date are those days when we, as a house, would win any competition. That victory would give us a high and trust me on this that that urge to excel was what pushed me in life. Whatever success I achieved, it was my alma mater that laid the foundation, gave me a sky of opportunities to soar high and realise my dreams,” he concluded, pointing towards the symbol of soaring eagle that has epitomised spirit of many old boys of St. John’s like him.


Disclosing cops’ role biggest folly: Saji
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The police today said that Saji Mohan, former Zonal Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), had admitted during police interrogation that his report about the the nexus of six Chandigarh policemen with drug peddlers was his “biggest folly”.

Sharing the interrogation report of Saji Mohan, DIG (Headquarters) Mahabir Singh said Saji had admitted that he sent the report without doing much investigation into the allegations levelled by two drug peddlers, Suresh Kumar and Harpal Singh alias Raju Smakia. He told the police that sending of his report was his biggest mistake, which caused harm to the six policemen.

Mahabir Singh said the drug peddlers told NCB officials that they had links with the six policemen. They also said the policemen were shielding them after taking financial favours. Replying to a query, Mahabir Singh said when asked about any corroborative evidence that Saji Mohan had collected to support the disclosures made by the drug peddlers, Saji said he found mobile phone numbers of the six policemen in the phone book of the drug-peddlers.

Mahabir Singh added that Saji Mohan admitted during his interrogation that he had no record of any call detail shared between the drug peddlers and the policemen and his report was based on the statements of the drug peddlers and the phone number of policemen found in their mobile phones.

The six policemen, including sub-inspector Harinder Singh Sekhon, were placed under suspension on the basis of the report.

When asked about the report send by the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Maharashtra Police, Mahabir Singh said Saji Mohan held that he was “perturbed” during his interrogation by the ATS as he was bombarded with questions by the investigators. He had said “yes” when asked about the role of mediaperson and the DSP of the Chandigarh Police behind the report about the six policemen.

Mahabir Singh stated that Saji had said he had no links with the DSP and met him once, as he was a member of the drug-destruction committee. He categorically told the police that he had never had any telephonic conversation with the DSP. About the journalist, Saji said he was “close” to him and they shared frequent calls at odd hours, some of which were of long durations. Saji told the police that the journalist provided him information about drug traffickers and the places where drugs were being sold in the city. Mahabir Singh said he had verified the mobile call details of the trio, which matched with Saji Mohan’s revelations.

When asked about the fate of the six policemen, Mahabir Singh said the revelations of Saji Mohan and the findings would be made a part of the ongoing regular departmental inquiry and further action would be taken after cross-examining the facts.



GMSH-16 ill-equipped to check burn cases
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The Government Hospital, Sector 16, may be a ‘multi- speciality’ hospital but is ill equipped to handle burn cases. With no specific burn wards, patients with burn injuries are forced to share room with other patients, exposing them to infections, which incidentally is a major case of death in such cases.

The recent Mouli Jagraon blast in which six children sustained severe burn injuries and were brought for treatment to the Sector 16 hospital exposed the lack of preparedness of the authorities to handle such sensitive cases.

The manner in which the children were bandaged and given first-aid in the emergency room on apparently disinfected stretchers, with bystanders and patients looking on, before being referred to the PGI, revealed how ill equipped the hospital was.

Though according to hospital’s joint medical superintendent Dr S K Bhandari, a four-bedded ‘special’ burns ward is “under advanced stages of construction”, presently they are treated in male and female surgical wards. Incidentally, the hospital handles and treats about 120 burn cases every year.

According to experts, burn patients are highly susceptible to infections and thus require a segregated and isolated ward for treatment. “A patient suffering from over 50 per cent burns requires special handling since the wounds are raw. We have trained attendants for the purpose and they wear masks and caps before handling patients. Also, this is a private area, segregated for men and women, since most patients cannot wear any clothes,” the head of the plastic surgery department, Prof RK Sharma, said.

Burn patients in Sector 16 hospital share a room with other patients and the room does not have an air conditioner. There are no special attendants and the hospital does not have a plastic surgeon on it rolls.



Rodrigues inspects IT projects
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
As a part of the monitoring process of world-class integrated infrastructure coming up in the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, UT administrator, SF Rodrigues, visited the project today and observed the progress of leading IT companies.

