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US shouldn’t give aid to Pakistan

The news report “US offers Pak cheque on terror” (March 28) by Ashish Kumar Sen was shocking. The US decision to give Rs 7500 crore every year for the next five years to fight terrorism and build schools, roads and hospitals and strengthen Pakistan’s democracy is inexplicable. By doing so, the US President, Mr Barack Obama, is perhaps ignoring the fact that Pakistan had always been using the US aid against India. It has invariably used the US aid for establishing terrorist camps, thus jeopardising India’s safety.

If the US really wants to see development in Pakistan, Washington should get all this work done under its own supervision. The money should not be given to fanatics and non-serious politicians. I have no doubt that by aiding Pakistan with such a huge amount, the US is putting India in trouble. Rather, the US should try to wipe out terrorism from Pakistan by using an iron hand.



It is strange that the US does not understand Pakistan’s deceptive politics. Pakistan can never be trusted. There has away been a power tussle in Pakistan. The assassination of the late Benazir Bhutto is a clear proof of how Pakistan has been embroiled in bloody politics. The US aid will not achieve its aims. Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups have a very sound footing in Pakistan politics. If the US wants peace in the region, it should support India.  


Destructive politics

What Mr Varun Gandhi is doing (news report “Varun surrenders, in style”, March 29) can prove to be very dangerous for the country. The BJP’s support to him when he is playing with fire can turn the tables on itself.  This can create the same situation as the one that prevailed in the aftermath of Mr L K Advani’s rath yatra. Being a Hindu does in no way mean being anti- others. Nor does it mean a monopoly over the nation.

A true Hindu is a good human being, with an open mind, and secular outlook. India has progressed with the hard work and dedication of all Indians, irrespective of caste and colour. It takes years to build but only days to destroy. Let us not destroy the strong edifice of harmony and brotherhood for our narrow interests. Let us take India forward as a well-knit family rather than spreading negative energy among people. In a nation of Gandhiji, ends should never overtake the means.


George’s journey

Indeed, it was startling to learn that the Janata Dal (U) has denied Mr George Fernandes the ticket which he sought to contest elections from Muzaffarpur. He has done a lot for the welfare of his party. It was he as a fiery trade leader who brought Mumbai to a standstill. It seems that now the JD (U) does not need his services, as he is too old to be useful for the party.

You have rightly concluded in the editorial, “George’s journey” (March 24), that he never had a dull moment. But who can say whether he has got all that he deserved.


Death for rapists

To the editorial, “When men are cruel – Even saviours turn rapists” ( March 23), I would like to add that such “custodians” of innocent girls should be awarded death sentence. They deserve no leniency. Nor should they be given the benefit of appeals in higher courts. Unless strict punishment is given to the guilty rapists, they will not be deterred and women in India will remain unsafe. You have rightly said, “Rape is a widespread crime against women in India”. This can only be countered with severe punishment.

RK KAPOOR, Chandigarh

Voting mantra

It would be a far better proposition to have a coalition of two or three bigger parties than having a conglomeration of two-dozen smaller parties, each pulling the country in a different direction. The way certain regional parties are ditching both the UPA and the NDA, the duo should stop being at each other’s throat on every issue and leave some room for reconciliation after the elections.

I would advise the voters to choose any of the mainstream national parties and reject the small regional parties. Here is a voting mantra. Vote for a national party, vote for stability, vote out smaller regional parties, vote out instability.

WG-CDR CL SEHGAL (retd), Jalandhar

Haryanavi identity deserves focus

I appreciate Ranbir Singh’s views in his article “Development and decay” (March 18). Economic development in Haryana does not indicate total transformation of the state. Politicians and academics lacked vision. Nothing has been done on social and cultural fronts in spite of the concrete proposals submitted to promote Haryanavi identity. Haryana is very rich in oral history — social as well as cultural — but very poor in recorded history.

Great is the power of spoken Haryanavi words, and it bears testimony to its rich tradition of knowledge, customs and culture handed down through generations. There is no denying the fact that due to a lack of visionary zeal among politicians, Haryanavis have been betrayed on social and cultural fronts.




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