Border imbroglio
Parshotam Mehra
India-China Relations: the Border Issue and Beyond
by Mohan Guruswamy and Zorawar Daulet Singh.
Viva Books, New Delhi.
Pages viii+217. Rs 795.
OVER a period of six decades, India’s relations with China have by and large been less than cordial, or even peaceful. Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, notwithstanding adverse criticism at home and abroad, embarked on a course of cultivating "friendly" ties with Beijing and hoped the two nations together would blaze a trail for Asia in particular and the world community in general.

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In sync with the Indian soul
Chandak Sengoopta
The Immortals
by Amit Chaudhuri.
Pages 404. £16.99
INDIAN novelists are a dime a dozen these days, but they all seem to write about crime, Bollywood or poverty. Amit Chaudhuri is not one of their ilk. Not just a novelist but also a classical singer, academic and critic, Chaudhuri is one of India’s most distinctive literary figures. While lesser writers obsess over the heat and dust, he charts the by-ways of the Indian soul.

The dark struggle
Rachna Singh
The Sound of Water
by Sanjay Bahadur.
Roli Books.
Pages 168. Rs 195.

MINING today finds mention only in environmental forums, with environmentalists holding forth loudly on how defacing it is and how crippling to the landscape. The human aspect, predictably, is lost in academic wrangling. A human disaster tweaks the academic posturing only to settle back into statistics in disaster management texts.

Ethical dilemmas
Ashok Vohra
Ethics and the History of Indian Philosophy
by Shyam Ranganathan.
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi.
Pages xviii+402. Rs 795.
THE subject matter of ethics is social behaviour of human beings. It distinguishes between the moral and the immoral, the right and the wrong, and the good and the evil conduct of human beings living in society. It is normative in the sense that it lays down principles for judging what is right and good in human conduct.

Glimpses of 18th- century Delhi
Madhusree Chatterjee
storyteller and a begum swap tales and match their narrative wits in writer-journalist Omair Ahmad's new book The Storyteller's Tale — giving a glimpse of 18th century Delhi after Afghan warlord Ahmad Shah Abdali's army plundered it.

A unique portrait
heritage group has uncovered a 400-year-old portrait of playwright William Shakespeare, saying it believed it was the only authentic image of him made during his life.

Recipe for profit
British chef Jamie Oliver has become the country’s biggest selling author after sales of his cookbooks leapt by more than 20 per cent last year. With his latest cookery book, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Oliver pipped Khaled Hosseini, James Patterson and J.K. Rowling by pulling down more than 11.5 million pounds in sales in 2008.

Who will police the police ?
B. S. Thaur
Merian Abhull Yaadan ate Sunehe
(My Unforgettable Memories
and Messages)
by Avtar Singh Gill.
Jaswant Printers, Ludhiana.
Pages 184. Rs 300.

  • Amen
    by Pritam Singh Rahi.
    Ravi Prakashan, Amritsar.
    Pages 144. Rs 150.

Back of the book
The Power of the Possible
by Auriela McCarthy. Jaico.
Pages 260. Rs 295.

  • Politics Triumphs Economics?
    Editors: Pradeep S. Mehta, Simon J. Evenett.
    Academic Foundation.
    Pages 468. Rs 1195.