He inspected the progress of the work at the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) and discussed with the secretary and the director IT about the support structures.

They also discussed about equipping the centre with the state-of-the-art facilities for software research and development for young IT entrepreneurs.

The centre is being constructed at a cost of Rs 17 crore on an area of 51,915 sq ft. He emphasised on the need of planning and creating other support system components like security and fire safety measures, medical care system and a meditation centre for the IT professionals as a stress relieving aid.

Accompanied by MP Singh, secretary to Governor, Sanjay Kumar, finance secretary, Manjit Brar, director IT, and senior officers of architecture, engineering and forest department. Rodrigues also visited Sukhna Lake and discussed the plan of beautifying the area by using the latest technologies and architectural designs to make it an ideal recreational centre.



Boy falls in septic tank, dies
Tribune News Service

Nayagaon, March 23
A six-year-old boy died after being buried under the debris of a septic tank in Gobindnagar, Nayagaon, here today. The boy had slipped into the septic tank and his friend Amit also slipped into it.

According to sources, Pradeep Gupta, the resident of Nayagaon, slipped into the septic tank while he was playing with his friend. After slipping into the tank he was buried under the debris of the cover and his friend also fell inside the tank.

His father Raj Kumar Gupta immediately pulled out Amit and then his son Pradeep. He rushed Pradeep to Government Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh, where doctors declared him brought dead. The body was sent to mortuary for the post-mortem.



No exemption from VAT at Student Centre
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The Chandigarh Administration has rejected the demand of the Panjab University authorities for granting exemption from the VAT at the Student Centre.

The administration stated in a communiqué to the university authorities that the shops located at the Students’ Centre were commercial in nature so they could not be granted an exemption from VAT.

The administration stated that the contractors of messes and canteens located in the educational institutes were also exempted from VAT.

The administration justified with the statement that a similar situation existed for the shops located in the market of Sector 14 and the shop owners there would seek an exemption on the ground that their major customers were students.

The sources in the university revealed about five months ago a request was sent to the administration for granting an exemption from VAT at the Students’ Centre.

Meanwhile, members of ABVP staged a dharna in front of the vice-chancellor’s office against this decision and submitted a memorandum to the Dean Student Welfare, Naval Kishore.

Sunil Thakur, state organising secretary, the ABVP, criticised the administration for refusal to accede this demand that would have benefitted many students.

Naval Kishore, DSW, assured the students that the university authorities would again take up this matter with the administration and also send a formal request for the exemption of VAT at the Students’ Centre.



Ayurvedic college to get notice today
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The Panjab University authorities are sending a notice to Sri Dhanwanatry Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Sector 46, tomorrow for disaffiliating it as it has been flouting the instructions issued to it for running the college as per norms of the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi, and the university.

The authorities have decided this at the Syndicate meeting in which the inspection report of a committee constituted by the university to present its report and found many shortcomings in the college.

The authorities will also send a copy of a report to the Secretary, AYUSH, Government of India, and the Chairman, Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi. Sources in the university stated that the Syndicate had already approved the disaffiliation of the college after finding violation of norms and be a habitual offender. This agenda will also going be tabled at the meeting of the Senate scheduled for March 28.

Sources stated that last year also the university issued a show-cause notice but as the college had already admitted the students, no action could be taken against it. The college authorities were warned at that time to fulfil all terms and conditions fixed by the council by the next year.

But when on February 4, 2009, the committee of the university, representatives of the Central Council of Indian Medicine and an official of the Chandigarh Administration visited the college, they found that nothing concrete had been done by the college management.

In a report, the committee stated that during a visit, the committee found that the college had appointed 27 teachers out of which only 12 are regular and rest are on a contract basis or guest faculty. Whereas according to the council’s guidelines, the college should have appointed 35 teachers and those also on regular basis.

As per the committee report, most of the 15 temporary teachers had not even attended the college and fake certificates had been framed by the college authorities. Even the promotions were being done by the college on pick-and-choose basis and the university and the Chandigarh administration was not intimated about it.

The report revealed that the authorities had not even followed the office procedures and some regular employees were getting less salary than the temporary ones.

