Books received: ENGLISH

Resisting Reforms? by Kshithij Urs and Richard Whittell. Sage. Pages 169. Rs 395.

Economic Democracy Through Pro-poor Growth by Ponna Wignaraja, Susil Sirivardana and Akmal Hussain. Sage . Pages 361. Rs 695.

The other hand by Chris Cleave by Sceptre. An imprint of Hodder & Stoughton. Pages 378. Rs 295.

Making Your First Job Your Dream Job by Clare Maxfield. Wisdom Tree. Pages 188. Rs 145.

Executing Innovation. Harvard Business Press. Pages 94.

The Truth About Middle Managers by Paul Osterman. Harvard Business Press. 189. Rs 1816.

Working Women by Kogi Naidoo and Fay Patel. Sage. Pages 245. Rs 495.

Spatialising Politics by Cathrine Brun and Tariq Jazeel. Sage. Pages 238. Rs 695.

New Borns of Urban Governance in India. Sage. Pages 402. Rs 850.