Three years ago, the university had intervened in the matter and a five-point agreement was reached between the management and the teachers. The management had agreed to comply on those points but only on paper. Till date, no benefits have been given to the teachers despite the fact that the teachers had been approaching the college authorities.

The committee reported that till date the college management had not even advertised the post of the principal and Dr S K Thakur, who is holding this post, does not fulfil the minimum qualification. Whereas according to the council’s guidelines, the principal should be recruited through direct recruitment.

As per the report, the college could not lease out the hospital to any company as the land allocated to them was on the basis that they would run college and the hospital for the promotion of the ayurveda. The committee also found discrepancies in the accounts of the college as in some documents, the college is named as Sri Dhanwanatry Ayurvedic College and Hospital whereas in others it is named as Dhanwanatry Aurveda College and Dabur Dhanwantry Hospital. The committee expressed surprise as to how the college authorities could change the name of the college without their concurrence. 



Gurdwara Incident
MC going soft on erring officials
Smriti Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The Municipal Corporation seems to be going soft on its officials allegedly as even after nearly two months of the gurdwara incident, the civic body is yet to initiate an inquiry into the role of those officials, who allegedly facilitated him to carry on with his misdoings.

On January 30, an enforcement team, including former ADC I S Sandhu, Additional Commissioner PK Sharma and others, had gone to raze the illegal residential part at Santsar Gurdwara in Sector 38. The members of the team were injured in the scuffle that took place between the two sides.

It was then established that chairman of the trust of Gurdwara Santsar Sahib Baba Sarup Singh was an employee of the MC and was a tubewell operator in the sector.

Following the establishment of this fact, he was first suspended and after the submission of an inquiry report by the then ADC, the officials also decided to terminate his services. Charges were then framed against him and a chargesheet was prepared but that hasn’t reached him.

Now, the MC officials have given public notices in all newspapers and following the official procedure, 20-day time has been given to him, after which further action will be taken against him.

However, no inquiry has been initiated against those officials who were allegedly hand in glove with him. According to sources, it has been alleged that some officials had been tampering with the records to facilitate his attendance in the register. Also, the fact that he had been abroad on more than one occasion even though he was supposed to seek prior permission from his department rings the bell. Despite these facts, MC officials have not yet initiated any inquiry to find out the truth in these allegations.

Chief Engineer SK Bansal said no inquiry had been started on the role of officials. “These allegations could be inquired into only when Baba Sarup Singh is caught and confirms it”.

The gurdwara was constructed in 1994 and Sarup Singh was instrumental in it. Residents of the area surrounding the gurdwara even claimed that Sant Sarup Singh was known to be an excellent ‘pathi’ and used to conduct paths at the residence of various high-level officials and that was why illegal construction at the gurdwara was never questioned.



Rehab promise a sham: BJP
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
Senior BJP leaders today condemned the statement of Congress candidate for the Chandigarh seat Pawan Kumar Bansal promising rehabilitation of uprooted residents of Faidan village and regularisation of their dwellings.

BJP president Kamla Sharma, general secretary Sanjay Tandon and formers presidents Dharam Pal Gupta and Jai Ram Joshi in a joint statement accused the Congress MP of misleading the people of the village and said he had been giving false assurances for the past 15 years.

Martyrdom function

Congress candidate Pawan Bansal today exhorted the youth to emulate the lives of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, who laid down their lives for their country on this day.

Presiding over the candlelight march organised by the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress Committee (CTYC), Bansal appealed to the youth to come forward during the coming general elections and exercise their franchise responsibly.

H.S. Lucky, president of the CTYC, made a fervent appeal to the youth to come forward and contribute in making the country strong and follow in the footsteps of martyrs.

Effigy burnt

BSP workers today burnt an effigy of the local MP at Darua village. They were protesting against the demolition drive carried out by the Chandigarh Administraion.

BSP leader Gurpreet Singh Happy alleged that the villagers had been facing the brunt of anti-people policies of the UPA Government for a long time.

BSP Harmohan Dhawan held a meeting with the local panchayat.

JD(U) meeting

Janata Dal(United) candidate Goswami V.B. Bharti held a meeting at Vikas Nagar and Burail village here and underlined the need for their development on the pattern of Chandigarh.



Small groups may queer pitch for BJP, Cong
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
In the era of coalitions, the allies and the "like-minded" parties may play spoilsport for Satya Pal Jain (BJP) and Pawan Bansal(Congress).

Though the UPA and NDA alliance partners do not have a significant presence on the local political horizon, yet even their limited support base has the potential of harming the prospects of the two major contenders from the Chandigarh parliamentary seat.

While Jain's chances may be hit by the Janata Dal(United) candidate and a virtual split in the local unit of the main alliance partner Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Bansal's march to a hat-trick victory may be halted by the formation of the local unit of the Trinamool Congress, led by its former Congress colony cell chairman Shambhu Banerjee. Besides, Bansal may

get another trouble in hand in Hafiz Anwar-ul-Haq, candidate of the RJD, a former Congress ally.

Though senior leaders of both parties put up a brave front claiming that things would fall in place when the local units of the minor parties received "diktat" from their respective high commands to support the alliance candidate, yet sources asserted that going would be tough for both Bansal and Jain.

With Chandigarh emerging as the cosmopolitan city over the years, the formation of the regional outfits was in a way expression of their identities. The Trinamool Congress seems to be a case in point. In Chandigarh, where a majority of the voters come from non-urban area, even the small percentage of votes polled by these candidate could make a difference in the election results, political observers stated.

However, Jain said everything would be sorted by the BJP and its allies in due course of time. He claimed that the BJP was in touch with Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and SAD and other allies were "totally" with the party.

Pardeep Chhabra, media coordinator for Bansal, claimed that the emergence of the BSP and certain "differences" with the "like-minded" parties would not affect the prospects of the Congress in the May 13 elections. The final combinations and permutations would emerge only after April 24, the final date for filing nomination papers.

Banerjee, while not ruling out fielding his party's candidate from the local seat, however, said he would abide by the party high command's decision to support any candidate in case his party did not field any candidate.



Little hope from politicians

Elections are an opportunity provided by our Constitution to elect and send our representatives to respective Assemblies and the Parliament.

It is said even after 60 years of Independence we have not succeeded in devising a method that ensures that only those who deserve get a chance to govern the country.

In a democracy, the elections that are supposed to be sacrosanct are loosing its significance among the youth, as the politicians of our nation focusses on furthering their own vested interests.

The rampant corruption coupled with bad governance has only guaranteed that after every five years the choice left with the voters is between an evil and a deep sea.

I am not excited about voting in the forthcoming elections.

— Amolak Josan



Violating norms
SAI works from home
Sandeep Rana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
Cocking a snook at rules, Sports Authority of India (SAI), is operating its office from a rented house in Sector 45 without seeking the authorisation of the Chandigarh administration for past few days.

According to the norms, no office can be run in a residential complex.

The office, which is being operated at house number 1014/1 in Sector 45, bears no board to conceal its identity.

It is pertinent to mention that the office currently has a staff of about eight persons.

When the concerned officials were apprised of the matter they retorted, “These residential houses can’t be used for official purposes. I will check the details tomorrow and if it is happening, we will take action,” said Kamlesh Kumar, secretary Chandigarh Housing Board.

“We occupied this place about 10 days ago and it’s just a temporary office. We will shift from here in a few days, as the talks are on for getting a new office,” told a senior official, preferring anonymity.

“If we don’t get permanent office, we will have to leave this place, as we have no permission to open an office here,” he added.

While another senior official said: “We are in a process to move Sector-42 Sports Complex and are waiting for the final call.” This was totally in a contrast to what the joint director sports, JPS Sidhu, confirmed, “We have no intimation of their arrival and there is no place available.”



Tax evasion worth Rs 6.37 cr unearthed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
Income tax officials have detected tax evasion worth Rs 6.37 crore during survey conducted at the business premises of a businessman engaged in the manufacturing of high-tension transmission tower in the industrial area here today under the overall supervision of GS Randhawa, Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT I).

The Income Tax officials swooped down on the manufacturer in the afternoon. Income tax sleuths found an unaccounted investment in cash of Rs 6.37 crore in three commercial properties from the documents during the survey.

Several teams of the Income tax Department comprising more than seven officials and supporting staff conducted the survey under the guidance of Yogesh Verma, Additional Commissioner and Ritu Sharma, Assistant Commissioner (Range II).

“The assessee has promised to pay the taxes on this amount of concealed income at the earliest,” the official said.



ICICI Lombard fined Rs 25,000
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has directed ICICI Lombard to pay compensation of Rs 25,000 for harassing Sandeep Gupta, proprieter Gupta Watch.

The complainant had purchased a TATA Indica Car after obtaining finance from the insurance company and got the same insured with the opposite party. Unfortunately, this car met with an accident in August, 2006. The company later appointed its approved surveyor to assess the loss, who inspected the vehicle in question. The loss was estimated to be Rs 3,23,6 meaning thereby that the vehicle in question was assessed as totally damaged and beyond the scope of repair.

As the car was assessed to be damaged, the complainant requested them to pay as per the assessment report and in accordance with the insurance policy. When nothing was done by them, a legal notice dated May 1, 2007 was served upon them. Owing to deficiency on the part of the insurance company the complainant could not pay the installment of loan amount. While the insurance company stated that there was no deficiency in service on their part.



Residents protest demolition
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The enforcement wing of the UT estate office today had to stall the demolition drive midway at Darua village when residents protested the move.

Sarpanch of Darua village Shingara Singh told that they have formed a committee to look into the unreasonable demolitions carried out by the estate office.

The demolition drive was planned to remove the unauthorised structures at Darua, Makhan Majra and Mauli Jagran.



Train extended
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The Railways has extended the weekly Dibhrugarh-Chandigarh-Dibhrugarh Express running between the two cities.

While the train departing from Dibhrugarh every Monday at 6.45 am has been extended up to June 29, the train departing from Chandigarh every Thursday has been extended up to July 2.

Meanwhile, the Dehradun-Chandigarh airconditioned special will run six days a week except Sunday. It departs from Chandigarh at 2.50 p.m. while from Dehradun it starts at 7.20 a.m., according to sources.



Motorcyclist killed
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 23
A youth in his twenties was killed when his Pulsor motor cycle and a Tavera collided head-on here late tonight. The deceased, identified as Mandip Bawa, a resident of Kansal village, was returning from Sector 15 at the time of the accident.

According to the police, Bawa was going home on bike PB 27 B 2324 when the Tavera (CH03 2492) hit him on the road dividing Sectors 11 and 12 near new OPD PGI.

The traffic on the road was restricted to one side, as the other portion was under repair.

The impact of the collision was such that the tyre of the four-wheeler burst due to the hit. The accident left Bawa critically injured and he was taken to the PGI,where he was declared brought dead.



28 cases settled in lok adalat
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh March 23
A special lok adalat was held for mobile cases by the State Legal Services Authority, Union Territory, Chandigarh.

Manjit Singh Sullar, member-secretary of the authority, presided over the lok adalat. As many as 198 cases relating to HFCL Infotel Limited were taken up, out of which 28 cases were settled and an amount of Rs 1,03,178 was settled in favour of the company by amicable settlement.



Jazba in memory of martyrs
Tribune News Service

Mohali, March 23
To commemorate the martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, the SAS Institute of Information Technology and Research organised a cultural programme Jazba - 09 here today.

A series of patriotic plays, especially “Mein Bhagat Singh”, followed by patriotic songs “Khoon Di Holi” and “Maa Tujhe Salaam” kept the audience spellbound. Students from nearby colleges, Shaheed Udham Singh College, Tangori, and Baba Ishar Singh College, Moga, also took part in the function and presented patriotic items.

Dr J S Dhaliwal, chairman of the institute, talked on the chronicle of Shaheed Bhagat singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and the supreme sacrifices made by them.

Besides, the NSS unit of the Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology (GJIMT), Mohali, commemorated the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev here today.

The NSS Volunteers of the Institute raised patriotic slogans of “Inqlab Zindabad”, “Vande Mataram” and “Jab tak suraj chand rahega, Bhagat Singh tera naam rahega”. Volunteers Manjit Singh, Karan Johar and Anshul Sharma said they were inspired by the martyrs.

Soldier goes hi-tech

It was a proud moment for parents, when the passouts of Class V donned their graduation gowns and hats. The programme commenced with rendition of the soulful ‘Saraswati Vandana’. The parents and teachers cheered them up as they walked on the stage to be honoured.



Homage paid to Bhagat Singh
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 23
Punjabi Bhaichara Mahasabha, paid homage to Sardar Bhagat Singh on his Martyrdom Day here today. At a meeting held under the chairmanship of V.K. Sood, at Sood Dharamshala, Sector 10, various sabha members were present.

R.K. Kakkar, president and Sukhvinder Singh, senior vice-president of the mahasabha also expressed their views by giving the details of freedom movement.

S.K. Nayar, secretary general, appealed the members to work hard and to create cordial relationships irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Baltana: The Youth Welfare Club, Baltana, today holds a rally to pay tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru on their Martydom Day. Zirakpur MC president Narinder Kumar Sharma flagged off the rally.

Pankaj Gupta, secretary of the club, said the aim was to make people aware about the social evils.



Zirakpur flyover opens
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, March 23
The partially closed Zirakpur flyover was today thrown open for vehicular traffic after the completion of repair work.

Company officials said detailed report was submitted to the NHAI. He said after carrying out a test by the authorities concerned, the traffic movement was allowed on both sides of the flyover.

Last Monday, the traffic movement on one side of the flyover was closed down following a slight displacement of bearing supporting slab No 90.

GMR officials stated that the flyover was open for the vehicular traffic after submitting the final report of the repair work of the slab from technical team to the NHAI officials.

“We informed the district administration about the opening of the flyover,” he added.



From Schools & Colleges
World Forestry Day observed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
The department of environment and forests, education department and Yuvsatta organised a ‘Nature Camp’ for around 200 students of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 35, Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 46, and Children’s Centre of Yuvsatta in Bapu Dham Colony to mark the World Forestry Day.

Parmod Sharma, coordinator, Yuvsatta, informed that activities organised during the camp were jungle trekking and bird watching with wildlife enthusiast Rima Dhillon.

Peace Club

Gandhian peace activist and scholar Prof (Dr) Radhakrishanan, chairman, Indian Council for Gandhian Studies, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on ‘Teachers as Role Models’ at a function organised by Peace Club of Divya Shiksha Gurukul College of Education, Derrabassi, and NGO Yuvsatta.

Prof ML Sharma, former chairman, department of gandhian studies, said “ Each time a teacher succeeds in creating a tolerant, supportive environment, each time a teacher enables children to develop their self-esteem, their communication skills and ability to solve problems, a fundamental act of peace building takes place.

Sports journalism

Sports journalism is in and full of opportunities, said Abhijit Chatterjee, a sports journalist during a special talk organised at Chitkara school of Mass Communication. He opined that though sports in India is just confined to cricket but people have started looking beyond now.

He encouraged students to work on their writing skills, presentation, factual information, etc. and made them aware of the existing opportunities in sports journalism.


About 1,075 students of MCM DAV College for Women were awarded degrees on the 37th annual convocation. Dr RC Sobti, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, was the chief guest and talked about the role of teachers in our society.

The college principal, Dr Puneet Bedi, read out the annual report highlighting the academic and co-curricular achievements of the college. She urged the students to work against the menace of female foeticide and realise their responsibility in creating a sound future for the universe. 33 special prizes were awarded to meritorious students.


A workshop on creative craft organised for the faculty of Kundan International School, Sector 46, enthused the teachers with fresh ideas and creativity. The three-hour-long workshop was attended by over 15 teachers who took lessons in various craft activities like moulding, glass painting, finger painting and utility of modern teaching techniques.



In-service course begins
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 23
A three-day in-service course was inaugurated at Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1, Chandimandir Cantt, to develop competencies and skills related to practical work and experiments conducted in a laboratory.

The first day’s proceedings began with a welcome song presented by the students and lighting of the lamp by chief guest Akhilesh Chander Sharma, scientist ‘E’, deputy director, Terminal Ballistics Research Lab (TBRL), Ramgarh.

Course director Bhupinder Kaur enlisted the objectives of the training programme and highlighted the role of laboratory attendants to develop a scientific temper amongst the students.



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